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AMD Statistics...A Mystery?

posted 9/12/2007 6:48:15 AM |
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As you may, or most likely don't know, I am what I would consider an average guy. I'm 23, finishing up college at a nice school in Chicago, IL, about 5'11" and on the slim side, am conscious of good hygiene and grooming, have enough fashion sense to get by, can watch a Cubs game every now and then, enjoy hanging out with friends, and can appreciate good music and a tasty micro-brewed beer. Personality wise: I'm open to trying new things, have a goofy/witty sense of humor, am extremely patient, and generally a very thoughtful and caring well as a tad lazy at times, a bit insecure about what others think of me, a little unsure what my career path is in life, and even a bit silly to be afraid of spiders. I've made some good and bad choices in life. In general, I make friends easy, get a girl to blush with some charm, and have been told I'm decently good looking. Where is all this going, you ask?

Well...I took the time tonight to check my AMD account that I've come to rarely remember or even care about. I already knew before signing in that I would have no new mail, messages, bulletins, gifts, winks, etc etc whatever. Sure enough, my predictions were correct. Before your explanations for such surface, know that I realize life is what you make it. One cannot wait for others to take the first step. I have to actively pursue my ambitions. However, this led me to ask myself...what are the statistics of a site like AMD? What's the ratio of women to men? How many people can say they've ever actually met someone in person from AMD or achieved any of their "desires" listed on their profiles? How can an average guy like myself, sit down and send out maybe a dozen personalized, friendly (not sexy or creepy) messages to girls and come back in several months to still find an empty "new mail" box? Do my messages get deleted in the hundreds of others sent from creepy "penis pictured" profiles? Am I too young? Would I have better luck in a local bar despite my unpredictable shyness? I bet that almost every woman on AMD gets enough mail to never have to send out "the first message". Why has no woman browsed the AMD profiles, found mine, and thought to message me anything? Really? How many thousands of women are on this site? This is Chicago, for Pete's sake!

So...if you have any statistics about AMD, situation similarities, or any personal advice/theories as to my predicament please feel free to share them. I have my own theoretical solutions, but I'm curious about yours. Thanks and have a Happy Hump day.

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Sep 12 @ 6:54AM  
First off, are comments are automatically approved?

Sep 12 @ 6:57AM  
Sure. Why not? Any and all comments are welcome.

Sep 12 @ 7:12AM  
You will probably get quite a few respones to this in the form of commentary and posting/commenting on blogs is the best way to become acquainted with people. Many people really do meet and procede from there. Some quick observations and statistics:

Based upon who is online at any given time, men out number women five to one.

Most of women on here that are active and "real" are over 40 YO.

Most of these women are large.

Conversely, the evidence suggests that the majority of female profiles indicating under 30 YO that are good looking and well built are fakes.

I just made this observation within the last week on a similar inquiry to yours. While are demographics, notably age are vastly different, the principle still applies. I ran a search of all active women within ten miles of me that had been o this site in the past month between 45 and 60 that had slim, average, athletic or curvey body types. Zero, nil, nada. I live in the middle of the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex with over a million and a half people living within ten miles of me.

Now my situation is different as I graduated college when Carter was prez, but if my memory serves me well, the last I problem I had in college was meeting good looking women.

Sep 12 @ 7:36AM  
WOW...ten miles is a pretty small radius...and BTW... i am admittedly over 40, but not large...

Sep 12 @ 8:05AM  
How many people can say they've ever actually met someone in person from AMD

I have actively met many people via AMD...alive and in person...if I were to hazard a guess, it would be at least 20+ from here...some, because we became friends because of this site and, yes, some because of the sexual nature of this site. I am currently living with a guy I met on this site.

Am I too young?

I don't think I can really answer this because the people I associate with on here are closer in age to me. Many of them have experienced 'success' on this site. Is it because I associate with people in a particular age group or because this age group is the one that has the most success on this site? I don't really have an answer for that.

However, I do know that you have met someone from this site. And nice to see you back.

Sep 12 @ 9:08AM  
I'd be one of those fat over 40's that WoW so elegantly described. I've met and am marrying a man I met on the site.

Sep 12 @ 9:51AM  
I remember some time ago someone did several searches with "statistics" on women to men ratios in his area. It was some time ago and I do not remember the outcome, perhaps because I am female... In any case, you are correct and don't be shy. Be persistant!!

Sep 12 @ 10:42AM  
Most of these women are large.
Yep, Bruce, but didnt you yourself point out us fatties are smarter than the average bear.

I agree with the comments made about getting yourself known, The blogs and forums are a great way to do that, it gets you out there and you meet people and learn who they are and they get to know you.

There has been a lot of connections made here, some I'm sure just for sex-but that was all they were looking for, and some for LTR's as that is what they were looking for.

Good luck in your quest.

Sep 12 @ 1:46PM  
We're in the same boat cheerio. I took the advice about the blogging and it still hasn't helped. I don't think this community really caters to people in our age range. Hell they even complain about us being here quite often.

Sep 12 @ 6:59PM  
Count your blessings.
The sites I was on before amd were Penpal City and Cockteaseropolis.
There's a bit of an ingroup here. A fairly benign ingroup.
A barracuda once in awhile. As in Life.


Sep 12 @ 10:33PM  
Thank you all for your input. I will see what I can muster up then. : D

Sep 13 @ 5:47AM  
Here is my two cents worth.In my view i think that you would meet more women, by doing it the old fashioned way, by getting out and doing it, the way our parents and granparents did.Going to places like Museums, the movies, sporting events and other social functions , are supposed to be great places to meet others.In my view online sites like this one are great for chatting, erotic email / chatting, cyber sex etc. mostly for just getting off.On online sites you never know who you are actually communicatng with, the photos posted may not be that persons real photos , there are ways of obtaining photos from different sources, and even if you talk on the phone voices can be altered , there are devices avaliable to change your voice from male to female and vice versa.You may contact or be contacted by someone, and communicate for days, weeks , even months and not know that the person is not really who they state or appear to be.Also i think the majority of people e very careful and with the threat of incurable STDS like HIV / AIDS , Hepatitis C ( treatable STDS are becoming drug resistant) and the actual dangers of meeting someone you do not know well, ( You do not now if they have alterior motives or malice in mind ), i think most people , just enjoy online fun as oppossed to physical face to face meetings, and it is safer than actual physical meetings.When you meet others at bars, clubs movies and other public places , you see immeadiately what they actually look like, and can tell if you are interested, online like i said you never truly know , if the photos are real, or old photos, so you may waste lots of time if you are looking for physical meetings.In addition meeting in the real world as opposed to nline you can truly get to know soomeone if you choose to, here you are flying blindly and going on faith and trust both of which must be earned over time.Another option may be having friends introduce you to friends , you stated that you are attending college , attending functions may be a way you will meet women.There are women out there who are looking for a man like you, finding them , can take time.But in time you will find them, or they wil find you.THanks for your time and for reading this.I wish you the best of luck in your eaducaton, and in all aspects of your life.Best of luck.Be careful and take care.Peace and God bless.In closing there are a succes stories on these sites, but i think they are the exception and not the rule.Just do a search in your area , and the majority of profiles you see will probably have not loggged in here in over three months, that tells you that people are not coming back, because they are not finding what they were looking for , if they were , they would stick around.Some people do fear rejection, and it happens to everyone from time to time, but you have to take chances in life , otherwise lif will pass you by , than one day you look back with regret.Kudos on your honesty and blog.

Sep 13 @ 11:11PM  
I have to ask, what has been your experience on this site in the past?

Mine has been to meet men and have relationships that i don't regret in any way. I recently returned to Illinois from a trip to Idaho to meet someone from this site (it was a little over a 3 month trip), and returned with a "gift" i'll have and cherish for the rest of my life.

The others are right, you get out what you put in. So in essence you decide what you want from this site.

As a side note, i've also met and made friends with several of the women on this site, and although we don't talk as much as we used to we are there for each other if needed.

Sep 18 @ 10:56AM  
I have been lucky enough to meet an incredible woman from this in person and we had a wonderful time together. But in a way, it seemed like such a one time, random thing. I'm always curious what it would be like to be bombarded with inquiries from women! haha In a way that actually sounds funny, since we all know it's the complete opposite of what really happens. Kinda like...why do women always have the option to pick from hundreds of willing men while men have difficulty finding one woman out of thousands who can stand them?! haha Well, there's what I know, and what would be fun. I know you have to really butter a woman up to gain any trust to get physical with her, but it would be fun to meet a girl that's as equally a horndog as myself. hahaha But then if she is easy she might be easy with EVERYONE meaning she could be a mess you might regret. So I dunno. Life is just funny. :D

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AMD Statistics...A Mystery?