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Sexy Shaved Female Armpits

posted 9/30/2007 11:22:36 AM |
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tagged: shaved, erotic, armpits

Sexy Shaved Female Armpits (Good For Me, Good For You, Good For Everybody)

Yes besides having a foot fetish I also have a shaved (a little stubble is ok, sometimes better, 2 day max) female armpit fetish.
As far as female armpit fetishes go there are two types. The first is the hairy female armpit fetish. Meaning men who get off on a woman's hairy underarms. Which I find to be extremely masculine and repulsive. The second is the shaved (a little stubble is ok, sometimes better, 2 day max) female armpit fetish, of which I have.

About 15 years ago just about the same time my foot fetish surfaced (read more on foot fetishes in my blog section; The Good The Bad And The Fugly) I realized that I had a thing for shaved (a little stubble is ok, sometimes better, 2 day max) female armpits. Didn't you ever notice how a woman always raises her arms up over her head exposing her nude sweaty armpits when posing, dancing or just for know apparent reason at all ? Well I think that deep down they think that it is sexy and that men are attracted to it. Well its true. Most men are. Their just to shy or afraid to admit it in fear that they might be made fun of. Believe it or not there is something very erotic about a beautiful woman's shaved armpits and I'm not the only man out there who likes a females sexy shaved armpits. I cant really explain what it is that makes me want to kiss, lick and rub my face in a females shaved underarms. It's almost taboo or considered to be forbidden. Maybe that's why. It seems to make the woman complete. Even breasts look more sexy when the arms are raised up exposing her sexy armpits. Don't you think so? That's why they do that. Yes I know, you might be saying "all the pieces to the puzzle are coming together now" and you're right.

When this fetish first surfaced 15 years ago I indulged for the first time with this really sexy girl I was dating. One night after having a few drinks and smoking a little weed (marijuana) we did the usual sexual things. Feet, pussy, ass, lick, eat and suck. All that erotic kinky stuff. Toward the end she was riding my big fat juicy cock and her sweet sweaty breasts were bouncing and sliding all over my face. (god that drives me absolutely crazy) As I was licking and sucking the sweat off of her soft perky breasts I kept looking at her sexy underarms and it was making me so horny that I could no longer reframe myself from acting on my primal desires. She already new about all my fetishes except for the armpit fetish. So little by little I worked my way into her right armpit. I started by kissing then licking. Next thing you know I was rubbing my face all in her sexy armpit. She was moaning and groaning with pleasure and to my surprise she said "O my god you are such a naughty, naughty, bad boy. O Frankie that feels so fucking good. Please don't stop I'm coming" This absolutely drove me crazy. By me finally acting out my last fetish and her loving it I came the same time she did. I couldn't control myself. That primal sexual beast that is within in me appeared. My orgasm was so strong that when I was coming she put her hand over my mouth because I was extremely laud and there were other people in the house at the time. From that point on she would always ask me to touch, kiss, lick, worship and rub my face in her underarms (feet to)

Some weman can be a little standoffish when it comes to you licking their armpits, ass hole or even feet. You have to ensure them that it is something that turns you on. Most weman have never had those kind of sexual relations so you have to keep re-ensuring them. Telling them that its all good and to just relax and enjoy. 99% of the time they end up loving how you lick and worship all those parts of their body. They soon become freaks and just go sexually crazy. Its great. Love to get freaky.

Here is the problem. Some antiperspirants will leave a bitter taste on your tong. So you have to find a antiperspirant that allows some sweat to come through, doesn't leave a funny taste on your tong and smells nice when sweating. There is one antiperspirant that takes care of all that. Its called " SUAVE NATURALS " The more the female perspires the better it smells and it doesn't leave any kind of funny taste on your tong. When a woman is wearing Suave Naturals it makes me so horny that I can barely contain my high testosterone levels.

I know there are a lot of guys who have thought about doing this but are to afraid to try it. Well don't be. You would be surprised at some of the things a woman likes. Most weman say that its very sensual.

I myself shave my underarms. Not for any kind of sexual pleasure but because I were tank tops most of the time and it doesn't look good with hair sticking out. On top of that it is easier to stay clean. I am big on the hygiene thing. There are a lot of guys who do the same so I don't feel in barest at all. Even Hulk Hogan and the Rock shave their armpits.

Once again I don't shave my underarms for sexual pleasure and I am not feminine in any way shape or form. But I will tell you this; many weman have licked my shaved armpits and it feel so fucking good. Now I know why they like it.

I guess I am a super freak. To each their own.


Frankie M, The Foot Man

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Sep 30 @ 11:55AM  
Arm pits are not a fetish, at least I don't think so. I believe the underarm areas to be highly sensitive and adore it when a man pays attention. I know when touching and kissing...don't forget the side of the chest leading to the underarm it !!

Oct 1 @ 1:03AM  
I'm a freak too. Not long ago I did a blog about licking armpits.

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Sexy Shaved Female Armpits