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Meaningless Information

posted 9/17/2007 12:46:46 AM |
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I know alot of this has been gone over repeatedly, yeah again and again in some instances but apparently there are some that are new and missed out on the first 100 or so times it's been blogged about and then there are those that won't read it anyway..........but here it goes..........
Lately it's been said by more than one on here (and yes most of you know who you are!) "What is this site good for?" or "Why can't I meet anyone?" this is usually followed by some good old fashioned whining. One of you has written 7 blogs in the short few weeks you've been here, 6 of them are whining about this very thing and you have to wonder why you can't get a date? Then there are the "Wanna fuck me, I'll be in your town tonight" blogs. Like these have ever worked for anyone at any time!! I know most of the women on here have stated that just because you happen to be in town tonight doesn't mean they will drop what they are doing along with their drawers just to fuck your brains out while you are passing through!
I guess the point I'm attempting to make here is this. This is not a miracle hook up place! While it is advertised as an adult dating and sex personals site it will not get you laid in your home town tonight! If you've haven't been having much luck in the real world where you can see and speak to a person on a personal level much faster than here what makes you think it will work better here? Besides when you really think about it on a deeper level, the person that would meet up with you in a day or so from here, and have sex with you, well they probably met up with many others that way too! So really what are you getting yourself into? How many partners have they met up with? What diseases are they possibly carrying? Or as I've heard it before don't pick up anything you don't want to take home! If meaningless, I don't know you or want to get to know you sex is what you are looking for........why are you really here? You can accomplish this same thing at the local adult book/movie store. Look around they are everywhere! I'm sure you can find someone in the parking lot more than willing to have that meaningless hookup you're after! You'll be just as safe with that stranger as you would be with one you just met here!
I guess what I'm really trying to say is it takes time to cultivate even a purely sexual relationship! It's called fuck "buddies" or "friends" with benefits for a reason! Usually this conotates that you have some type of relationship with this person. It might not be the loving long term type of relationship. But it is one of comfort and the knowledge of that person's likes and dislikes! Some of their history, you can't build this type of relationship in two or three weeks on here whining that you can't meet someone or advertising that you are passing through!
Now there is the point of the assholes that send hateful emails just because they can! If you read someone's profile and they aren't what you are looking for, what possesses you to email them that they should leave the site simply because they don't fit your perception of perfect for you? Yes there is a "networking" list that we women post your name on.......yes we tell every woman we know all about yes, the only screwing you will get from here is the one you just gave yourself!! Good luck to all in their quest, may each of you get exactly what you deserve!!

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Sep 17 @ 1:04AM  
What do you do when you are not wallowing in your own tirades?

Sep 17 @ 1:09AM  
Your right stormy, those who really need this will either not read it, or just put it down as bitching which is sad. The wanna fuck blogs dont work, and when people are nasty we do share that info as I am sure a man in Wisconsin is finding out right today. It just amazes me that people can be so idiotic, stupid, rude and nasty because they are hiding behind a computer screen yet i have to wonder how do they act in the real world? I bet not the same.

Sep 17 @ 1:09AM  
Hopefully she is posting more words of widsom !!!!

Sep 17 @ 1:11AM  
What do you do when you are not wallowing in your own tirades?

I'm out getting laid which is I'm guessing more than we can say for bitter old men like you!!

Sep 17 @ 1:13AM  
What do you do when you are not wallowing in your own tirades?
Now that's just uncalled for, pay attention and you may just learn something.



Sep 17 @ 1:31AM  
......asnet.. here's something for you.

Sep 17 @ 1:47AM  
NotoriousOne, I have deleted your comment. You are blocked and not allowed to comment on my blogs or to email me. Congratulations you are the first that I have ever done that way. But I absolutely refuse to have to explain something to you or apologize 6 fucking times and you not get it. I don't have the time or the give a damn to go through that again.

Sep 17 @ 2:31AM  
While I refuse to post or even attempt to post on a certain blog, nor will I ever post on any of an elderly man in NY blogs either, there is something the two of you should consider. As I stated when I'm not here joking with friends and trying to educate some of you on winning friends and influencing people, I'm out having sex, yep, that's right getting laid, having sex, making love. Something that both of you are trying to attain and seem to be having problems with.
Just a little something to think about

Sep 17 @ 2:54AM ya have REAL SEX??
ohh shit..i forgot thats what i'm here for ........
lemee think........hmmmm nope ..i dont tell .....hehehe ....but i aint been hangin here for a year....just to type

Sep 17 @ 7:20AM  
Ladybootscooter -

I like the way you think!

Keep up the GREAT work!!!!!

Sep 17 @ 7:44AM  
Love, peace and harmony! It is so much like going to Iraq without moving out from in front of your computer screen.

Now what can I say to elevate the firestorm from the synergy of converging blogs. Um, er, ah, I can't think of anything bad to say. Now, I am saddened because I don't fit in.

Sep 17 @ 7:54AM  
Kudos and diseases are one reason I stay the way I am.

Sep 17 @ 8:28AM  
Excellent blog

Sep 17 @ 8:29AM  
What do you do when you are not wallowing in your own tirades?

Dunno about Stormy but I kinda enjoy reading yours ... lol.

Sep 17 @ 9:01AM  
Some people don't even have to be put on a networking list of don't fucks.. they put themselves right out there for everyone to see.. I appreciate those kinds of people. Saves me time and research.

Sep 17 @ 9:03AM  
Psssst ... lil' squirrel, you're on my list of must fucks!

Sep 17 @ 9:30AM  
squeeeeee! Yay for me! I made a list... and it's not a hit list!

Sep 17 @ 10:17AM  
Some mornings i can come on here and the energy is so invigorating.

Friendly banter. Educational pieces. Another reason i like cyber space so much; all this drooling, and none of it gets on my shoes!! Which is WAAY better than they treat me at the adult book store. All kindsa stuff gets on your shoes there!!

Oh, & i left you one uh them slimy green thingies, to pass along to whomever is saving them this week.
Good blog.

Sep 18 @ 2:29AM  
Good info in the blog.

Sep 18 @ 4:00AM  
As stated on AMD front page:

That's right, put away your credit card! This site is truly free to make contact, flirt, connect, and get laid!

It's the word FREE that screws them up. If McDonalds put up a sign that said free cheeseburgers, you'd expect to go inside and get a free cheeseburger.
AMD does not promise you'll get laid....... they just say it's free if you do.

I know alot of this has been gone over repeatedly, yeah again and again
And before the week is over, somebody will be whining about it again, I'll bet.

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Meaningless Information