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posted 9/11/2007 10:29:20 PM |
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This is to all of the smokers out there in AMD land. I know that cigarettes are insanely expensive now. I had a few cigarettes back when I was in college but never got hooked. My biggest turn-off was the smell. I also knew of course that it was bad for my health. Funny enough, every once in a while I find myself wanting to smoke and I have no idea why. Are you as a smoker concerned about your health? Are you trying to quit and just having a hard time? What kind of cigarettes are you smoking? I always thought that maybe if I just smoked a light cigarette it wouldn't be so bad for me. Maybe if I just smoked a lil' bit it wouldn't be so bad for me. Maybe if it smelled better if wouldn't bother me so much. Let me know what you think.

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Sep 11 @ 10:35PM  
Don't do it honey

Sep 11 @ 10:35PM  
My doctor asked me, "When are you going to stop smoking?"
"About 45 minutes after the crematorium is shut down."

Sep 11 @ 10:36PM  
Great sex, well take that craving away. [e30

Sep 11 @ 10:41PM  
I smoked for 22 years....I quit about 4 years ago after a 2 day stay at the hospital due to a nasty bronchitis attack. Not being able to breathe was one hell of a wake up call for me....the cigs were NOT worth it.

If you don't smoke...don't isn't worth it.

That's my 2 cents worth.


Sep 11 @ 10:43PM  
My doctor asked me, "When are you going to stop smoking?"
"About 45 minutes after the crematorium is shut down."

Sweet... don't start, hard to quit once you get used to it, and the craving never goes away. It's been years since I smoked but I still want one every now and then. Usually when I have a beer in my hand.

Sep 11 @ 10:56PM  
I guess I am the minority. I quit smoking 2 1/2 yrs ago and had been a heavy smoker prior to quitting. I really did not have a hard time stopping, and I never want one anymore.... I definately wouldn't recommend smoking to anyone though!

Sep 11 @ 11:04PM  
i quit nearly 15 years ago and i NEVER want to quit again...dont start!

Sep 11 @ 11:10PM  
Just like everyone else has said, don't smoke.

I have smoke for about 25 years, never heavy, but about a pack a day. I started in the Army when they would let smokers stop for a smoke but forced everyone else to keep running, so, rocket scientists that we were, we all started smoking (pretty dumb reason). I have tried to quit for about 10 years. I no longer smoke inside, or in the car. Since smokers as a percentage of the population continues to decline, I feel an outcast in most groups.

Stopping is one of the hardest things to do. It has been proven that there is equal harm in light cigarettes as there is in regular ones. But, between trying to be cool like the "Marlboro Man" from years ago and the cravings that Phillip Morris instills in the cigarettes and tinkers with to insure we stay paying customers, it has caused some health problems like more frequent migraines, repeated sinus infections, problems with lung capacities, etc. Now, I still can run a mile in 5:30 minutes, but I couldn't run the second one.

The last issue is the long term effects. My father stopped smoking when he was 46. He passed this spring at 73 from emphysema and congestive heart failure, both linked to the addiction he quick 26 years before. Visiting him in the hospital, tugging around his oxygen tank and seeing others just like him, intensified my efforts to quick. I am down to 10 ciggy's a day and slowly cutting another out every 2 weeks.

I am sorry if this sounds too much like I am on a soap box, but if you have a choice, don't start. And you always have a choice early on. And yes, $75-$100/month not spent translates into at least one nice dinner with a lady that I hope to find.

Just my $.03, as it was too long to be $.02. LOL

Sep 11 @ 11:13PM  
Smoking is addictive for most people, and a difficult habit to break. I have smoked a few packs but that's all, and never became addicted to it. I have been offered a cigarrette once in a while and smoke one or two but it really doesn't do anything for me. Usually this is while drinking some brews, which also happens rarely. I guess I'm lucky that I haven't got addicted to anything worse than AMD.

Sep 11 @ 11:31PM  
I'm filthy and dirty and I have the habits to match........

Sep 11 @ 11:34PM  
well everywhere you here in public places and all over you cant smoke here. well thats fine and i respect a person right not to smoke. But i smoke but its a habbit tha i just cant quit because of my nerves. But thats not what gripes me the most its the fact that cities dont want you to smoke any where but yet they still want to sell the cigaretts and get the tax money off them. I think thats wrong. I dont think they should be allowed toeven sell cigarette or any tobacco product in their city and collect taxes on them. They dont want you to smoke in there city they shouldnt be allowed to sell them. Get behind me tobbacco companys refuse to sell to these cities. Hell well buy them where we are allowed to smoke

Sep 11 @ 11:34PM  
I gave up smokin......but I started masturbating when I go to restaurants......I just ask for the maturbation section

Sep 11 @ 11:38PM  
now when I go to restaurants......I just ask for the maturbation section

Damn.. nobody told me I could sit there.

Sep 11 @ 11:50PM  
i have been a smoker for 26 yrs. I have tried everything to quit. I was about a pak n half a day smoker, now i am at less than a pak a day. I dont smoke in the house or in my truck, so i dont smell like smoke. I wouldnt want the smell of smoke on my childrens clothes or them breathing it in. I have said...i will quit smoking the day i die..i promise!

Sep 11 @ 11:59PM  

I gave up smokin......but I started masturbating when I go to restaurants......I just ask for the maturbation section


Sep 12 @ 12:05AM  
I hate to admit it but I smoke..I watched my grandma lose her life because of it. She was in the hospital one time and the nurse said to me. You should see how black her lungs are from smoking. I said show me. I thought maybe it would give me the incentive to quit. She didn't show me. I watched my grandma on a lung machine..She almost died. She did pass away from emphazima. COPD.
She quit smoking for 4 years before she passed away but by the then damage was done.

It is a very expensive habit. A habit I can't seem to kick.

Sep 12 @ 12:06AM  
Nice thread!

I like 4-5 of the daily smokes I have --the rest are merely 'connector' smokes.

Yes, I do worry about my health and...yes, I too have lost folks to it. Dang, one would think that was enough to put 'em down for good! I've tried zyban, patches, chantix and lately hypnosis ...... I'm curious about the new breath laser thingie, anyone have any experience?

Nice to be asked this stuff without being made to feel like a loser for doing it (well, maybe you're rolling your eyes --but I can't see ya, teehee).

Only place left to smoke in MN is in your car imagine folks driving around aimlessly here just to light up

If they still make candy cigs, get hooked on them --yea, I know that's fattening, still better than formaldehyde, CO, tar and nic.

thanx sweet!!

Sep 12 @ 12:32AM  
I started at an early age.

But I am with Wordsofwit, I'll quit right after they pour my ashes in the urn.

Sep 12 @ 1:00AM  
i could let you use my breathing machine n then you might think better of it.........or you can just not smoke........

Sep 12 @ 1:37AM  
Reformed smoker here. But I only smoked for about a year & a half to 2 years. Also drank too much coffee back then. Woke up one morning with a seriously nasty film from them in my mouth (and, yes, I brushed my teeth before going to sleep) and decided then and there to quit smoking. I pretty much laid off the coffee too. I'll still drink coffee now and again but not a pot at a time like then. And I never have the compulsion to fire up a tar stick of death any more.

Sep 12 @ 2:03AM  
I smoked for 24 years then about 5 years ago i laid them down. I found foo taste better and i have better health. I still have cravings for them but refuse to pick up the habit. Kind of like lays chips cannot just stop at one, and at over 3 bucks a pack they are not worth it. Some times being a quitter is a good thing...

Sep 12 @ 2:12AM  
Don't smoke! I have been trying to get Kim to stpo. At least she's a very light smoker. But it doesn't change the fact that I want her to stop.

Sep 12 @ 3:05AM  
Honestly what i say at the end of this may sound childish but it is the simplist way to put it

Fuck the cigarettes we found weed ^_^

Sep 12 @ 7:29AM  
Yeah I smoke, I'm probably the dumbest smoker ever too. I started when I was 25 and am 29 now. I smoke newports. Like everybody else said don't start. If for no other reason the the price don't start.

Sep 12 @ 7:30AM  
may sound childish
hmmmm.....childish maybe.....stupid definitely.....

Sep 12 @ 9:17AM  
This is day 18. I had a relapse on day 13 (last Friday), smoked two of a coworkers menthols and even they tasted good! So I stopped and bought a pack of my own brand on the way home from work and smoked most of them Saturday and Sunday. Monday morning it was right back to no smoking again. I am 44 and have smoked for 33 yrs! I remember saying when they got to .75 a pack that was it, I was quitting. Well that didn't work out.......So please, if you don't, don't start!

Sep 12 @ 9:58AM  
I just buy the patches cause I can get a good nicotine buzz off 'em. No smell either although they don't taste all that good.

Sep 12 @ 10:31AM  
A pack a day of camels, and when I do go out; a couple of shots of wild turkey.

Sep 12 @ 11:37AM  
hmmm smokers

have you ever kissed an ash tray?

get the idea

too gross

Sep 12 @ 5:02PM  
I used to smoke, but gave it up for health reasons..... like there would be any other reason .... but I tell ya I still like the taste of smoke on "his" lips . It in no way makes me think of an ashtray...

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