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I Want To Scream & other assorted confessions...

posted 10/2/2007 10:32:06 AM |
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tagged: friends, frustration

Yeah, it's me.. the one who never sleeps at night. Oh but I do have a really good excuse, since that's when I'm normally working. So what do I do late at night when the rest of the so called 'normal people' are snoozing away and I happen to have the night off? Sometimes I pick up my guitar and practice a little. I'm not real good at it so I can use all the practice time I can get but it does relax me. An interesting book can fill some of those quiet hours which I cherish too. My latest reading? Well it would probably put most of you to sleep but I found it quite fascinating.. a bio on Nikola Tesla. Never heard of him? Well, that's okay too and I'm just not in the mood to educate anyone about his life at the minute, so google it if you feel so compelled. Other times, I go online and chat with some of my friends from afar. It's nice to catch up on the latest dirt in St. Louis, Chicago, or even remote places in Alabama, Tennessee... wherever. Then I write. That might consist of a few poems, another chapter to one of the books I'm half ass working on, or just adding to an electronic journal of my current thoughts and musings. Yeah, I know.. its not the stuff that wild adventures are made of, but that suits me just fine.

The sun starting peeking out early this morning. The air outside was crisp and cool and just seemed to beckon. I put on my shoes and hoodie, grabbed my trusty camera, loading up the batteries and making sure the memory stick was in there. I made my way out of the building and out onto the terraces which border the small river which runs through this ancient mill that I call home away from home these days. The fog was wafting along.. spilling over the dam which used to power the machinery here long before the days of modern electricity (incidentally much of the system which was invented by Mr. Tesla, himself.) After taking probably 100 photographs or so, I made my way back to my apartment. Anxious to see the efforts of my morning outing, I began sifting through the pictures now uploaded to my laptop.

My phone began to ring and seeing the caller ID I knew it was the company that I work for. Not the hospital where I'm assigned.. but my actual employer. Seems that the apartment that I moved out of a few weeks ago.. they are claiming that the carpet was damaged and guess who is being billed for it. This is so uncool. There was no damage and I strongly suspect that the company that owns that complex is attempting to deceive my employer and screw me in the process.. and I'm not even getting the luxury of the KY. Finally my agency rep says that the pictures look basically like the carpet got a little dirty when things were being moved out.. well hell.. I was not the one who moved out the furniture.. my agency did that! I told her it was complete bullshit. She said she would talk to our housing division and try to get it straightened out, but I'm not holding my breath and probably won't get paid for the next 2 weeks due to the insane amount the apartments are attempting to steal.

Sitting here absolutely seething and just wanting to scream.. my phone rings again. I'm thinking damm.. what next? I've been up all fucking night, its time to go to bed, I'm mad and now can't sleep. It's a dear friend of mine. Stuck in Nashville. Was robbed and stranded there with no cash and no ticket back home. I would love to help out but with the prospect of me not getting paid for a couple of weeks, I really can't do anything at the minute.

Ya know, last night I met up with my friend, BusterHymen, to watch the Patriots game (they won btw) and we were talking about this very same thing.. psychic? hell no.. people for whatever reason just seem to be plain mean these days. I just don't get it. People taking things that do not belong to them or trying to charge for things that should not be charged for, lying, cheating, or just being mean for no other reason than they think they can. Call me unrealistic, but why the hell can't everyone just be nice and decent? Yeah.. I so want to SCREAM right now. The bright side? I had a good night, and managed to snag some phenomenal photos (i think anyway) this morning on my walk.

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Oct 2 @ 10:51AM  
Mmmmmm ... I can help a girl with that screamin thing

Oct 2 @ 10:54AM  
If it's any consolation, I might put in Billy Idol's Devil's Playground and put to use my crazy accounting skills, but that's just me. Good luck , and I like the way you write .

Oct 2 @ 10:57AM  
Thanks you two.. make me smile ;-)

Oct 2 @ 11:01AM  
Sometimes ya just gotta scream! So if the new neighbors can't hear ya (no sense in getting a visit from the police) go ahead and let it out! If they can hear ya, I recommend screaming into a fluffy pillow, will make ya feel better in just a few! Hang in there girl! Sending good thoughts your way!

Oct 2 @ 11:03AM  
Is the complex owned by a property agent? or at least run by a property agent? if so you can demand a tribunal with photos etc..

Oct 2 @ 11:16AM  
That's a bunch to deal with for sure... Even the Pat's winning ain't that great... even Cleveland beat the Bengals...

Oct 2 @ 12:05PM  
Talk to a letter from him and they will change their mind about charging you...oh, and they can be made to pay his fees also...

Oct 2 @ 5:49PM  
Oh yeah, the lawyer thing does sound really tempting at this time. Problem? Uh huh.. This is a 3 way affair... a gang bang of sorts and I'm not even really into group sex. Problem is, the apartment complex is refusing to return my employers deposit (my housing is corporate furnished) and its my EMPLOYER who is attempting to charge back the outrageous amount that the apartment complex is claiming is due. My employer also is quite aware of how cheesy this real estate/property management company is and that is why I was moved to another apartment even though staying in the same area. Appears to me that my current agency is attempting to cover their own ass, not bothering to attempt to resolve anything, and unfortunately pass the buck.. or in this case the bill on to me. Maybe it's time I skipped agencies if they can't seem to resolve this. Hell, they are already making insane amounts of money pimping ME out to the various hospitals on these contracts.

Wouldn't be like I haven't skipped agencies before lol. Yeah, I'm like a paid whore.. I go to the highest bidder who uses the most KY.

Oct 2 @ 10:46PM  
Ya gotta watch Buster..........a few keystone lights.........and he is known to tear up a apt..........jus sayin

Oct 3 @ 4:29AM can ask S...I drank Sam Adams....with a Kabo Wabo shot. I call that a mixed drink. and yeah, maybe the Pats didn't have to work too hard to beat Cincy...or the Jets....or San Diego....or Buffalo.. ahem.

Oct 3 @ 9:01AM  
Yup! Buster is definitely a Sam Adams kinda guy.. and if you are lucky he might even tell you about his brisket LOL

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I Want To Scream & other assorted confessions...