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posted 9/17/2007 4:49:36 PM |
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How many of you have accounts on other adult/sex sites, and how many different accounts? I have one on AFF that I check at the same time as this one. I have tried some other sites, but they don't seem to offer much for free members. I do like looking at profiles though :) Let me know if you aren't to shy to admit what you are doing online

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Sep 17 @ 4:54PM  
Tried Adult Friend Finder, but it's bullshit unless you pay, you an't even reply to emails for free let alone send em.

Sep 17 @ 4:57PM  
I had an account on AFF. I feel that AMD has more of a "community" feel to it. I did meet someone from AFF and dated him for six months. However, that fell thru and I'm now back here. And I agree with nusouth, you really have to pay money to get any benefit from it. AMD is much better, in my humble opinion!

Sep 17 @ 5:00PM  
Pervia is my only playground. This is my only profile here.

Sep 17 @ 5:01PM  
i have free accounts at aff (i can send email and winks) and me they are all about the same. this one has more bullshit but that's just my opinion.

Sep 17 @ 5:06PM  

Sep 17 @ 5:09PM  
Thanks for the comments. I think there is alot of BS on all the sites, but the site that works best for you is the one where you make the most friends the easiest. I am still working on this here. I enjoy the pics, but I also enjoy reading posts and replying. Its much mo enjoyable then subscribing to some news sites online Enjoy

Sep 17 @ 5:12PM  
Hi, I have a free account on fling, but I can't get any emails there. Nor can I communicate anything there for free. I get emails, but I can't open them. Thus I don't even go there anymore. Its worthless. I like making posts here though

Sep 17 @ 5:28PM  
I also have an account on Web Naughty. It is a nice site. I go to both everyday. There forums aren't as good as here. I came to this site for the blogs. I enjoyed the blogs here, but the last couple of weeks have been rough. this is still my favorite site because I have communicated with some of the nicest people in the world.

Sep 17 @ 5:35PM  
AFF is the most FRAUDULANT adult site by far! WOMEN have told me how 1/2 the profiles are FAKE, the other half bullshitting. I know from personal experience how FAKE AFF is. Please save your money.

Sep 17 @ 5:40PM  
The prices on the other pay sites are WAY too high...I gotta wonder who's paying those prices...and why... is TOTALLY have to pay BEFORE you can even look at any one's profile!!! WDF!? Even AFF and alt have changed so you can't see folks's alot of real folks there either...(I've watched them change over the years...) here you at least get to talk to some one every so often...

I can almost understand the charges for sending e-s or recieving e-s, Both I've found really suck and have sent me screaming from the other sites...*Shrug*...

Sep 17 @ 5:47PM  
I have an account over at the vanilla site but hardly ever use it. I find the blogs and comments so boring a predictable over there...its very similar to watching grass grow...just my opinion.

Sep 17 @ 5:50PM  
About AFF,I think you have to fill a certain quota of hits to your profile before you can view anyone;that,and it doesn't hurt to be a female.I however second everyone on most of them being fake profiles,.Its all just adverts to lure you into paying.However,I was with AFF since late 2003 until now,I know no other,but I will *begrudgingly* admit that this place is pretty decent,as long as you don't rile up the masses.

Sep 17 @ 5:51PM  
This is the first "sex site" that I have been on that seemed to actually have any real members at all instead of just completely porn bots.

Sep 17 @ 5:55PM  
Yikes! I will try to not rile up the mob! I would look bad standing on one leg, on a horse, with a noose around my neck!

Sep 17 @ 5:57PM  
Well this is it for me. Found it quite by accident and haven't seen any reason to look elsewhere. I like the people on here and unlike the two dating sites I've been on there is a community here, not just viewing profiles and hoping to hear from someone. That is the best thing about this place.

Sep 17 @ 5:57PM  
Also seems real far...

Sep 17 @ 6:10PM  
Also While we're on the subject of real versus fake sites/profiles...

I've noticed a SHITLOAD of "young" chicks profiles one here that all seem cloned...

They all have one pic, they're 18-27 and want guys 18-45, they're all 5-5/5-6 and they all weigh 90 pounds (They seem to have the minimum profile stuff), and they only answer three essays questions (Granted all different), there are a few with the same name with diff pics and numbers...

The one I got in touch with said she was taking down her profile and said I could e- her at a hotmail, I dumped it...

Now normally I'm all for hot young thangs wantin' experienced ol'farts like m'self...but My pattern recognition alert went off (I'm a former corrections officer so any ladies needing frisking had best line up *Smirk*...)'s all too coincidental...

How do you contact the "powers that be" here? Over on MD he mods are non communicative...

And has anyone else seen this pattern yet?

Sep 17 @ 6:34PM  
I also have a profile on AFF and for the most part have found it partially successful at least in terms of meeting local people. Nothing long term has ever developed from the site but given my situation I don't expect a lot. I will say though that I have made friends that I still am in contact with.

Granted like any other site you have to weed through the wierdos but that is the same as it is in real life.

Any site is only as good as the effort you put into it. Being sure of what you are looking for and being realistic about those wants is the key to success. The odds of a guy meeting a gal for the proverbial one-night stand are not that likely. Women on the other hand would have no trouble if that is what they sought out which honestly most don't.

Adult sites are no more than a gathering place of like minded people regarding but I have more success at the Montly Chamber of Commerce meetings...


Sep 17 @ 7:14PM  
I belong to MD it's OK a little slow the funny thing about the people over at MD they are all interested in the people and the goings on here at AMD.
I have an acct over at Plenty of Fish and I've had a couple of dates from over there, they were OK but nothing special.
I've had some dates from here they were nice.
And i've met some very nice people here.

Sep 17 @ 7:29PM  
On here if you see a good looking female under 30 with one picture and interested in men 18-45, that is a fake 99 percent of the time. Short choppy profiles are a dead give away also.

Sep 17 @ 7:57PM  
Only on this site...for fun, not expecting anything. The blogs are fun, the women are too bitchy. What do you expect, they get mail from all the horny men wanting some, men thinking this is a sure thing. Yeah, they think all the women here are horny and hot. I suspect half the men here haven't had a woman in years if ever and most of the women here get laid regularly and are here just for kicks.

Sep 17 @ 8:02PM  
I was on PlentyofFish but they told me to cut bait!!

BTW oscar the cat is still alive but Alex the parrot is dead!


Sep 17 @ 8:13PM  
I have profiles on other sites but this one seems to be my fav

Sep 17 @ 11:11PM  
I found this interesting and a lot of information about other dating sites. I'm new to this whole thing so this information is helpful. So do I give my friend a good old slap on the back for telling me about this one?

Sep 18 @ 12:08AM  
I also have an account on BBW Romance. It is a new site.I get a 1 year free VIP for being one of the first 100 on the site. I have made several friends on there and meet a lady that lives 60 miles from me. We had breakfast together yesterday at a town halfway and spent 5 hours talking and getting acquainted. We are now plaining to goto to a concert.

Sep 18 @ 1:38AM  
I was on E-harmony........hence the ............E-HARMONY reject status

Sep 18 @ 10:13AM  
I have tried a couple of adult sites but this is the best of them.

Here is a free site if you are wondering, free to email, send winks, etc.

Sep 18 @ 12:00PM  
I have an account on AFF and a few friends even. Yep even met a few of the men on there to But this site seem more friendly and honest and upfront.

Sep 18 @ 4:56PM  
I am curious to know about e-Harmony after you made this comment .... I was on E-harmony........hence the ............E-HARMONY reject status. What happened there ?

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