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Do you write blogs only because people read them?

posted 10/3/2007 1:53:31 AM |
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tagged: sex, relationships, boredom, blogging, perfect

Just a silly question. I think the only reason I write isn't really to express myself but to have friends be able to keep track of where I am. That's my blogging reason. I don't really have the time for it to be therapeutic for me.

It's late. I've been having trouble sleeping. I read in a journal that it's because I stare at the computer or tv screen before bed. I have crazy insomnia, maybe it's the class overload I'm going through. I hate my major!!!! I just wish school was over and done with. I guess there will be rewards in the end. We work today so we can rest tomorrow, right? Whatever. lol.

I haven't met any guys lately and I really miss my ex. I've had a few, but there was one guy that I just convinced myself was perfect for me. Yea, life has totally changed and we're both in completely different places but that doesn't mean I can't think about what it used to be like. The only reason I obsess over him was because it was like his dick was made for me. I mean, seriously. I've never had another guy that fit that well or made me feel that good. I'm going to agonize over it for the rest of my life. I wanted to buy a clone-a-willy kit but he's back home and such a pot head that he'd probably forget what I sent it for. I doubt when I'll be home again. I'm trying this new thing where I cut the umbilical cord from my family. So far it's gone pretty well. I guess the other reason why I just fawn over my ex was because he was gorgeous. 6'4" with a face chiseled by the angels themselves. He was like a great mix of George Cloony and Mel Gibson but with a fun twist like Jason Lee... speaking of, he used to be an awesome skateboarder... ok. I'm going off on a serious tangent. So... the ex. Ah, right. Well, because the great sex where he never focused on my orgasm... yeah, that part I don't get. I've analyzed the relationship as much as I could, I gave up after about 5 minutes because I just learned to stop caring, but... he used to make me feel like shit. Are all women attracted to assholes? I know it's not just me. He made me work for him, I really loved that. I guess he was a chase for me, usually I land guys so easily, but he really made himself a conquest. I used to think he was everything, but now I realize he was just a slacker stoner who didn't really give a shit about his life. So, while I'd still like to have the amazing sex he can keep his pointless life to himself.

I guess that's all.... enough of my bleeding heart. I'm listening to Ingrid Michaelson's Keep Breathing- to all the women, DOWNLOAD this. It's so amazing, you'll choke up.


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Oct 3 @ 2:02AM  
Jason Lee? Skateboarding?

He is awesome... you must have watched Jay Leno tonite. He was on...

Have a good one and try not to think about the exes too much... always look forward... a miracle could be right around the corner and I'll bet that you won't want to miss it from looking into the past.


Oct 3 @ 2:10AM  
I didn't, I never watch Late Night TV it's crap - maybe I'll pop on youtube and see if his leno interview is there.

Oct 3 @ 4:05AM  
Well I do believe that all of us write for some kind of an attention thrill, but of course we all have different reasons for writing. I write because i love to write, i write because sometimes i have something important to say to one or more people, and sometimes i just write for fun. I could do all of this with out posting a blog, but i enjoy knowing there are some people that enjoy what i write.

hope the insomnia goes away............its rough when you cant sleep at night.

Oct 3 @ 6:29AM  
Well, I blog because it makes me feel better. Its not the comments or kudos, although they are great too. I write blogs because I am my own audience. There is something profound with commiting a thought to paper. (or in this case, digital imaging.)
As the years tick by, I look back on my life and rejoice in all the splendor. I too have loved and lost, lust and run, or just let go of a fragment of time. In the years that follow, those moments of joy become the medicine that cures a wounded soul.

Oct 3 @ 8:37AM  
Whew!!! I'm dizzy. Nice boob! Yes we blog to be read. Otherwise you would be using pen and paper.

Oct 3 @ 8:38AM  
ya know the old fashioned non-digital kind...

Oct 3 @ 8:42AM  
Where else but these blogs can you get such a various response to your ideas?

Oct 3 @ 10:55AM  
No. I write blogs for the people that don't read them, in the hopes someday they will.

Oct 3 @ 11:11AM  
Yes, but I also write them to elicit a response, whether positive or negative.

Oct 3 @ 2:17PM  
I enjoy the attention, hey I'm an attention monger...*giggles* ... But seriously, I just love to have fun and laugh. Most of my blogs are funnies, which i adore, as everyone probably knows.

And I'm not done yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Probably never will be.

Oct 3 @ 7:05PM  
When I have a little time I enjoy blogging. Sure, it does let your friends know you're still alive sort of speak, and sometimes I like getting a rise out of people with some of the content that I do in my blogs. Love to read other friends blogs and comment on their stuff.

Oct 4 @ 12:40AM  
I'd bet there's another cock out there as good a fit as he WAS and one that isn't a slacker/stoner, doesn't give a shit if you get off during sex guy either. Stop sulking or even thinking about that loser and find the next good man for you!

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Do you write blogs only because people read them?