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Please Jus let it go....

posted 9/13/2007 10:19:44 AM |
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Ok I don't know really anything about the situation, I really don't care to know anything about the situation. But for the love of whoever or whatever god you worship (or if you an athiest for the love of yourself) could ya'll let that Justin dead/not dead shit drop? I'm not takin sides, I really don't care who is right or wrong, who said or didn't say what.

Here is what I'm sayin, all ya'll find it somewhere in yaselves to be the bigger person and let that shit drop. As long as blogs keep gettin posted about it it ain't gonna drop.

And honestly if ya want you can talk down on me for postin this, but at least that will be more interestin than hearin more shit about some guy that may or may not have died.

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Sep 13 @ 10:58AM  
I will not approve and will delete any comments posted that continue to drag this issue out further.

Sep 13 @ 12:41PM  

Sep 13 @ 1:15PM  
I agree.Ever notice that the ones who claim to want their life "drama-free" are the biggest orchestrators of drama themselves? If people cant keep shit going here,then this place is boring to them,hence, "trolls". Not saying that most members are drama-queens,but some do fan the flames.

Sep 13 @ 1:33PM  
THan how about you pull your blog and quit adding fuel to the fire.

Sep 13 @ 2:06PM  
That is a very legitimate question. My answer is because I needed to. Nobody else had steped up to express this viewpoint and the discussion was bein dominated by people who are personally involved in one way or another. I tried to give the situation some days to die down on its own, but after so many days of reading blogs on the same tired subject I don't believe it would.

I can honestly say that it was effecting my ability to enjoy this site. I don't know any one involved on either side of the situation and I think I represent a large but silent group of members that feel the same way.

I also don't believe I am addin fuel to the fire that is why I was very careful not to say anything that could be misunderstood as me taking one side over the other. I believe I am just standing in for the voice of reason in this situation.

That said everyone is entitled to their opinion, I jus don't wanna hear everyones opinion on a subject I have zero interest in rehashed in the blogs over and over. I'm against animal cruelty so can we please stop beatin that horse?

Sep 13 @ 2:58PM  
I can only speak for myself in saying that I am fucking sick of hearing about it. If something is dead, bury it or it will continue to stink.

Sep 13 @ 4:38PM  
My mouse clicks three click to open a blog, one click to close a clicks to not respond.....just because it is posted doesn't mean i have to read it......but, then, that's just me

Sep 13 @ 4:40PM  
Yes, indeed, now if the email snipings will desist I will as well. It's not just on the surface youngin.. it's everywhere.

Sep 13 @ 4:49PM  
Ok straightup that is a valid point. I could jus close the blogs I don't like. The only response I have to that is that readin and writin blogs is damn near the best parta this site, so here is the problem, smoe of my favorite blog writers seem to be obsessed with this issue and want to blog about nothin else.

Nacho I understand there is a lot behind the scenes in this situation, but that doesn't effect me. I haven't emailed anyone askin for details or had anybody email me any details. What goes on in private emails doesn't effect me, jus like what goes on in peoples bedrooms doesn't effect me. When things begin to effect me I'm let everybody know, but thats jus how I am.

Sep 13 @ 5:03PM  
Seemed like it had all died down until this blog......straightup

Sep 13 @ 6:33PM  
Sure am glad that I have no idea what the hell you're all talking about

Sep 13 @ 7:27PM  
Yep I like you .

Sep 14 @ 3:25AM  
Good blog!

Sep 14 @ 8:59AM  
I am fucking sick of hearing

OH MY Bruce said the F-word, I'm Telling on him.

Bad Bruce Bad Bad Bruce.

Sep 14 @ 7:07PM  
It is the craziest story or scam perpetrated on this site and still not completely solved as how many were in on it, but perhaps it's time to let it fade away......Unless there is something new!

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Please Jus let it go....