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The Pervian Playground Anal-oh-gee!

posted 9/17/2007 3:29:27 PM |
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Huh huh, huh huh huh. He said ANAL.
Heh heh, yeah, anal, anal ANAL!, heh heh.

Bear with me folks I had to take a break from blogging and this one is a little rough as a comeback...

So. Here we are. All of us, right? Out here on this big playground. And a few of us have decided we would take the red bouncy rubber ball over to the baseball field and have a friendly little game of kickball. You with me so far? Good.

Now like most playground games, kickball could have any set of rules to go with it. But we have chosen a few to stick to so that we can all play and keep out of as many fits as possible. So we start to play. Rolling the ball into the plate, kicking our little legs off and running around the bases counter-clockwise. Tag outs, force outs and the super fun "If I can throw this red ball and hit you before you get on base you are out" outs. Still with me?

Now the great thing about kickball is, many many folks can play and it really doesn't matter how many are out in the field like it does with baseball. So, as new kids show up this group invites them all to come over for a little kickball, kickbutt fun.

Most folks jump right in and play along, even if kickball isn't their favorite playground game. Some stand and watch for a bit to get a feel for the flow then ask to have a try at kicking or first base. That's all cool and that is the true beauty of kickball. No matter how many you got on a side there is always room for one more.

But then there are those kids that come in and wanna run clockwise because there is no arrows on the ground. Or there are those that play along until you throw the ball and hit them. Then they refuse to be "out" because "that's not the way they played kickball" at the last playground they were at AND "they have been going to playgrounds for so many years that they should know how kickball is supposed to be played!"

So they blame all the folks that were playing along just fine before they got there for being a non-inclusive bunch of playground bullys.

I don't really understand that mentality.

So Fuck Them.

That's my blog for today. Hope you liked it. Wanna play?

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Sep 17 @ 3:47PM  
I'd play with you any day, and twice on Sunday.

Sep 17 @ 4:01PM  
Wanna Play? Damn, I thought you would never ask................ I love your blogs Pudge. Lately, I have been accused of not being smart enough to read between the lines of what a person means and not what he/she says. You allow some of us, lesser intelligent people, to accomplish reading between the lines, and I salute you for that.

Now as for games, its easy for someone to come in and want to play by different rules and call foul when we don't want to or are not willing to. Instead of one person changing the rules that he/she has always played by, they expect everyone else to change the rules for them. Seldom works, feelings get hurt, and someone usually is off in a corner pouting. Let's not forget, when some of the mass stands up for the rules that all have been happily playing by, they are accused of trying to run the game. Sad how that works sometime.

And just cause you write so a simpleton like me understands I am giving you a kudo today.

Sep 17 @ 4:12PM  
Awesome blog Pudge! I wanna be catcher!!! Since I seem to be good at catching shit......I mean the ball!!! lol And Dayna at least you were accused of not reading between the lines I was told I can't read at all!! Shiny green thingies to ya Pudge (hey rumor has it you can save them up for free sex!!!)

Sep 17 @ 4:51PM  
I like playing by the rules cus its more fun...fighting people gets boring after a very short time...when I read between the lines all I see is space...which reminds me of my exploding panties developed on the space station...unwanted gropping will not be tolerated which gives me an idea for exploding computers...

Sep 17 @ 5:10PM  
Pudgie, I'm so proud that we live right next to each other!
Well said!

Sep 17 @ 5:11PM  
Sorry to post again, but when I first read the title of your blog I thought it said PERUVIAN play ground! Drugs are a wonnerful ting!

Sep 17 @ 5:17PM  
Now you have to share them with the rest of the group young lady!!

Sep 17 @ 5:29PM  
Please don't put me out in left field like they always did in softball.... I wanna real position!

Sep 17 @ 5:44PM  
I never get picked when it comes to game playin

Sep 17 @ 6:04PM  
Know you and I can play the outfield... with the sheep


Sep 17 @ 6:24PM  
Played that game a million times until I was the roller(kinda like the pitcher in baseball) and I got smacked in the nose with that hard rubber ball!! What a Bloody Mess that was!!! My Dad said I had to stick with Fist Ball after that. He said my bloody face scared 20 yrs off his life!!!

Sep 17 @ 7:13PM  
I don't wanna read between stuff today. I'm tired and cranky and stuff.. can't I just play with your balls here quietly in the corner? What if I say plllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze?

Sep 17 @ 7:44PM  
Kickball? I thought we were setting up a playground with a slide...and a woodchipper. Who's first?

Sep 17 @ 8:05PM  
Buster if there's a woodchipper within 50 feet of you, I'm out.... I know I've said I'd like to whittle away a few pounds but not your way....

Sep 17 @ 11:18PM  
had to take a break from blogging and this one is a little rough as a comeback
As long as you're back, and this one made perfect sense.
Wanna play?
Well, YEAH!!!
Good blog, Pudge....

Sep 18 @ 5:52AM  
Ha ha ... it's pretty standard to blame the status quo when you suck at the game. However, I've been known to throw a mean curve ball sometimes. Keeps things interesting and people alert and learning. Great blog my friend.

Sep 18 @ 9:13AM  
Great analogy. And I love analogies...even if this one is kinda anal.

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The Pervian Playground Anal-oh-gee!