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This Blog is Ticking...

posted 10/2/2007 2:36:46 PM |
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In fact it is so incindiary it had to be posted by four guys. Two wearing Bomb Proof suits, two in full Haz Mat garb.

I want you to pay close attention that I am being very careful to say these obvious and provocative words in such a way that I can shame you later for having a reaction. I'm so fucking clever that way, I may even do it twice just to show you all I can. If you are really paying attention you may notice that there is no intrinsic value to what I'm saying either, but if you notice that I'll lump you in with the "clique" and accuse you of being a censoring reactionary.

I'm really good at this, but be quick, I'm gonna erase it and pat myself on the back soon.

Damn if I didn't learn a new trick too...

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I think it's great...


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Oct 2 @ 2:43PM  
i just know my arms hurt when i pat myself on the back...maybe i need to do more stretching before workouts ??

Oct 2 @ 2:43PM  
Don't worry, Pudge. Somewhere it's 4:20.

Oct 2 @ 2:47PM  
easy peasy one two threesy.. ignore ignore ignore .. c'mere and get nekkid instead ok?

Oct 2 @ 2:48PM  

Oct 2 @ 2:53PM  
We're gettin' buck nekkid, NachoBaby? I'm good to go.

Oct 2 @ 2:55PM  
Deliciously snarky.I like it....

Oct 2 @ 3:09PM  
BTW my name is not Buck...

Oct 2 @ 3:12PM  

I love it that I am under your skinny pale where muscle would be if you had any!

Oct 2 @ 3:16PM  
*Marlin Perkins' voice comes up...*

As you can see a lone monkey has fallen upon our bait. We will now shoot him with one of these darts. It's nearly harmless and will allow us to tag the animal for further study.

*wider shot of Jim raising his rifle*

Oct 2 @ 3:24PM  
So that's what I've been hearing!! Here I thought my watch was just wound too tight!

Oct 2 @ 3:26PM  
Damn if I didn't learn a new trick too...
Ummm would you like to learn another one or two.......................

Great Blog.............I like how your mind works!! Kudos to you!!

Oct 2 @ 3:35PM  
You have a tranquilizer gun, Pudge2you? The closest thing I have is a shotgun. But hey, I have some authentic steel Jarts! Anybody want to play? Beer Run! Nevertheless, I'd be happy with just spanking a woman's ass, but I might have to wait untill next week for that.

Oct 2 @ 3:39PM  
I don't have the gun Don, Jim does.... jeez pay attention!

Alright!! JARTS! Love those! I'll get the beer...

Oct 2 @ 3:44PM  

Relax Pudge, somewhere, someplace, someone is getting layed.

Oct 2 @ 3:51PM  
Well ya know what they say (just who the hell are "they" anyway?).....oh something about dogs and tricks.

Somehow I understood all of what you wrote in your blog . And yes I get the point. Stating ones opinion is ok, stating it in a way that is deragatory to others isn't.

Oct 2 @ 4:03PM  
aww well joke em' if they can't take a fuck

Oct 2 @ 4:07PM  

Oct 2 @ 4:18PM  
You're too late. I just came back with some Heineken.

Oct 2 @ 4:21PM  
Hey that's great beers all around... ok when we play Jarts there's only two rules... Ya gotta keep your toes on the edge of the circle... and you can't spill your beer.

Oct 2 @ 4:59PM  
steel jarts??!! but I thought you wanted to play cornhole instead. will have to run to jungle jim's to find some wild beer to bring to the party.

Oct 2 @ 5:03PM  
This is all a case of Mind over Matter.. if you don't MIND .. it don't MATTER.

Oct 2 @ 5:06PM  
I don't mind... ya know this blog seems to have quit ticking... figures, I got it at Wal-Mart...

Oct 2 @ 5:06PM  
...and what was the original purpose of this blog? By now, I just don't know. Anyway, the third rule is that at least one woman must be present, but that shouldn't be too difficult. Afterall, there are some dangerous objects involved with this sport... What are ya'll drinkin'?

Oct 2 @ 5:09PM  
Y'all have fun and keep partying... I gotta go take care of some Red Pill stuff... seeya manana...

Oct 2 @ 5:26PM  
Amen ......... Reactions are all alright as long as everyone agrees with each other RIGHT???

Oct 2 @ 6:25PM  
BTW my name is not Buck...

That deserves an audible laugh. Time to go watch the "Police Squad" marathon...

Oct 2 @ 6:36PM  

Oct 2 @ 6:43PM  
I guess I should pay more attention to what's going on here....ya right!

What I want to know is ....who the fuck is driving off members? Is it me?

Is it you? or is it "them"?


Oct 2 @ 7:05PM  
It's me Buster.. they don't like the whips and chains.

Oct 3 @ 6:39PM  
I didn't do nuthn...I was just standn around when it happened and my hand was an accident I tell ya...

Oct 4 @ 12:18PM  
I think this blog is done ticking.............

Oct 4 @ 12:25PM  
Turns out the timer only went to 15 mins....

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This Blog is Ticking...