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posted 9/28/2007 10:20:56 AM |
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I am fairly new to the site and was pleased to see how well people got along here. People didnt just post sexual blogs and some members had actually formed internet bonds with one another. Everything is so laid back and friendly, much like down south. But one thing i have noticed is that people didnt embrace me as they did everyone else. no one dropped a note saying hi. no one sparked up any friendly conversation...though i have received friendly advice. lol! but most of my responses have been so negative and i just wanted to know why. Why am i not being welcomed into this online community?? I am aware that i am a little out there for most people's taste.. but just because i publicize my fantasies and desires (on a site thats supposedly endorses just that), i am being shunned. MY PROFILE IS STRICTLY FOR THOSE INTERESTED!!! i post blogs when something is on my mind that i want outside opinions on. MY BLOGS ARE NOT TO ENCOURAGE MORE PROFILE VIEWS OR NOTES! and my posted picture of my pussc isnt a shameless attempt to get people to look at it. I am an exhibitionist at heart and i LOVE for people to see me... but i digress. It seems cause people see this, they feel i have no substance and im not worth getting to know. Thats not how its supposed to be. My profile and my blogs are to TOTALLY different things... so why isnt anyone being receptive towards me. It just feels as if im being shunned. I just wanna get to know you guys...Im not forcing my sexuality on anyone!!!! So can someone enlighten me pleez?????

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Sep 28 @ 10:26AM  
I'm sorry you feel that way! I could have sworn alot of us said hello and welcome when you posted a blog and we seen you for the first time???

Sep 28 @ 10:28AM  
you got negative stuff? Hmm I don't remember having seen anything by you before.. though Im looking at your list over there.. so you must have. Welcome to AMD.. sorry it's late.

Sep 28 @ 10:32AM  
HOWDY! and to welcome you, I will do the banana dance!

Sep 28 @ 10:36AM  
THANKS FOR THE LOVE EVERYONE.... at least someone listens!!!
Hey lisa tell me in your comment you said judging from my previous bloga, you r sure that i received negative feedback... why so?? could u tell me where im screwing up? is it my frankness? or am i looked at as a slut because i enjoy the things i do?

Sep 28 @ 10:43AM  
Please don't take this the wrong way... but everyone blogs for shameless self promotion. It's ok to admit it too. Welcome to Pervia, establishing your niche will take time. Stay cool and be patient your time will come.

Sep 28 @ 10:45AM  
Sorry bout the lack of welcome! I havent been around much, busy with the real life!! Welcome!! I personally look at blogs and if I dont have anything to say, I wont, or if it doesnt interest me, but that is just my opinion. Good luck and keep having fun!!!

Sep 28 @ 10:56AM  
i have been on this site for close to a year and though i am not shuned i'm not considered part of this little online family either but i have ment some nice people here and i enjoy this site.the blogs are for your pics i think that everyone has a right to post whatever they want as you pointed out this is an adult site.welcome and goodluck.

Sep 28 @ 11:14AM  

I did not intend for not posting to come across as unfriendly. If I have something to say on the subject, I do. If not, I don't. As with all and anyones blogs. Quite a bit lately I haven't posted on friends blogs either. It's not a personal thing. Just a lot going on.
I just read your blogs, except one, and I don't see where you got negative responses. If you did in private, did you ask them why?
For the most part, this is not an unfriendly atmosphere.
So, although late, Welcome.

Sep 28 @ 11:19AM  
wow.shunned?? hmmm....well IF i missed ya the first time (my heads been in the clouds latlly ask anyone...well not dayna she'll lie on me lol)

* i ran back quick thru your other blogs....the sexpet thing?? check her out and then check out how many posts she has in the forums....she opend up to lots of us WHO she is ...and more then a picture when she posted that blog....just my .02 to help ya understand..*

Sep 28 @ 11:26AM  
I think you mighta joined in the middle of the drama cycle. Where all hell was breaking loose and people were upset and unhappy... don't let it get to ya and keep on blogging and letting us get to know you.. if it's any consolation.. I'ma slut too ;)

Sep 28 @ 11:28AM  
Womencan watch, I am sorry you didn't feel welcome on you intro blog. I have been out on town a lot lately and when here some time too brain dead to think of any think to say. So I will say it now WELCOME TO THE AMD FAMILY. We are a different group of Pervs here in Pervia. We have our sexual side and our passionate side. Some times you may blog sexually and the community is in a melancholy mood and won't respond. Some times you will be melancholy and the others will be sexual. Just like in the real world only sometimes we miss read your train or that. Enough of that, we are glad to have you. Join in and have fun and I hope you find what you are looking for.

Sep 28 @ 11:34AM  
One other way to show up on the radar is to comment on the blogs of others. I do recall posting on one of your blogs or sending you an email, but I never got anything back from you that I recall.

As nacho said, you may also have came on or posted when there was a firestorm. There are good people on here, enough to make it worthwhile. Many of them posted to your blog today.

Sep 28 @ 11:47AM  

(they like me.....they REALLY like me!) im sorry,had to do

but seriously, you guys have given me an amazing welcome... i'm taking the advice u all have given to heart.. i will post more blogs so u can get a feel for who i am. i will also post comments into more blogs (very new to the blog thing) but all in all, i got the message and havent received one negative comment yet!! thanks for the LOVE everyone!!!

Sep 28 @ 12:14PM  
I tend to sit on the sidelines more than be active, I comment once in a while, on blogs that interest me or make me laugh. Give it time, be true to yourself and have fun. Keep blogging because that's how others get to know you.

BTW....your not the only perv on here (thank god!!) That's what keeps it all interesting.


Sep 28 @ 12:47PM  
Well hell's bells...............I am late as usual..........just got if we missed saying welcome, I apologize.

As some have already said join in the fun, make comments on other ppls blogs and you will get well known here.

Sep 28 @ 12:50PM  
Add me to the list of those that never noticed anything by you before. Sorry 'bout that. Let's start again...


Sep 28 @ 12:56PM  
Sorry, I don't seem to read everything here. HI !

Sep 28 @ 2:13PM  
Sorry I missed ya....
Welcome to AMD!!

Sep 28 @ 2:36PM  
Sorry I haven't said hello sooner.. I check in here sporadically and its been a crazy assed 2 weeks for me. I do read the blogs and enjoy yours. Welcome to AMD!

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