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My Internet Fling - Part II

posted 9/29/2007 11:56:22 PM |
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It slid down her legs to the floor. She was wearing a pair of slinky black silk panties and stockings. Obviously, she had remembered my fantasies too. She tried to unzip my pants. But as much as I wanted her to, I moved her hands away.

I gently steered her onto the bed. She laid on her back, her eyes full of expectation. On the nightstand was a bottle of lavender-scented massage oil (she’d told me how lavender was her favorite scent). She smiled and rolled over onto her stomach. I unhooked her bra and went to work.

For over half an hour, I kneaded her muscles, gradually feeling her turn to putty in my hands. I started at her ankles and slowly worked my way up to the thigh muscles, which were knotted with tension. She gasped as my thumbs approached her vulva. I could feel the intense heat radiating through a thin layer of silk, but as much as I wanted to make contact, I held back. I worked my way up her back until I reached her shoulders. As my hands moved away from a spot, I gently caressed it with my lips. By the time I was done, she was completely relaxed, purring into the pillow.

I rolled her over onto her back. We kissed again, and this time I allowed her to unzip my pants. She immediately took my already erect member in a tight grip and began to slowly masturbate me. It felt so natural; as if we had been together all our lives.

My heart was pounding with lust now. I passionately caressed her neck and felt her squirming with ecstasy below me. Her hand moved down inside her panties and started to move. I pulled it away, encouraging her to hold back until she was about to explode. I worked my way down her body with my lips, arousing her nipples with my tongue and continuing to move down. It took me fifteen minutes to find my way down to her tummy… and lower.

I ran my tongue up the inside of her thigh, sliding it just inside the lining of her panties, but not quite reaching where she wanted me to go. I felt the hot moistness against my cheek.

“Oh God,” she cried, “please eat me. I can’t hold back any more.”

I slid off her panties and threw them aside. My lips immediately found her swollen clit. I took it between my lips while slowly stimulating it with my tongue. She shrieked out in ecstasy and her thighs gripped my head so tightly that I thought she was going to crush me. Her pelvis bucked up and down, but I wouldn’t let go. My tongue moved faster against her clit. I slid my index finger into her while caressing her clit, sucking and licking. She was screaming now, already heading for her second orgasm.

She tasted so good, I couldn’t tear myself away, even when she begged me to make love to her. She came at least five times until eventually my jaw was numb.

Kate threw me onto my back, surprising me with her strength. Her hair was already askew and her face was flushed with ecstasy. She took me into her mouth. I swear my little guy had never been so swollen; at least not since I was a teenager. She knew exactly how to use her tongue; when to suck, when to lick and how hard to grab me while she did so. It was the most mindblowing oral experience of my life, which is really saying something. I felt a desperate urge to taste her again and knew that I wouldn’t last long if she kept going like this. It took every bit of willpower I had not to cum in her mouth (something I never do unless my partner tells me it is okay).

I begged her to stop and let me make love to her. She laughed. “How does it feel?” she said, referring to my earlier refusal to stop giving her oral pleasure.

She kept sucking, harder and harder; her grip rubbing me faster and faster. I tried to think of baseball, football, Hilary Clinton; anything to stop me from climaxing, but I knew it was all futile. She was just too good. At the very last second, just as I felt the violent shudder that portends orgasm, she stopped and looked up at me; a wicked smile on her face.

Kate straddled my hips and gently took me inside her. The burning hot moistness between her legs felt better than any woman I had ever been with. She gasped as she lowered herself onto me. I sat upright and caressed her nipples while she started to grind against me. On every movement, she raised her hips just enough so the tip of my cock rubbed against her clit. Her hips began moving faster, gyrating in a cyclical motion. She pushed me back so I was flat again and could move with her. Our gyrations were in perfect harmony. We moved faster and faster. She screamed and cried as she approached another orgasm. As she came, I felt her pussy muscles tighten around me like a vice. Her hips shook violently and she roared like a wild animal.

I lost control. I threw her onto her back, pinned her knees back against her breasts to allow for deep penetration and made hard, wild, animal love to her. How we didn’t break the bed I’ll never know, but her screams must have woken up the entire city of Tampa. Her nails clawed at my back and dug into my butt as she pulled me hard and deep into her.

In those few brief minutes, we both unleashed years of pent-up sexual frustration. It was like a pressure valve for both of us.

There is nothing more profound than looking into a woman’s eyes at exactly the moment when both of you are climaxing. For me, that is almost a spiritual experience; something that bonds the two of you together more intimately than any other act of love.

When I came inside her, I felt as though my head was going to explode. Even though I have slept with many women in my life, I swear that I’ve never come that hard; not even as a teenager. Kate came at exactly the same moment, because I felt her pussy muscles grip me again just as I exploded. We were lost in each other’s eyes while our bodies found simultaneous, mutual release. I was shaking for moments afterwards; dazed and exhilarated.

I collapsed onto my back and we both laid there on the rose petals laughing. She rolled over and kissed me. We cracked open a bottle of wine and cuddled for a while; stroking each other and kissing while the strains of Anita Baker continued to fill the room. Neither of us said anything. We didn’t need to.

Twenty minutes later, I was recharged and ready to go again. This time, it was gentler and less intense, but no less profound than the first time.

We didn’t emerge from that hotel room for two days. They were two of the best days of my life. When we weren’t making love, we were talking and laughing, playing and relaxing, cuddling and caressing like a pair of teenagers. But we knew it was only a fling and couldn’t last. We both had marriages to return to, and that was the cloud hanging over both of us.

When we parted two days later, we agreed that as good as it was, we could never do this again. So far, we have stuck to that promise; although we still talk frequently and we care about each other as much now as before.

Those two magical days in Tampa will always be our little secret.

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Sep 30 @ 12:02AM  
Well darn...I didn 't see part II till now.

Sep 30 @ 12:45PM  
I didn't see this part either Desert....until now

Sep 30 @ 2:17PM  
So Beautiful, yet so sad

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My Internet Fling - Part II