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Advise needed from the guys and ladies

posted 9/23/2007 6:39:28 AM |
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Last winter i meet a girl at a club , we exchanged numbers and she is one year older then I. I asked her to go out on a date and she said yes but she broke our date and used her daughter as an excuse to brake the date. I asked her for another night , she called me and broke it again and told me her sister inlaw called her to go out so she went out with her instead. I tried once more just to even spend a night just watching movies with her. Once again she broke it to go with her sister inlaw , by then i was pissed and told her it wasnt fair and that to remember that her sister inlaw goes home after a club to her husband.I even went over to her house once to fix a problem with her washing machine. I sent her flowers on valentines day even after that she didnt even call me to say thank you. I was done with her bullshyt after that. I myself dont have problems getting a girl but last night i saw her at the club and she told me it was her bday. we talked and danced a little but ,even kissed and i told her that she had no idea how big of a mistake she made blowing me of like she did and she had no reason to do so. We were walking out of the club and then she told me she knew. I said really ? then she said yes. she went to a furtune teller and the furtune teller told her how many kids she had and then also told her that she she met a man and even told her my name and said she fucked up because i was her soul mate. Should i give her another chance or should i not even look back ?

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Sep 23 @ 7:08AM  
Dont look back and RUN away. Anyone that breaks dates to go out with someone else, male or female, is a loser. Anyone that doesnt adknowledge flowers received is a jerk. Run now and when you run into her again,,,you guessed it...Run
If she treats you like shit before you even go on a date, how do you think she will be treating you in six month? Last Dont set yourself up for misery.

Sep 23 @ 8:29AM  
Not just no, but HELL NO!

Unless it is a girls' night out or something, why would any woman of substance be in a club. Cruising for women in your twenties is one thing, but after a while I would think that you would outgrow it.

You were a nice guy helping her with her washer, but when you add to it the flowers without ever really dating, and everything else, you become a patsy.

I know that women like flowers, but those should be for truly special ladies. Unless you have planted some seeds, forget the flowers.

Sep 23 @ 8:38AM  
Don't look back. Unless, it's to learn to never repeat.

Sep 23 @ 8:39AM  
3 broken dates in a row = 3 strikes and your out.
Not caring enough to call and thank you for the flowers= rudeness.
You going over to her home and repairing her washer, = your kindness to help her out.
This gal is clueless about how she has hurt your feelings, someone else had to tell her she passed up on a great man.
Bottom line is she is a heart break looking for a place to happen.
You deserve better treatment then what she can provide.


Sep 23 @ 8:42AM  
Sir, you are gettin played... I suggest you play her too and see what happens.

Sep 23 @ 8:45AM  
Just Say NO!!!

Sep 23 @ 8:48AM  
I think she's playing you. No one cancels that many dates in a row with such poor excuses...
I guess you could try again, knowing that you'll always be taking a backseat to someone- to me it wouldn't be worth it, soulmate or no.

Sep 23 @ 8:58AM  
Run away FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The fortune teller thing is a line that has been used by others many many times... You will only get hurt in the end. Don't give this girl another chance! You sould like you are too good of a guy to be hurt again all over. There is someone out there that will actually appreciate you and all that you are willing to do!

Sep 23 @ 9:08AM  
I honestly believe that she is lost, in her own world, and truly scared by the wonderful attention you were trying to show her. Perhaps this is something she is not used to, and keeping you at bay she feels she is protecting her heart. THis may never change, so ultimately the choice is your on whether you give her another chance or not! Good luck in your decisions (and that is all speculation because i have known women like that, and its just my opinion) have a good day!

Sep 23 @ 9:08AM  
I agree, run like hell as she is obviously going to continue to play games. I had a girlfriend like that and I know what it is like to give your all only to have it throw back in your face. My fiancee is pissed that I am still friends with this woman and having read your blog I fully understand where she is coming from.

Sep 23 @ 9:14AM  
yep gotta run my friend!!!! She is a user and don't understand the kindness in you. If she did this to a man she barely knows what would she do to a man in her life?? As the song goes "hit the road jack don't ya come back no more"

Sep 23 @ 9:33AM  
Sounds like she just wants you as a backup incase all else fails...break it off

Sep 23 @ 9:48AM  
Run as fast as you can.....Dont even look back.

Sep 23 @ 9:53AM  
play her and take her for all you can. teach the bitch to be nice lol

Sep 23 @ 9:53AM  
She's just telling you what you want to hear. She'll play you and make you look like a fool.

Sep 23 @ 10:05AM  
You already saw the true her already..... and you were rightly upset.

She has no manners... she should have thanked you for the flowers..

She is probably just bored and between guys and will ony use you until she feels someone better comes along.

As for soulmate.... tell her to try again in the next lifetime.... and maybe by then she will have learned how to treat you properly.

However if you can't help yourself and you do want her that badly... get her out of your system.

Only do coffee.... no meals, she just rack up the dollars for spending....and if you trust her to know where you live.... meet at your place before the from there... that way when she stands you up.... you are not sitting at a restaurant or something.

As well, go in fully aware that you are responsible if there is any pain on your part.

Maybe you should delve in what you find attractive about her... obviously not her personality.. and why you are willing to allow yourself to be treated so badly.

As well, tell her that many people told you not to bother with her... that she is shallow and not worthy of your time.

It will give her a bit of a slap in the face about how mean-spirited a person she is.

Good luck on whatever your decide.


Sep 23 @ 10:28AM  
Kick her to the curb, close the door and move on! Too many ladies out there that are not into head games, to be concerned about one that isn't concerned about you!


Sep 23 @ 10:56AM  
Don't look back, I'm sure you deserve better than that.

Sep 23 @ 11:04AM  
Run away as fast as you can, she is just out to use you.

Sep 23 @ 12:11PM  
she's a waste of you time dude. You sound like a nice guy and she'll just walk all over you.

Sep 23 @ 1:12PM  
Ok using her daughter as an excuse is excuseable most of the time, but a sister-n-law? and why would her sister-n-law be out cruising the clubs anyways if she is married (or am i just that old fashion) Its been said many times............don't walk, but run. And she probably told you all that to get your attention for the evening, chances are if you did call her she would break another date.

There are good women out there, that dont play head games go find one.........and as WoW said save the flowers for someone special. She isn't!

Sep 23 @ 2:18PM  
3 burns is enough, there would many more unfortunately.

Sep 23 @ 2:29PM  
I'd run, too. There's no telling how many guys are on her charm bracelet.

Sep 23 @ 3:13PM  
Good for you to bring this out into the open.
She is one of many.
This type sparks my curiosity, but not my hormones.
Loveableone is closest to the mark on this one.
How badly do you want to understand why she is doing this?
Is she afraid of men in general or you in particular
because of the way you part your hair?
Is she a flirt, a closet whore or a victim of abuse?
Are you a backup until her 2 am steady?
Or was she raised to be a Good Girl
and is just being polite?
Did her mother teach her to always say yes,
before she says no?
And suppose you got her for one date.
Then what?
Will you ever really know?
If she's this abnormal at not even stage one,
what abnormalities would she reveal at stage four or five?
And are you hot for that?
What about her keeps you coming back for more?


Sep 23 @ 3:53PM  
Lets see...........
She will blow off a date with you if she gets a different offer. Multiple times.
She does not aknowledge gifts.
NOW she will date you because a psychic told her you're her soul mate?

And you are not sure what to do???

Sounds like you are evenly matched.

Sep 23 @ 4:51PM  
If you have no problems getting a woman then move on Her game with you is to see what she can get away with and you just keep cutting her slack would you stand for that from someone else and if not why do you from her I never let any man get away with this kind of behavior first time I'm blown off it's over

Sep 23 @ 4:57PM  
slohand the matter was about should i give her another chance. The type of person i have always been was to walk and walk by her like shes not even there witch is going to happen . This goes back to somone else writing a blog about a woman making bad choices and picking the bad boy type. I hope she finds somone else and is taken thru another terrible relationship. She had Two , the first she was beat by her husband alot, the second was a just plain idiot but this is what she told me. you know how some people always blaime the other person.

Sep 23 @ 6:55PM  
You've fallen into that "nice guy" category that girls say they want, but really they just use you. You will never be anything but a means to an end for her. She will continue to pull you along as long as she can so that she can drain you for all you are worth.

Sep 25 @ 12:28AM  
You already put in too much effort. Do not call this girl again. she will call you when she needs something else fixed.

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