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posted 10/2/2007 2:38:13 PM |
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Cyber America extends across the northern border into Canada. It ranges from Nova Scotia to British Columbia to southern California to Florida and all points in between. Though the Internet touches billions, this is the cyber space home to perhaps, less than a thousand people. It is everywhere yet nowhere. Far closer to a coffee shop or the corner bar than a mega Internet portal.

The weather in this cyber village can range from warm with gentle breezes, to a blasting north wind or tornados in a matter of minutes. The mercurial weather tends to dominate the lives of its residents.

When the maelstrom rises from tranquility, life changes in a dramatic fashion. Tempests created by humanity buffet and challenge the sense of community and there are always victims and casualties.

I originally came to this site several years ago out of curiosity. A year ago February, the site and people on it became liberated as it became free to email and blogging was enabled. Suddenly, text runs and pictures became people, real people.

In the past, I enjoyed the time spent exchanging views by and large, though not always. I would be amused one moment and mentally engaged the next. Good times, indeed.

But those times became increasingly rare. Instead of giggling and pondering ideas as a result of the posts and comments, I found myself muttering “who gives a shit” more often than not. I came to realize that the site, as a whole, and myself do not relate to one another as we once did. Like a lot of relationships, it had its time, it had its place, and it was fun. But what usually was, rarely is now.

The food isn’t so good at the coffee shop anymore, neither is the service. At the corner bar the drinks are weak and laughter absent.

This morning before dawn, I read every blog and all of the comments in search of a reason to read or write. When I read the last one, I said to myself, “There is one too many people on here, and I think that it is me.”

Even though I will probably never meet them, I do have friends on here. I owe them the courtesy of this explanation, as I don’t want any misguided investigations into my death or Oscar the Cat’s for that matter.

I am fading into the background. I will drop in from time to time, and if I see a reason to hang out for a while, I might.

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Oct 2 @ 2:43PM  
Et tu,Bruce? Ben already left,who else?

Oct 2 @ 2:45PM  
You Bruce.. don't lose my number.. and heck.. maybe I better not lose yours since we are changing ours in a few days or weeks depending on how fast things get done. I'ma miss ya bring and smilin mug m'dear.. I really am.

Oct 2 @ 2:53PM  
Well Dude... that sucks. We've been overrun now. I guess they really do win.

Oct 2 @ 3:21PM  
I know that you have been kinda restless here as of late, and maybe for you its time to take a step back and get away, but as you have suggested many times to many others, perhaps just take a break and not cancel your acct and that gives you the option to come back anytime.

And I am glad you let us know, as I wouldnt want to have to investigate you, who knows what skeletons I would find in your closet!

Take care and be good to yourself.

Oct 2 @ 4:36PM  
We've been overrun now. I guess they really do win

oh fuck no they don't

ain't ya never heard it ain't over till it's over?!?!!??!? to keep a good outlook where ever you

Oct 2 @ 4:39PM  
Bruce--I just got an email from Oscar the Cat................

Bruce Baby, whose gonna worry about whether I am dead or alive if you leave?
I'll be seeing you Bruce......................but not for a long long time.

Ok, I am a bit twisted but its what you lubs about me........

Oct 2 @ 4:44PM  
WoW I have grown to enjoy and learn from your post.You are bright and witty but not arrogant. I uses your words of wisdom as educational tools. I know it hasn't been what you are use to here but I hate to see you go my friend. You will truly be missed. May we always remain friends and keep in touch. May your journey be to what you are seeking or possible lead you back to us.

Oct 2 @ 5:01PM  
Here's a spitwad of wisdom regarding this cyberspace stuff:

Usenet is like a herd of performing elephants with diarrhea -- massive, difficult to redirect, awe-inspiring, entertaining, and a source of mind-boggling amounts of excrement when you least expect it.

-- Gene Spafford, 1992

Turns out to apply equally well to blogs, and social networking sites.

Oct 2 @ 5:21PM  
well heck .......

Oct 2 @ 5:56PM  
I'm sorry to see you take off...

Oct 2 @ 6:33PM  
aww hell...

I can see the writing on the wall. Actually...I've seen the walls smeared with shit for a while, and I know how you feel....I think. It stinks.

I can soooo relate to...

“who gives a shit”


Oct 2 @ 7:51PM  
Sorry about the coffee--that's totally my fault. Or rather, my supplier's.

I said "Colombia," not "Columbia," you twit! Who the hell orders a "South Carolina Roast"?!

Sorry you all had to hear that...

Oct 2 @ 9:33PM  
I saw in on the friends bulletin. Take care, and hope to see ya back soon.

Oct 3 @ 4:25AM  
I went through a similar thing in yahoo chat 9 years ago. I wandered in...... made a friend...... then another...... pretty soon we had a nice little group. Over time 1 died, a few just dissappeared with no notice. A couple hooked up and decided the "real world" was a lot more fun...... and try as might..... the few of us left just couldn't hold it together.

While I've only been in the blogs for maybe 6 months at most...... the "new" is almost worn off like a forgotten Christmas present. Some topics are debated..... and others are just exchanges of shouted insults. If I wanted to listen to arguing.... I'd have stayed married

When I saw a kudo passed out for simply asking....... what's everyone watching on TV tonight..... well, I just had to wonder.....

Anyway..... I may not have always agreed with that you said....... but I most certainly appreciated your intelligence & delivery.

Cheers may not be closing, but Cliff, Norm, & Sammy are slipping out one by one....

Oct 3 @ 9:16AM  
When I saw a kudo passed out for simply asking....... what's everyone watching on TV tonight..... well, I just had to wonder
You too???
Bruce I said my farewell to you privately but here I will add that you will be missed.

Oct 3 @ 11:20AM  
I for one will miss your contributions here, take very good care of yourself and thank you for all your great advice and encouragement you have given me.


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