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Adventure in West Virginia (some fun, gross, and cool things)

posted 9/23/2007 4:16:41 PM |
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tagged: humor, straddle

Friday afternoon Kim and I ventured out to an out of state shopping mall in Huntington West Virginia. It took us almost an hour to get there, but once we did the reward was good (well, some was.... ) We spotted a Starbucks there in that city. We don't have a real Starbucks here other than the one inside Krogers. I have never had anything from Starbucks before and it was really good, and I see myself getting hooked and craving what I got Friday. We continued on to the mall there and enjoyed our drinks while we were going from shop to shop inside the mal. The mall had some really cool stores inside. One of the shops had this gothic theme to it, and they had some key chains of a skull on it. I told Kim that Natasha (my daughter) would really like this since she was into skulls. I saw some Bengals jerseys thrown in with some Pittsburgh ones ( I hate them! ), but there's a mixture of Bengal fans and Pittsburgh fans in that state, so what can ya do? After about two hours there shopping we when out to eat in that city at a steak house. It was pretty crowded, but I did manage to see a few Ohio license plates in the parking lot. We got inside and one of the first things we saw was a guy in overalls at the buffet counter. What made it bad was he didn't have a shirt under those overalls , and it being a warm humid day up in the upper 80's, I think they should have refused him service (no shirt, no shoes, no service is how most places are). Kim and pointed that out to me after she saw him over that way picking at the food with hairy armpits. We ended up having a nice dinner before we head back to Ohio. Finally got home a little after 9pm that night. Kim wants to head back over that way on her birthday so we can eat out at Olive Gardens. So guys, what would you have thought after seeing some guy dressed in overalls without a shirt on while it was a warm and humid day at the buffet counter?

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Sep 23 @ 4:23PM  
I think I would have passed on the buffet...... That's just Nasty!!

Sep 23 @ 4:26PM  
Shaun? What is UP with you and BUFFET'S?????

Sep 23 @ 4:28PM  
Well, think of it this way. Had you been in a resort town in Mexico or Hawaii and someone was at the buffet in a tank top, would that have offended you? Maybe it was just the bib overalls that set the picture for you.


Sep 23 @ 4:30PM  
The Bibs did it for me!!!

Sep 23 @ 4:31PM  
Well, tank top is still a shirt though. Besides, men are known to sweat more than women too.

Sep 23 @ 5:38PM  
well like Desert said WHAT IF??? Personally no i wouldn't have let them in lol

Sep 23 @ 5:44PM  
I love adventures like that!! Just a day together..... nothing better than that! I hate Starbucks.... I think that their coffee taste like marijuana!! Hairy armpits.... guy in overall with no shirt... YUCK!!!!!

Sep 23 @ 5:55PM  
Lisa and DesertS., why put tank tops in the same catagory as guys wearing overalls without shirts? lol Not exactly the same thing. For one most women shave their armpits that wear those types of shirts. Woman don't sweat as much as men do at that. I had an ex that used to wear tank tops quite often, and I think she looked very cute in it. If there is one thing anyone doesn't want to see is a guy sweating a little wearing what he was wearing without a shirt at the buffet counter.

Sep 23 @ 5:59PM  
I remember driving through the mountains of WV back in April as the sky was clearing and the sun was setting. Beautiful and breathtaking. Also, there was that hugh bridge that's worth checking out. There's a lot of nice trails around there.

Anyway, I'd had to have been there at the buffett. It probably wouldn't have bothered me, as long as his armpits weren't actually in the food and/or his sweat wasn't dripping into the buffett. He was using his right hand to pick at the food I hope. I've eaten many different types of food with many different types of people. I thought DesertSmile had a good point.

On a side note, women who don't mind sweating as much as men can be pretty hot. I think the other men on hear know what I'm talking about. And one more thing about hairy armpits. There is at least one woman's profile on hear that shows that she hasn't shaved her armpits, but she's still fucking hot.

Sep 23 @ 6:03PM  
No shirt, NO service! LOL I would have been totally grossed out, too!

Sep 23 @ 6:06PM  
Well the hair and sweat issue would be the same if the guy was wearing the tank top. I cannot say it would be a pleasant thought or sight, but not really that big of a deal. Unless of course he was just plain nasty!!

Sep 23 @ 6:19PM  
Where's Canu? He would have a field day with this blog since it's about West Virginia.

Sep 23 @ 7:00PM  
Driving to be around white white trash is not my idea of a nice afternoon.

Sep 23 @ 7:22PM  
Driving to be around white white trash is not my idea of a nice afternoon.
What is amazing is you don't have to drive around to be around white trash, this is America, here you can walk into a restaurant anywhere and find poor white trash to people who have their nose in the air and look down on everyone who isn't what they consider themselves to be (i.e. High class snob). God Bless America!!

I am afraid I would have probably chosen to eat somewhere else.

Sep 23 @ 7:23PM  
You got out of this county? And the state of ohio

I love the Cracker Barrell they have up near that mall. They have good food.
There is so much to do in that area. Shopping, real food (not fast food).

My daugher is trying to go GOTH, and I am trying to stop her

Star Bucks is great. I love a couple of their frozen coffee's they have.

In Minnesota they have Caribu Coffee. They have a frozen Carmel Mocha Latte that is out of this world..Kind of a long trip for a cup of that.

Good to see you venture out of our area..

Sep 23 @ 7:32PM  
Straddle..I thought what troubled you was his lack of underarm protection while reaching across food. My point was a tank top or muscle lack the same protection yet I doubt you would have been quite as offended.

As to a man in bib overalls, shirtless and in public I think I would be forced to ask him "did you Daddy play banjo?"

Sep 23 @ 7:35PM  
Did someone mention Cracker Barrell? I have to go to AZ to find one. Talk about "comfort food". OMG...Love it..and even buy their pancake mix online.

Sep 23 @ 7:37PM  
A steak house had a buffet?!?!?!?

Sep 23 @ 10:24PM  
The steak sounds good, the starbucks sounds good, the guy in the bibs, thats a different story. Where does a hillbilly get the money to dine out at a steak house. I thought they ate road kill or something.

Sep 23 @ 11:31PM  
I will have to say I had fun shopping but I can do without the hicks
The accents are even worse over there. I had no idea what anyone was saying.

Tank tops on men or women dont impress me. I think all arm pits should be covered. But the overalls expose way to much nasty hick in public and I am so glad the guy left shortly after we got there.

Straddle is addicted to Starbucks I am going to turn him into a Washingtonian yet


Sep 23 @ 11:58PM  
Well, I wouldn't exactly say that I'm addicted to it, sweetie. Btw, what was it called again that I had? Mmmmm.....

Sep 24 @ 4:08PM  
Straddle drinks the Caramel Frappuccino

I drink the Caramel Macchiato Iced with an extra shot I live on a coffee buzz all day

Sep 24 @ 6:35PM  
A steak house had a buffet?!?!?!?

I'm betting Ponderosa or something along that line.... My daughters favorite place to eat... cause the little sweet tooth can eat all the dessert she wants.

Sep 25 @ 7:39AM  
Driving to be around white white trash is not my idea of a nice afternoon.

why you think just because it's WV it's white trash? I actually live about 15 minutes away from that very mall he's talking about. I live in WV tho, not the other direction, that would be also as an out of stater. Not all of us west virginians are white trash.

The steakhouse w/buffet..i'm going to assume it was Ponderosa, and yes the food there is good..but a few years ago, it was much much better.

Sep 25 @ 7:48AM  
Yeah, I didn't call them white trash, just wanted to clear that up. I know someone else made that kind of referrance to them on my blog. The only thing I didn't like was someone sweating and not wearing a shirt in a steak house.

Btw, that steak house would be none other than Golden Corral. I left that out because seems like people think Kim and I go to that chain a lot.

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Adventure in West Virginia (some fun, gross, and cool things)