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posted 9/15/2007 10:49:38 AM |
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I have a question regading power in your relationship(s). We have addressed the subject of subs and Doms quiet alot here, but this one is a bit different.

I would like to know how controlling you would like your partner to be. Would you like for him to order your meal when you go out? Always be the driver?Pump the gas? Mow the lawn , maintain the vehicles ?Answer the door for you when he is home? Answer the phone? What about finances , major pruchases?

Fellas what expectations do you have from your female regarding every day decisions? How much is her opinion worth to you ? Are you a 50/50 or more like a 70/30 kinda fella?Are you opposed to domestic duties inside the house? How feminine would you like for her to be?

Dont be shy now come on spill it yall.

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Sep 15 @ 11:01AM  
Hmm interesting.. I want him to do the finances because I have a problem.. if I have money.. it's spendable. I am aware of this problem so I do need someone to control the cash. I refuse to mow the lawn because I'm allergic to grass pollen. Therefor I never learned how to operate one of those new fangled machines.. I can do the push mower but .. no thanks.. not worth the itching and wheezing afterwards. Anything else I can do for myself.. and I'm 'too independant'.

Sep 15 @ 11:03AM  
I am not opposed to domestic duties. I know how to do laundry. I fold towels almost every day. I would want to be in charge of my own finances and would not mind if she was in charge of hers. Driving (both) She can answer the phone. You know why on the phone. Major purchases should be decided by both. Her opinion will be worth a lot to me. Percentages, I just do not know. Maybe 60/40 in her favor.

Sep 15 @ 11:17AM  
I would want her to be very feminine,but I also would want her to be her own person, have her own opinions and not be afraid to express them. Good blog Maggie.

Sep 15 @ 11:20AM  
If you are seeking ladies and gentlemen, you came to the wrong place.

Sep 15 @ 11:30AM  
hey WoW

Sep 15 @ 11:32AM  
With live in girlfriends, we had a financial system that worked real well. We took a total of all of the housing expenses including groceries. We excluded cars, medical, personal care items, etc. We then totalled our combined take home pay. We divided the total income by the housing expense and it yielded a percentage, usually about 60 %. Then we put that percentage of our pay checks in to a mutual checking account. It saved a lot of squabbles as everyone had there own money. It was simple and fair. It was based upon a system my grandparents devised after they retired.
My ex wife did not like the idea though. She felt that marriage was not a business proposition. Ironically, she has remarried and they adopted the exact same system I spoke of in the first paragraph.

Sep 15 @ 11:32AM  
I'm with nacho baby! If I have money, it's spendable. So it would be great to turn the money responsibility over to the guy, providing he knows what he's doing! I think major purchases should be decided together, even if it's something that doesn't really affect me. It's just nice being included in the discussion. I have never minded inside chores. I find cleaning to be pretty theraputic. Doing laundry is ok, too.
I abhor yardwork, though (unless it's planting flowers), so I'd like him to be in charge of that. I don't mind being chauffered, but I like to drive, too. I can also pump my own gas. I do not like having to take the car in for maintenance, so I'd be happy to turn that little errand over to my guy. I've never really thought about the answering the door part- doesn't matter to me. I also know lots of guys who HATE the telephone. "I'll get it!" LOL
This was a great blog, mags!

Sep 15 @ 11:39AM  
This is an interesting topic, lets see if i can go down point by point with it

Would you like for him to order your meal when you go out? depends if i have told him what I want to have, makes no difference if he orders it for me or not.

Always be the driver? No, I own a 6 speed Camaro and I love to drive it. but that doesnt mean I would want to drive all the time.

Pump the gas? Nah, I can do that, but if my history repeats itself, I will just run the car low on gas and tell him its his turn to drive.

Mow the lawn , maintain the vehicles? I dont care if he does it or hires someone, I am not doing it. For many reasons. lol

Answer the door for you when he is home? Answer the phone? Whoever is the closest should do that.

What about finances , major pruchases? One person should be responsible for balancing checking acct and budgets, but all major purchases should be discussed prior to purchase.



Sep 15 @ 11:42AM  

Sep 15 @ 11:44AM  
If you are seeking ladies and gentlemen, you came to the wrong place.
Geez, Bruce, I consider you a gentleman but I have already been accused this morning I am not a Lady, but you cant judge the rest of the women on here by my standards.

Sep 15 @ 11:45AM  
If you are seeking ladies and gentlemen, you came to the wrong place.

Sorry Words that wasn't a very witty comment I am a lady! not a child and I have morales

Sep 15 @ 11:59AM  
My profile and essays touch on this a bit. Having been divorced since 1990 and been unsuccessful at finding happily ever after, I gave up on seeking a loving intimate relationship. Instead I opted for something different.

I am not worth a shit as a housemouse and after my daughter moved to Missouri a bit over a year ago, I realized that somehing needed to be done. I have three dogs and that was problematic when I traveled. This was noticed when I took of for a few days and a friend who volunteered to look in on them could not get in the house for fear of being attacked. He had to throw the dog food bag over the fence and put water in a bowl via the hose in the front yard.

I have had many platonic female roommates with verying success. I decided to get another one but with a twist, no rent in exchange for housekeeping and taking care of the dogs when I am away (they like women, distrust men).

I required platonic as I like simplicity and no drama as peace of mind is far more important that piece of ass.

I put an blog on here and regular MD. Nope, no go, no takers. I put an ad on Craigslist, bingo. In short, after a phone conversation, she came out from New York City (she has two daughters about 45 minutes from here), and has been here for 13 months.

Things are just dandy. She makes about as much as I do, but I pay the monthly bills. Now, as far as household chores, I don't do shit. She does all of the housekeeping, laundry, ironing, yard mowing, picking up of dog doo, cooking, takes out the trash and if I need anything, she will run to the store and get it.

It works for me. If I want to go out and don't come back till the next day, don't ask/don't say. I don't need love and romance to be fulfilled because the living is easy.

Sep 15 @ 12:27PM  
I am 50/50 in public and the usual day to day stuff......In private ( The Bedroom or anyplace available ) I like to be 90/10 me being 90 lol...I like a woman to be relaxed whatever way that works for her..I can do it all so domestic or whatever is no issue with me..

Sep 15 @ 12:34PM  
I have a different situation that the norm. My wife is in a wheelchair so I do the driving, shopping, gas, answer the door, and phone, since we never have one close. She orders her own meals and is able to oversee what I am doing is correct and timely. I have a house keeper for daily cleaning, a yardman for the outside, I take my car to a mechanic for maintenance. We share the finances, she pays the bills that needs a check and I pay the one paid on the Internet. We and 50/50 on major purchases we talk about it and then decide.
She is very feminine and know how to get what she wants.

Sep 15 @ 1:42PM  
I'll do the laundry,run the vacuum, pick up a little. Whatever's necessary. I'm a good cook, but lazy as hell.
I'm a gentleman, so i'll get the doors, hold the chairs, order for you in the restaurant, but you decide.
My feeling about my place in the economy is that i make enough to pay other people to do the jobs they're trained to do.
I'm better at making money, than saving it, so if she takes care of that part, i'll get anything else she needs me too.
Just sometimes takes me a little longer to care about it?

Sep 15 @ 1:59PM  
After reading Wordsofwit's last comment, I'd do the same in a heart beat. I could actually have some variation in my life, for a change!

The idea of finding someone for a serious relationship at this point in my life, is looking dismal at best! So, I would be happy with a lady living with me! Of course, if she hinted on having sex once in awhile, I certainly wouldn't turn it down. I always leave that up to the lady- if she is interested in sex, she'll let me know one way or another! I'm patient- not pushy!

So I guess during the interim, I'll just have to settle for a couple of retrievers- At least there'll be bodies with legs moving around besides mine along with some noise!

Maybe they'll attract a lady who cares about animals like I do! Speaking of which, being here for just three months now, I noticed I have a family of Peacocks and a couple of deer that are usually roaming around on my property at least three times a week. The deer munch on my crabapples that drop from the tree! That is so cool watching them, after living in an apartment for several years!

Just my 2¢ worth!


Sep 15 @ 2:14PM  
The actual ad..
Free Rooms For Housekeeping
Reply to: {email address removed}
Date: 2006-08-10, 9:11PM CDT

I am a 55 YO degreed professional white male smoker. As my daughter has moved to Missouri, I am seeking a platonic female to reside in my home rent free in exchange for housekeeping and caring for my three friendly loveable canine companions if I am gone occasionally. Will consider rent in lieu of housekeeping. I am real easy to get along with. I can provide references and you should also.
The 1,500 square foot brick home that I have resided in for 20 years is located in a safe, quiet, stable middle class neighborhood in north Irving near the airport, virtually in the middle of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. It features a fireplace and very nice kitchen including a new stove and dishwasher as well a pantry. It is comfortable but in need of TLC and a woman’s touch. Homes in this neighborhood rent for $1,300.00 per month.
You will have two bedrooms of about 10X10 each that are marginally furnished and you will have your own bathroom that also serves as the general bathroom facilities for guests. One of the bedrooms has a separate phone jack and is satellite ready including the box and would cost only five dollars a month. You will be expected to get her own phone and Internet connection.
You should have your own source of income and vehicle. No pets are preferred and no live in children will be considered.
I will not provide transportation to get here. Compatibility is very important. While it would be nice to be buddies or companions with shared interests, it is far more important that we not violate one another’s space.
The reasons that I am not charging any rent are that I want the housekeeping and related chores done without quibbling and to attract those who are most compatible. This is ideal for somebody that is feeling the squeeze from escalating rent, fuel, and utility costs.

Sep 15 @ 3:00PM  
Wow WoW that is an awesome ad! Wonder if I can do one will exchange housework for sex?????

Sep 16 @ 1:59AM  
I'm more like a 45/55 guy. I like a say on things,but easy to get along with on that matter. I love doing the lawn and take pride in the landscape. I wash dishes and laundry too. done vacuuming and dusting too. But I like doing the things on my time line and not being told the time they must be done by. Finances could be by a % basis. then each has their own spending monies.But the most important thing is communication on these matters.

Sep 16 @ 2:00AM  
Now I just have to find someone to share with (ha ha)

Sep 16 @ 5:36PM  
For me it would be minor stuff like her on top of me, biting, chewing, and sucking on me everywhere. That's about as far as I go with her dominating me.

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