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posted 9/29/2007 8:05:09 PM |
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Sorry guys I can’t help you out but I can try to get other women to be more receptive to your efforts. This might not work for everyone but if someone else can manage to have as much fun as I have then I am happy. Using the internet as a dating source for almost as long as internet has been around I get asked a lot of questions about it all the time. Both from friends online and offline. Recently I have been getting tons of questions from girls at work now that I have decided to let everyone there know why I moved to Ohio of all places.
For the newbie’s or the ones that have been under a rock for the last six months. I am from Washington State. I relocated to Ohio to be with someone I met right here on AMD and if you have read any blogs then you should know who he is. The biggest perv on here known as StraddleMyNose.

Back to men online. Most of them start out full of shit with one or two goals in mind. They are cybersex or phonesex. A few have moved up to web cam stuff as well. These guys are the typical crop and there is nothing really wrong with them. They have tried to be nice they have tried to be decent and have been shot down more times than they will admit. So now they have resorted to their primal urge to find satisfaction and have given up on trying so hard. This is where the wanna fuck, wanna cyber, wanna cam or what ever emails and messages come from. Its not that there couldn’t be a decent human on the other end. Usually it’s just a frustrated guy that hasn’t figured out a better way to get what he wants and this not so great method fills the gap for now.

I have met some really fun and great guys by just letting them play out they’re cyber fantasy. Seems that every time sex is out of the way that is when I get to know the real guy behind all the talk. Once he has gotten what he wanted there is nothing left but to talk to you and get to know you or he has to put out 100 more emails trying to get the next girls attention. I have noticed most men are rather lazy and will stick to the first girl that pays attention to him. So first off women need to stop being so prude all the time and give in a little. You never know mister right might be a little kinky behind the keyboard.

Ok now that you have found someone to talk to how do you know you can trust him. Well girls use your instincts and trust your gut first of all. Then PAY ATTENTION no one lies well enough to not get caught eventually. Phone calls are a good way to get a feel for someone. If he is local meet for coffee or something. The guy that puts off a public meeting should be dumped. If he is not local get a home address. If he is willing to let you know where he lives he is probably not a physco and he trusts you as well. Send a letter or card to him. If he gets it then he isn’t lying about that. Use GOOGLE it’s a cool tool. You can google anyone’s name anytime you want. If the info you get back doesn’t match what he’s been saying then its time to move on. I have even used google earth to zoom in and locate someone’s house just to make sure it exists. Check his employer out online most have a website nowadays and some even list the employee’s names. Do your homework ladies there is a ton of things you can look up on and offline to make sure he’s for real.

If all checks out well then go for it. You don’t have to jump in head over heals in love right away but a few dates and some getting to know someone in person wont hurt. Always make first time meetings in a public place on neutral ground. If you need to take a friend with you for support do it. Good guys are ok with that and understand why. If your planning on a move or long distance travel of some kind before meeting make sure you have a back up plan if needed. Make sure the reason your going is more for yourself than for him. Big changes in life can be fun but be prepared to do it with or without him just in case. Be strong, be brave and have fun. You never know when that freaky perv everyone talks about will turn out to be the one for you.

I love my freaky twisted perv
He is really a nice guy in person

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Sep 29 @ 8:13PM  
Great blog and good info!! Hope you are doing well!

Sep 29 @ 8:16PM  
Good Blog!!! Hope to see you on Halloween!!!

Sep 29 @ 8:27PM  
Lots of good info there Kim- thanks!

Sep 29 @ 8:31PM  
Very good information, Kim.
What did any of us do before Goggle was invented?
Kudos and

Sep 29 @ 8:32PM  
Thank you for the good information!


Sep 29 @ 8:59PM  
Fantastic advice and blog, Kim. Here's a kudo that you could trade for sex but he'd probably want you to do something kinky with it.

Sep 29 @ 9:13PM  

That was great Kim. But what aboutcranky old men like me ?

Kudo sweety.

Sep 29 @ 10:00PM  
Great Blog

By the way I am getting asked about the Halloween Party...Oh Shawn

Sep 29 @ 10:35PM  
And also, don't for get to check The DICK LIST

Guys, we knew for years women swapped info about us...but I bet you didn't know it was this detailed.

Sep 29 @ 11:08PM  
I hope the guy who commented on one of my pictures tonite reads this blog- he said I should spread my legs.
You can imagine what I told him to do!
Great blog, Kim! I'd give you a kudo but I'm afraid of what Straddle would want you to do with it!

Sep 29 @ 11:39PM  
Great info and advise. Green guy for you. If the guy is local, I also suggest going by his house and seeing how many cars are parked there. Of course, this really does not work for apartments

Sep 30 @ 12:41AM  
Love ya, babe!

Sep 30 @ 1:08AM  
This is a great advise if you are looking for a life partner but remember this is a sex site it is made for poeple who are looking for casual sex and it is not the love line or E harmoney

Sep 30 @ 1:12AM  
Ohboy135, this isn't all about looking for a life partner, it's mostly about safety tips.

Sep 30 @ 1:26AM  
Tammy, how many people are showing up for the Halloween party so far?

Sep 30 @ 8:43AM  
This is a great advise if you are looking for a life partner but remember this is a sex site it is made for poeple who are looking for casual sex and it is not the love line or E harmoney

Well someone can't read, this is no longer a sex site, this is a 100% free ADULT DATING SITE.

And there seems to be more ppl looking for LTR than casual sex on here........just saying

Kim--awesome blog, I learned a lot from it. kudos to you.

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