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Good Guys Really Do Finish First

posted 9/20/2007 10:49:51 PM |
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We women have admitted that we do sometimes talk amongest ourselves and we do sometimes post bulletins for all of our friends to see the offensive emails that we get from men. And trust me once we read them, we remember their name and profile.
BUT, although sometimes annoying, these men do only play a very small insignificant part of AMD.
There are many good, kind, sincere men who know how to be nice and even write a decent email to a woman. Sometimes when they get a thanks but no thanks they even say thank you for being honest, or good luck in your search....instead of a long list of insults ending with we don't know what we are missing. Yeah, that's always a good ending.
A lot of times these men end up becoming very good friends, and sometimes more. It depends. And as I mentioned earlier, we do communicate between ourselves and sometimes we mention about an email we got from _____ and maybe someone should go check out his profile.
I personally don't add just anyone to my friends list, but it is ever growing. I do have more men than women on my list. Men who are the good guys. Men who know how to treat a woman like they might want their sisters, mom, daughters or nieces treated. No, that does not mean that if they are not on my list they aren't that kind of man. There are plenty of them on this site. And they deserve the recognition for such.
So in those times when I get emails from jerks telling me what a fat old haggered #*@# I am because I sent him a polite no thank response, or what a f**king stupid bitch I must be because I'm not interested in him, I know that they are just a very small percentage of the men on here. And they, nor their opinions, count nearly as much as they would like to think they do.
To the larger percentage who are kind, respectful and know how to play nice, Thank You!! You are appreciated.

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Sep 20 @ 10:55PM  
Great blog - yes a BIG thank you to all those wonderful men out there!

Sep 20 @ 11:08PM  
Very nice and thank you! Oh I got a couple of dozen T-shirts printed. It reads on the back: "Certified Good Guy by Casually-Looking". Come grab yours t'day!

Sep 20 @ 11:10PM  
Yep! You said it!! Good blog and a big thanks to those nice guys! Kudos to you Treas!!
(but you know the rules, you can't tell Dayna!)

Sep 20 @ 11:11PM  
great blog girl!!!!

Sep 20 @ 11:13PM  
there are some really great people on this site. Men and Women alike. great blog. from a great Lady

Sep 20 @ 11:17PM  
Come grab yours t'day!
Oh yeah, I did forget to mention that most of them are certifiable smartasses also. LOL I'll just hand write that on Ben's tee shirts....

Sep 20 @ 11:23PM  
I have to agree with you on this one. I believe the good ones outweigh the bad ones....

Sep 20 @ 11:28PM  
Very good CL I agree that there are some really good guys on here, and there are a few jerks on here, and than there are the jerks that pretend to be good guys, and than their are good guys that turn into jerks......................Oh shit where was I going with this......................Oh Yea, How do you tell them apart again?

Kudos to you!!

Sep 20 @ 11:50PM  
I am finding that there are more good guys out there than I had thought.. A big thanks to them for being there.

Sep 21 @ 2:17AM  
Say ....any of you gals need your panties washed....just askn...

Sep 21 @ 2:34AM  
The good guys far outweigh the bad? I'll have to change my strategy . Do you think I'll have a better chance if I post some total nudes? And how do I get one of those T-shirts?

Sep 21 @ 3:15AM  
Good blog!

Sep 21 @ 4:35AM  
treat others as you would like to be treated yourself. thats how i look at it.


Sep 21 @ 4:38AM  
Thank you for posting this. It is appreciated. When posting in general, often only the negative is mentioned and new members reading blogs can often draw conclusions from only seeing one side of the coin.

Sep 21 @ 8:43AM  
The majority of emails I get are from nice guys, or, at least, not vulgar pond scum. Thankfully, very few emails are from the type of guy that seems to get too much attention from the blogs. You are right. We should spend more time talking up the praises of the good ones.

Sep 21 @ 9:23AM  
Awwwww you are so nice!

Sep 21 @ 9:40AM  
AMD has some of the coolest, kindest, sexiest, most amazing Gentlemen in the world. I'm grateful to know em!

Sep 21 @ 11:54AM  
Thank-You Casually Looking!! It's nice to be appreciated! Being one of the guys that sits in the background and watches the others, it's really nice to be noticed for what we are not! There are are so many other "attention wanters" out there now-a-days, that we are hidden behind their dark cloud. Every once in awhile, the sun shines through, clears the fog away, and they are seen for what they are.
I don't even bother getting on here most of the time, because it's like trying to compete with the old high school jock! Who do you think wins?
Anyway, Thank-You for shining the spot-light on us for a change!!

Sep 22 @ 1:09AM  
The thanks almost makes up for the hours of having to console you after the asshole you supposedly hate dumped you after you fucked him.

Sep 22 @ 1:35AM  
Iceburg, are you saying this in general or what? Because I have No idea what you are talking about.

Sep 22 @ 2:17AM  
The thanks almost makes up for the hours of having to console you after the asshole you supposedly hate dumped you after you fucked him.
Iceberg, You been practising how to be a prick or was this something you have just kept hidden. First off who or what anyone fucks here is none of your business if you werent one of the fucking party, and when did you ever offer to console anyone here when they were hurt. It certainly wasn't CasuallyLooking.

She offered the thanks because a lot of us feel that way and she did a blog on it. It had no ulterior motive and certainly didnt deserve your asinine remark!!!

Sep 22 @ 2:17PM  
In general, not you specificaly.

Sep 23 @ 6:26PM  
As one of the men online here, that I guess would be termed a " lurker" when it comes to the blogs....I want to mak e quick comment.

So often over the past three weeks I have read numerous blogs either bashing men in general @ AMD, or, continuously praising the wonders of the
" bad boy".
It is rare to see someone state that a man can be A well as, be nice. Thank you CL for allowing that not all men are required to be a jerk or bad to gain notice here at AMD. Raised as a Southern gentleman, I have maintained that you can treat a lady like a lady. And, be a man in all areas. Whether that is in public or in private. It should not make you a wimp. The prototypical "Gone with the Wind" character, Rhett Butler, I do not believe would be described as a wimp. Neither contemporary gentlemen such as Denzel Washington nor Will Smith.

Well enough of my soap box ramblings. Thank you for your fine blog. You deserve one of those green thingys. (****Exiting Stage Right***)

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Good Guys Really Do Finish First