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Burping, farting, and popping zits....

posted 10/3/2007 6:41:10 PM |
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tagged: humor, gross, straddle

I haven't done a gross blog in a while, and Crissy reminded me in one of her comments left on my blog last night that I have been meaning to do a popping zits blog. I don't want to waste two blogs and burping and farting, and then turn around and do a popping zits blogs, so I'm sticking it all into one blog. First off, which is more gross, burping or farting? I have a lesbian friend named Mayra that lives in Cali and sometimes we goof around on the phone together and my part is I get a rise out of her when I burp so loud for a good laugh. She says it's worse than someone farting, but I beg to differ. So which is worse, burping or farting? Also, would you fart around your lover or spouse knowing that you two were comfortable eoungh around each other? As for me, NO WAY!!!

Zit popping can be fun. Just the fact that you let one go for a few days after one develops before you pop it and watch it splatter here and there. Believe it or not sometimes it makes a screaming sound which is even better. So I hear when one pops them it leaves scars or marks. I don't think so, I don't have any on me, and I have done a lot a popping zits on me since I was a teen. I have had my share of them, but very surprised that I haven't had as many as I could since I love pepsi and chocolate. My question on this one is do you pop your zits, have someone else do it, or not pop them at all because you think it's too gross to pop, or you're concerned that it will leave a scar or a mark? Also, would you pop your lover's zit for them if they couldn't reach it, or would you do it anyway because you think it's cool to pop them?

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Burping, farting, and popping zits....
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Oct 3 @ 6:57PM  
Btw, did anyone watch Cavemen last night? Kim taped that show and Singing Bee. I went up there to watch them both with her after I already watched The Singing Bee and Biggest Loser. Man, Cavemen was pretty dorky and I heard that it wouldn't last after the first show ot two. I can honestly say that Cavemen will most likely not be around after three more weeks in my opinion.

Oct 3 @ 7:47PM  
Two words for you - Seek help!

Oct 3 @ 7:51PM  
Ya think?

Oct 3 @ 7:54PM  
Well, for your first question, unless you're right in someone's face, you can't smell a burp! A fart you can smell and even tho it's just methane gas, it still smells! My V8 Jeep belches tho, every time it gets near a gas station!

And no, I wouldn't fart around my partner [hard enough to find one as it is! ] on purpose anyway- I'd take it outside!

My second ex used to pop my zits when I had them- eh! I didn't mind too much! I don't have any, any more! My skin is flawless [and if you believe that, I've just listed the meteorite crater in Arizona, I'd like to sell to you! And no, I wouldn't pop my partner's zits either- stings sometimes!


Oct 3 @ 7:57PM  
Two words for you - Seek help!
Oh hell, he knows that- we all know that!

Just kidding bro-

Oct 3 @ 8:01PM  
Oh yeah, I probably do need some help. No offense taken, Don. lol

Oct 3 @ 8:13PM  
Oh yeah, I probably do need some help
We love you for the insanity you bring into our lives straddle, dont you change one bit.

to answer your blog

No to farts
No to burps
No to zit popping

There are just some things that are better done alone...............

Oct 3 @ 8:32PM  
Oh yeah, I probably do need some help. No offense taken, Don. lol

You know I was joking about the seek help comment, but I do wonder how you think of these questions.

Oct 3 @ 8:39PM  
I know you were just kidding, TC. It's all good. It's not like that's the first time I have ever heard that.

Oct 3 @ 8:51PM  
but I do wonder how you think of these questions.
TC, are you really sure you want to know how straddle comes up with these questions..........cause I'm kinda scared of how he does.

Oct 3 @ 11:06PM  
All I can say it is a good thing I know the normal side of you. If that is what you call normal

Oct 4 @ 1:21AM  
I've always been facinated with zit popping....even dream about it at times...nothing like a large pimple with a white head...I usually squeeze those kind slowly to get the best effect...the smaller ones explode like mount vesuvius if squeezed with enough force....but Shawn ...have you forgotten black heads? I've gotten some the size of tree trunks out of my back and nose....No ...i don't fart around people...but if you have a zit out...

Oct 4 @ 2:19AM  
No subject too out there for you, huh?

Oct 4 @ 6:05AM  
Zit popping...sure if needed
Burping...sure if needed way, because what is a fart? Hot air blowing over shit.

Oct 4 @ 2:42PM  
...would you fart around your lover or spouse knowing that you two were comfortable eoungh around each other?...

Depends on where her lips are and what she is doing with them.

Oct 4 @ 2:49PM  
@ Bruce's comment

Oct 5 @ 1:20AM  

Excuse Me!!!

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Burping, farting, and popping zits....