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Kinda disgusted

posted 9/18/2007 1:17:22 PM |
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While I respect other's right to post whatever pic they chose, I'm really getting sick of seeing a bunch of dicks every time I read someone's blog comments.

Perhaps maybe the cock shots could be secondary pics? So that us straight guys don't have to see your dick?

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Sep 18 @ 1:22PM  
Now you know how some of us women feel!
Thanks for posting!!

Sep 18 @ 1:23PM  
[/B]Ditto for the boilerplate catalog
aerial shots of cleavage.
Might as well be advertising
for the pushup bra companies.

Sep 18 @ 1:41PM  
Good point. I have never seen it made before either from the perspective of reading blogs. I have gotten used to it and it doesn't bother me. As a primary pic, it really conveys a lot of ego that I think does not serve them well, but then again I not involved in either side of that equation.

Sep 18 @ 1:52PM  
The first question should be on the are you shallow test is do you have a pic of your cock or tits on your profile?

Sep 18 @ 2:06PM  
I agree wholeheartedly. Post something besides the dick as your main pic, even if it's a kitty or a cartoon.... save that for those that WANT to see it and look in your profile for it.

Sep 18 @ 3:12PM  
Its especially bad when the blog happens to be a very sexy story and I might start umm enjoying myself then I scroll down and see a bunch of dudes dicks.

Some of you write awesome stories that you just can't help getting turned on reading, then the pics just ruin it.

Sep 18 @ 3:25PM  
just dress em' ALL

Sep 18 @ 3:27PM  
Kind of like the "spleen shots" some of the women have posted. Who finds a spleen or kidney sexy???

Sep 18 @ 3:28PM  
if you are going to join a sex site the odds are you are going to see body parts male and female.

Sep 18 @ 3:59PM  
Well not being a paying member it was my understanding you couldn't see naked pictures but as funnygirl said

if you are going to join a sex site the odds are you are going to see body parts male and female

Now, i am a paying member and it was never my intentions to pay for the pics, i just wanted unlimited emails, no ads, and graphics but unfortunately I got the naked pics too. And It is true I do get kinda tired of them, its also true if i am grossed out by the pic I dont normally read the blog and go on to another one. But whether we like it or not, its everyones right to post what they want.

Sep 18 @ 4:07PM  
Unlimited emails? I've never ran out of free ones. And yes, sometimes unforunately, I can still see the nakee pics.

Sep 18 @ 5:12PM  
Sorry hon.....gotta disagree....I love cock shots

and as for you asnet........I dont even own a pushup bra


online now!
Sep 18 @ 5:12PM  
I am all for the nudety :)

Sep 18 @ 5:12PM  
I'm with you on this one Ice

Sep 18 @ 5:19PM  
Sorry hon.....gotta disagree....I love cock shots

and as for you asnet........I dont even own a pushup bra

Then you can go through profiles to get them :P

Sep 18 @ 5:29PM  
Someone should do a survey on profile pics comparing pussy to dick pics. I would guess it would be bout 10 dicks to one pussy ... ... Women don't judge a man on how his schlong looks - they like to see two eyes. The one eye monster CUMS later

Sep 18 @ 5:43PM  
is there supposed to be a difference when a man reads a blog with a bunch of Cocks on the side and a women reading the same blog with pussys and tits on the side? ......?????????
this is a sex site ......i think to each his own.

Sep 18 @ 5:52PM  
I have yet to see a blog with a pussy pic on the side. And for the ladies, at least the tit shots are at least partially covered.

I have to pose a question to the guys who have cock shots for their main pic: You do realize that a bunch of dudes are looking at your dick? Most of us probably don't want to, but you are kinda forcing it on us too. I know I don't really like the idea of other guys seeing mine.

Sep 18 @ 6:00PM  
Thanks ice, I am glad you brought that one up!!

As my 13 year old says...eeeewwww

Another note, I want to attract women, not scare them away!!

Sep 18 @ 7:01PM  
anyone who disagrees with this,,,likes to look at men's penises,,out!

Sep 18 @ 7:25PM  
Dick pics have no effect on me. They don't bother me because I'm straight. I used to have a dick pic, but most women who can see them don't care about them, most women here are lesbians or seen way too much cock. Me, I have seen way too much pussy and tits, but it no way disgusts me.

Sep 18 @ 8:28PM  
i personally dont care...dick or pussy..but i think for the most part...dick pics out number pussy shots. This is a sex site as most of us have said at one time or another. We also come here to make friends....Hell i had a friend on here that only had a pussy biggie. And i think one friend just dresses up his schlong, but he also has a few body pics.

Sep 18 @ 8:53PM  
Green thingy for you as it is annoying. That should not be the primary pic.

Sep 18 @ 10:35PM  
And i think one friend just dresses up his schlong, but he also has a few body pics.
Dresses it up? What kind of sicko.....

Oh... oops sorry Y....

Sep 18 @ 11:28PM  
Sweet my first green what do I do with it?

Sep 19 @ 1:06AM  
Sweet my first green what do I do with it?

If you are lucky, you get to trade them for sex! Right, Buster?

Nah, just kidding. They are essentially worthless at this point. But it does, more or less, 'grade' your blog as to it's popularity, along with number of posts and views.

Sep 19 @ 2:52AM  
Yay sex! So whos going to accept my kudo for sex?

Sep 19 @ 11:54AM  
oh Iceberg! It takes way more than one!! Why do you think Dayna and Buster are always trying to get them!!??? Last I heard it was something like 295,723??? or thereabouts!!

Sep 19 @ 12:03PM  
Sigh...time to make a whine blog about how I am never going to get laid through kudos.

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Kinda disgusted