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posted 9/19/2007 10:19:54 PM |
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tagged: sex, oral, fucking

I am sitting at my computer, trying to get some work done when you come up behind me. I feel you gently place your hands on my shoulders and start to rub my shoulders and neck. I sigh at my computer screen at all the work I still have to do then lean back into you, "Mm that feels nice." I say as I look up and back at you and smile. I try to go back to work but apparently you have other ideas.

"Nuh uh" you say as spin my chair around to face you. "Babe you know I have a ton of work to do..." You turn around and sit in my lap with a reply "yea yea I know you HATE interruptions..." You start to grind softly against me in my lap, "Yea, I don't like to be interrupted...but I do like that" barely able to keep the amusement out of my voice as I look down at your tight ass rubbing against my now partially hardening cock under my pants. I bury my face in your neck and hair, loving the smell of you as you press back into me, sofly moaning now as your arousal increases.

You suddenly stand up, and with a quick kiss on my lips, you kneel down and pull my shorts then boxers off. You look up at me as I watch you lick your way slowly up my thigh, to my balls, and up the shaft of my cock, now almost fully hard. You lick slow circles around my head, then take just the head into your mouth. I lean back and let out a moan as you hold just the head in your mouth, not moving it, just sucking on it, till you feel me fully hard in your mouth. You then start to move your mouth slowly up and down my shaft, taking me all the way into your mouth, and back out to the tip. I grab a handful of your beautiful hair as you take me in and out of your mouth.

You lick me from my balls all the way up to my head then say "I have this really bad itch, do you think you could scratch it for me?" You take my balls into your mouth and suck them, rolling them around with your tongue as I reach my free hand down, barely brushing your breats, down your flat stomach till I find your wetness. I spread you apart a little bit and rub your clit. "Where is it? Here?" "Deeper," you gasp as you take my cock back into your mouth. I slip my finger inside you and curl it upwards, "Here?" You moan around my cock and take it deeper in your mouth, deeper into your throat. I take that as a yes and start to move my finger in and out inside you while its still curved upwards we are both moaning in pleasure. The feel of my finger stroking your g-spot and my cock in your throat is too much for you, your hips start to thrust and you cry out as you orgasm. I release my pressure on your hair, but still hold onto it so that you can come up for air and let you ride out your orgasm on my finger.

After you finish cumming, I pull my finger out of you and lick it, "Mm you taste good." You start to go back to licking my cock and balls, but I pull you up hard by your hair. You lick and kiss your way up as I pull you and try to kiss my lips, but I pull you away and say "No, clothes, now."

You stand up, knees a little weak and start to slowly strip for me. I pull my shirt off quickly and start to stroke the head of my cock as I watch you strip down. First your shirt, then your shorts, finally your bra and panties. You start to tease me by rubbing your hands all over your body, but I grab you by the hips as I stand up and kiss you. You wrap your arms around my neck as you kiss me back. You feel me lifting you off the ground by your hips. You kiss me until you can no longer reach as I lift you, then you feel me licking my way down your breasts to your stomach finally you are high enough that you can put your legs on my shoulders, and you do.

You lock your legs around me and hold on tight to my neck to help hold yourself up and you feel my hands move from your hips to under your ass. You run a hand through my hair as you feel me start to lick and suck at your clit. You gasp and writhe as I take your clit into my mouth and roll my tongue around it. I slide my tongue inside you at lick at the top of your opening like its the best thing I've tasted. I feel your second oragsm building and just as its about to explode, you feel me sliding my still wet from being inside you finger into your ass and this sets you over the top. You cry out and thrust your hips into my face as you cum.

I know I can't hold back much longer, so I carry you to my bed and throw you down onto it. I climb on top of you and kiss you deeply, letting you taste your juices in my mouth. My hands find your breasts and your nipples instantly harden as I squeeze them. I stand up and place my cock near your mouth. You eagerly take it back in your mouth, missing the feel of it. I let you suck me back to full hardness then climb back on top of you, guiding myself inside you as quickly as your tightness lets me.

You cry out as I fill you, I watch your face, loving how much pleasure I can bring you. I push in and out of you gradually faster, and soon you feel my orgasm building inside you. You pull your legs up and around my body, not wanting to spill a drop of my cum even as you are leaking fluid from your multiple orgasms and say "Fill me babe, don't hold it. Cum for me." I let go of my orgasm and you feel my cum shooting inside you.

I lay down next to you and we both lie there breathing heavily. Just holding eachother till our breathing calms down.

"So, you ready for round two?"

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