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posted 10/4/2007 12:07:13 AM |
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Yea, I haven't been 'active' much lately, but I do get on and read the blogs once in a while. Geezuzhcrist...

Ok, so I've blogged about alot of shit on this site. Stories, songs, poems, stuff and of course RANTS! Know what? Sometimes I got alot of comments...sometimes I didn't. I figure the ones that didn't get alot of comments where the ones people just didn't find interesting. Or maybe they just plain didn't they MOVED ON!

Oh, I got alot of people who disagreed with fact, I encouraged it. I still do. Having a cheering section (you're so SMART, you're so CLEVER, you're so SPECIAL...we LOVE YOU SUNNY!!) gets boring after awhile.

There's a difference between disagreement and insulting behavior. One is adults (this is an adult website...right?) having a difference of opinion...the other is childish, catty and rude. Some think the latter is cute, or funny...or it makes them look, what? Cool? Sexy? Better than others?

Yes, I know I can look back on my blogs and be guilty of name-calling, insulting and even being a bitch. If you don't know the stories behind those blogs...lets not go there. Or lets...see how that works!

When I was a regular on this site, I learned some very simple things regarding blogs. If I don't like a blog...the content, writer or both...I move on. If I read something I feel strongly enough about and find I can't comment on it...I either say 'fuck it' or I write my own blog about it. Anyone on this site can write about anything they want. The admin is pretty liberal, and most times don't bother enforcing their own rules unless it blatently violates TOS.

I guess I just can't understand why anyone would take exception to a blog that may or may not be interesting, start verbally attacking the writer, and then start jumping all over others who try to defend said writer.

Did I miss something here?

And again...I still maintain that it's everyone's right to choose to allow comments or they please. That's why the options are there. Some people don't realize that their comments are automatically set to 'approve all comments' when they first join. Others just figure they want to read comments first before posting them. Who Cares??? Oh, never mind...I already know the answer to that one. NOT ME!!

Hey...has anyone noticed that Canu is still in the top tags list? I think I'm gonna go wake him up (he's gotta get up for work soon anyways) and jump his bones!

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Oct 4 @ 12:22AM  

Oct 4 @ 12:30AM  
You were a regular here?????

Hmmm....I'm trying but I can't quite recall you.....

Canu throw me a bone here?

Oct 4 @ 12:35AM  

Oct 4 @ 12:39AM  

Oct 4 @ 12:40AM  
Cutecarrie...the only member who can be nominated 'hottest lady on AMD' without a picture!!

Oct 4 @ 12:54AM  
at least you still have your looks

Oct 4 @ 2:20AM  
I guess I just can't understand why anyone would take exception to a blog that may or may not be interesting, start verbally attacking the writer, and then start jumping all over others who try to defend said writer.
Your right you did miss something, but it doesnt really matter. Too many insults were said and its not even the point of who started what. I do agree anyone should be able to write a blog about anything, including someone writing a blog bitching about someone elses blog, the choice of course is always up to the reader as to whether they want to comment (of course thats if the comments are not being censored--yet even that is the right of the blogger) or to skip the blog. Now when the insults get personal thats when tempers flare. What happens is that people cant just express thier opinion and allow others to express thiers, no their egos have to take over and they have to get personal. Its truely amazing that I was included in the group as haters, and accused of doing the exact thing that the blogger was doing, when i have welcomed every new comer that has come on here, and offered help where ever I could. Usually this works out but sometimes temperment collide. The only difference is Sunny, is I really dont give a royal fuck other peoples opinion is of me, thats there business and problem. I am here and i am here to blog, and if people dont want to read my stuff I dont give a hairy rats ass, but i am not going anywhere.

BTW i have missed you woman, come back a little more often, give canu a big howdy from me.

Oct 4 @ 2:38AM  
"Just passing through with a kudo"

Oct 4 @ 3:09AM  
wake canu........ummm canu... canu?

ohhhh canuhelpme well by all means wake that little fucker n jump his bones....kinda miss the balance ya'll helped maintain but hey the only thing in life that is consistant is good to eachother the rest will take care of itself.......oh me a favor n tell short stuff HI

Oct 4 @ 4:56AM  
Thanks for your kind words btw I only block those that block me

Oct 4 @ 7:01AM  
btw I only block those that block me
you werent blocked until you became a ranting zealous beeotch.......

Oct 4 @ 8:25AM  
Glad to see your open and honest words! Kudos!!!

Oct 4 @ 8:51AM  
Ummm yeah... in a vacuum as they say... it still exists so it still gets filled.

Oct 4 @ 9:35AM  
I got nothin nice to say today so I'ma shut the fuck up..

Hiya SunnyD... can I come visit your house?

Oct 4 @ 10:06AM  
yeah what buster and L4F said!

Hi Sunny!!!!

Oct 4 @ 1:32PM  
oh yeah and pat Baldy on the head for me will ya?

Oct 4 @ 2:39PM  
Hey, SunnyD, long time no see.

I agree with ya, if someone doesn't like a blog they should just move on. As far as the comments go, I'm with you on that too.

Welcome back! Tell Canu I said hi and that a lot of us miss his blogs. Shawn

Oct 4 @ 5:39PM know you're always welcome anytime! In fact, we're looking to have you out here sometime next summer to do that thing you do...but not the new revised version!

Everybody else...Canu says hi...quit fighting...blahblahblah...

I don't know I said, I missed something here. I tried to read the blogs and find out what was going on, but it was late and I just got tired of it so I just wrote what I felt like. Not going to point fingers at anyone, but I can see that even here the fighting continues. Whatever...this is why I don't come here much anymore. I might not get much in the way of comments on myspace or 360...but I don't have to deal with the silly bullshit either.

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