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Could you date anyone with a low I.Q.?

posted 9/20/2007 4:17:13 PM |
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Again, not sure where any of you stand on this, but me being the curious person I am by nature I thought that it would be interesting to see where people stood on this issue. Would you date anyone with an i.q. of less than 90? If so, what is the lowest i.q. you would consider going out with a person? As for myself, I feel that smart and sexy works for me as far as what I look for in dating. Call me what you will, but stupidity is a huge turnoff for me as far as dating goes. How low will ya go, and is low intelligence a turn off to you when going out with people?

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Sep 20 @ 4:44PM  
Yeah, that's where my prejudice starts showing.. I would not be able to date someone less intelligent than myself. I would be bored stiff..

Now if it's just a cheap one nighter? Big and dumb is good. Less chance of em following you home.

Sep 20 @ 4:45PM  
Didn't know you had to have a high IQ to be sexy? Don't know about you but I have no idea what my IQ is. I may be the stupid one here, but do alot of people actually know what theirs is? Smarts come in alot of different forms Strad, you can be worldly smart, intellegently smart,,,,,,,,,,in some cases just a smartass!! Some very intellegent people are not sexy at all. JMO


Sep 20 @ 4:52PM  
Zena, I meant when I list the two together that they would have to be smart and sexy for me. I know there are some people with low i.q.'s that can be sexy too, but like I stated in my blog, they have to have both. And yes, there are different kinds of smarts such as "street smart", "smartass", "book smarts", and "common sense" smarts. But someone who has the book smarts and common sense with a sense of humor and personality with sex appeal works for me.

Sep 20 @ 5:29PM  
Could I?
Not much education? Fine.
No problem if there is anything between the ears.
I've had the opposite problem:
would I date someone with Too Much IQ?
No. Not that either.Not again. It doesn't work.
Would I date someone with a higher IQ than mine?
It depends.
Good question. This is as far I've got.


Sep 20 @ 5:33PM  
Sexy comes in all shapes and sizes.... and so does intelligence. No, I would not date anyone with a low IQ. As for picking a number...... I"ve never asked. That's what conversation is for..... to figure out if you can carry on a decent conversation with someone. Besides.... I've met people with Masters Degrees that don't have an ounce of common sense nor any conversational skills. Their IQ would be pretty much meaningless

Oddly enough, There was a blog posted about 6 hours ago titled "Gorilla Mating" that shows just what can happen when you mix a low IQ and sex.

Sep 20 @ 7:54PM  
Well, first of all you would need to define which IQ test you were referring to. There are a few out there that different studies use that the numbers are not even close. But I wouldnt date anyone who had a low IQ as Sam said he would bore me silly.

Sep 20 @ 8:01PM  
I feel that I would be more compatible with someone who has had some worldly experiences, and some level of intelligence. That is just me personally.

Sep 20 @ 9:05PM  
maybe they are playing dumb to get what they want. would you then say that they are now smarter? i have dated both and have found that chemistry helps.(knowing how to mix liquor)

Sep 20 @ 9:12PM  
Now if it's just a cheap one nighter? Big and dumb is good. Less chance of em following you home

I hate when they do that

I get bored easily. He has to be smart enough to keep me interested or I just move on.

Sep 21 @ 1:05AM  
IQ has not much relevence to me but EQ does....emotional can have a high IQ but be a basket case emotionally. I personally have a very low IQ but that doesn't have anything to do with panties or there care and cleaning...but that's besides the point...shit i forgot what i was going to say ...never mind...

Sep 21 @ 3:41AM  
I do like a woman who is smarter than I am, but I guess I'll just have to wait untill they award a couple of Nobel Prizes to an attractive woman my age.

Sep 21 @ 6:09AM  
I don't really know. Firstly I haven't taken an IQ test myself and secondly I don't know how one would go about obtaining someone's IQ before the date. But let's say for the sake of argument we generalize the criterion from "IQ" to "smart". In that case I would say "yeah gotta be smart enough" to carry on an interesting conversation with me, to laugh at my weird sense of humor etc. Of course, as you point out, it's not just smart per se, it's also "fun-ness", sexiness and a myriad of other things as well.

I also have to point out that a lot of behavior we consider as "stupid" does not come about from intelligence or the lack of it thereof. I believe it mostly comes about from self-absorption, selfishness and immaturity. Obviously very smart people can be self-absorbed, selfish and immature as well.

Sep 21 @ 10:51AM  
This is a two edged sword if I ever saw one; but first I think that "stupidity" has very little to do with IQ, same goes for " common sense", "ignorance", or being "smart".

Sep 21 @ 3:38PM  
sorry Straddle I plead the fifth on this one!

Sep 22 @ 12:44AM  
If the person can understand what sex is, and can understand what it mean. I have had sex, with a women, that was mentaly challenge, but she was one of the best fuck, i had every had. She knew how to take care of a man in the bedroom, and could carry on a good conversation, with you. You can't judge a person by their I Q. bill44123

Sep 30 @ 7:44AM  
I could not date someone who wasn't fairly intelligent... sounds shallow but honestly I would be bored to death. After all, it is very difficult to match wits with an unarmed person. That said, intelligence and educational level do not go hand in hand. I've met some very bright and interesting people who had only a high school diploma and some really stupid people who had multiple or advanced degrees.

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Could you date anyone with a low I.Q.?