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posted 9/29/2007 11:53:52 PM |
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The story I am about to relate is not a work of fiction, even though it sometimes feels like one when I reflect back on it.

Her name was Kate and she was from Tampa. I met her in an Internet chatroom, discussing 80s pop music of all things. Even though neither of us knew anything about the other, we quickly connected and were IMing each other within hours. Kate and I had a lot in common. We were both in our mid-thirties, had traveled widely, were stuck in sexless marriages, had a wide variety of interests and were deeply passionate about life.

At the beginning of our relationship, we made a pact not to exchange photos. Not because either of us had anything to be ashamed of, but because we didn’t want to spoil the fantasies that were beginning to form in our minds. I described my appearance to her and she did likewise. By this time, we were at the point where we trusted each other not to fabricate or dissemble.

Our IM sessions went on for hours on end; nearly every day for several weeks. We discussed history, culture, politics, travel, relationships and, of course, sex. We spent ages talking about sex (mainly because neither of us was getting any). Eventually, we took the next step and began talking on Skype. We would often sit up until dawn, laughing with each other until we hurt, and confessing our darkest fantasies and desires while our spouses slept. Part of the thrill for both of us was in knowing that our partners were just feet away while we conducted this illicit distance affair. I would count the minutes every day until I could speak to Kate again; and I know she felt the same way.

Of course, we discussed where this was going and what it meant for our marriages. Even though we were both lonely and sexually unfulfilled, neither of us was prepared to leave our spouse. What existed between us was intense, forbidden and thrilling. Despite the lack of physical intimacy, Kate still loved her husband and I loved my wife.

One day, my boss told me that I needed to go on a business trip to Tampa, Kate’s hometown. When I told her, we both immediately knew what would happen. Not because we had planned it, but because if it didn’t happen, we would spend the rest of our lives wondering “what if?”

In the days leading up to the trip, I became increasingly neurotic. What if I failed to live up to her expectations? What if I disappointed her sexually? I wanted to seduce, indulge and pleasure this woman more than any woman I had ever known, even though I still hadn’t seen a picture of her. For several years, my sex life had been non-existent. I needed to feel wanted and desired again. I needed to feel like a man again, which meant that I needed to leave Kate satisfied and fulfilled.

I arranged to extend my stay in Tampa so that I would have a few days to spend with Kate after my business meetings were done. She told her husband that she was going away on a course (not that he cared much anyway). The night before I was due to meet her, I was unable to sleep. I was a nervous wreck of fear and excitement—not even a bottle of wine was enough to steady the nerves and stave off the brief panic attacks that crept up on me every so often. I had composed a mental list of all Kate’s likes and dislikes; the things she had told me that turned her on; the fantasies that she had created in her head.

We arranged to meet in the lobby of the hotel, still not knowing what the other looked like. I got to the lobby half an hour early, having prepared the suite. Every time a woman entered the building, my heart skipped a beat as I wondered if it was her. When she finally arrived, I knew right away. She looked exactly as she had described herself; shoulder-length brunette hair with bangs hanging loosely over the most beautiful blue eyes I had ever seen. She had the slim but not skinny physique of somebody who spent a lot of time in the gym and wore a knee-length black skirt that exposed long, well-toned legs. Kate wasn’t beautiful in a girl-next-door way rather than in a classical sense, but that was fine by me. For one thing, I had already fallen in love with her mind; for another, I have never gone for stunningly beautiful women in any case.

Our eyes met as soon as she came through the door and we both knew. I swear my heart stopped beating when we made eye contact for the first time, because I finally knew that this was for real. It was no longer an electronic abstraction. She was standing right there in front of me.

She silently mouthed my name in a question. I nodded. We nervously approached each other and then melted into each other’s arms. I kissed her passionately for what seemed like several minutes but was probably no more than a few seconds. She tasted better than any woman I had ever known. The sweet smell of her hair teased my nostrils. I’d never wanted anybody as much as I wanted Kate at that moment.

“Disappointed?” I asked her when our lips finally separated.

“Hell no,” she said. “You’re taller than I expected.”

“That would be the high heels I’m wearing,” I joked. She laughed, and the ice was broken.

I took her by the hand and led her up to the hotel suite. Prior to her arrival, I had made sure the room was full of flowers and balloons. The curtains were drawn; the only illumination being provided by scented candles strategically positioned around the room. Kate had once told me that she had always wanted to make love on a bed of rose petals, and I made sure that wish was obliged as well. The bed was covered with them. I later received a bill for the mess I’d made in the room, but it was worth it.

Before opening the door to the suite, I asked her to close her eyes. I led her inside and turned on the soulful ballads of Anita Baker; her favorite singer. She opened her eyes and gasped in amazement that I’d even remembered all the things she’d told me she loved; the rose petals, Anita Baker, flowers, balloons and scented candles. Regardless of what happened to us afterwards, I wanted to make sure she had one perfect day by which to remember me.

We kissed again, even more passionately than before, and moved towards the bed. No woman had ever felt this good. Both of us had been in lonely marriages for so long that years of pent-up emotion and passion came surging out at once.

“I want to make love to every part of your body,” I whispered into her ear. “I want to caress every inch of your skin, from top to bottom.”

“I want you inside me right now,” she said.

“Not yet.” As much as I wanted that too, I wanted more desperately for this to last as long as possible. I wanted to relax her and explore her body before the act of love itself. We had all the time in the world, and I knew that the longer we could hold back, the better the actual act of lovemaking would be. “You know how you told me how much you love to be massaged?”

“Yes,” she gasped.

I began to unbutton her blouse while we kissed again. She was already unbuckling her skirt.

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Sep 30 @ 12:02AM  
Shaggy.....Wonderfully romantic. Thank you for sharing what is obviously an intimate moment in your life. We would be honored if you completed the story...if not...we are left with baited breath wondering where is Kate.

Sep 30 @ 12:19AM  
Wow, that was a wonderful start to the story but don't leave me hanging....I want to hear the rest of the story.

Sep 30 @ 12:27AM  
I forgot to mention in the blog that her real name isn't Kate (not even close) and this didn't take place in Tampa (the real location was many hundreds of miles away), but everything else is true. I changed both of those details to avoid giving away any clues that could enable anybody to figure out her identity. One can never be too careful these days.

Sep 30 @ 12:54AM  
Wow! NICE blog!
I have a gal I met from this site (well not in person yet).
We have been chatting thru email going on 5 months now.

We too are both married & un satisfied, & we seem to have hit it off pretty good.

I hope to actually meet SOON!!!!

Sep 30 @ 9:06AM  
Do we get the rest of the story? Very good so far!

Sep 30 @ 10:38AM  
A thoughtful man!

That remembers what she likes, and makes sure it happens!

That was very romantic!

Thank you - there is still hope!


Sep 30 @ 12:18PM  
I agree with desertsmile I can't wait to read the rest! I am sooo glad for you both!

Sep 30 @ 12:43PM  
So, What happened to you and Kate ? Be like Paul Harvey and tell us the rest of the story

Sep 30 @ 1:31PM  
The second part of the story can be found at

I must have been too verbose, because it was too long to be accepted in one hit (insert potty joke here )

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