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Ok lets start a fire

posted 9/11/2007 2:17:46 PM |
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Ok I know most of the time people on here stay away from topics that cause any controversy. But fuck that I'm bored and work is slow, so lets start a fire damnit.

I have been on this site a lil while (I don't know somewhere between a week and a month) and in all honesty I frequently check the female users on line. (I know I'm sexist, but shit honestly I jus really ain't tryin to make any guy friends on here) A couple of times as I have been scrollin through I have found people who are not really women. I didn't write them and they tell me later that they weren't women, they stated it right in their profile.

Now first off I appreciate their honesty because I would have been really fuckin upset if I would have been talkin to them and then found out. Second it makes me wonder if there are others on here that are the same way, they jus don't tell you in their profile. Third I think it would benefit us all if we set up maybe more than 2 gender settings or prefernce settings to distinguish between the different kinda people we have on here. I'm from ATL and I can tell you from livin here that transgender/gay/alternative people aren't goin anywhere so maybe we need to set up better ground rules to avoid unwanted problems.

What do ya think? I think when I'm lookin for women, that there shouldn't be any men dressed in womens clothes that pull up in the search, or any men that have had their dick cut off pullin up either. Don't get me wrong, I'm not sayin its wrong for them to do that, (I really don't give a fuck what they do as long as it doesn't involve me) I'm jus sayin that when I look for women, everyone that pulls up should be a woman. Whats your opinion?

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Sep 11 @ 2:56PM  
It all has to do with exposure....and gender selection is user controlled....even if you had 30 gender options, it wouldn't stop them clicking "female"...causing their profile to be pulled up by almost every guy on here....And to be honest about it, these sites have been around for many years, and if clicking "female" didn't work for them, it would have stopped by now.

Sep 11 @ 2:59PM  
You know they also need to add a category for couples as well! Goog blog!

Sep 11 @ 3:15PM  
I agree with straightup. There are simply way too many choices to be able to make classifications.

For example:

Even with the combinations of,

1) Born male/Born female
2) Living as male/Living as female
3) Gender reassignment/No gender reassignment
4) Gay/Bisexual/Straight
5) Butch/Femme
6) "Passable" (appears as gender living as)/"Non-Passable"

that still makes for a total of 96 different combinations of "gender". That doesn't even begin to cover what that person is looking for in a mate. I look at it this way: it's up to people to define their own relationships. The moment you start slapping labels onto something then you're asking for trouble.

Sep 11 @ 3:32PM  
Ok Dominus, I'm not tryin to be a jackass with ya on this next statement, jus playin a lil devils advocate here. So should we get rid of gender altogether and jus look through all profiles with no divisions? Gender itself is a label so the label has already been slapped on, I'm jus not satisfied with the divisions set up now and want some reclassifications, subdivisions, or somethin.

Sep 11 @ 3:36PM  
I agree with Dominus living in NYC you see all kinds of so called gender benders but you learn to accept people as they are at heart

The moment you start with labels is the moment you should ask what label do i fall into not just genderwise but in all areas of your life

Sep 11 @ 3:49PM  
I understand where Nu's coming from. I don't think it's meant to label people, I for one don't label people. What you do in your life is none of my business. But when people are looking for someone it narrows it down. Hell you can already search pretty much by everything else, weight, geographical area, height, relationship status, education, race... why not lifestyle choice. I don't honestly know that it would make a big difference but who knows.

Sep 11 @ 4:04PM  
My Thoughts About This

lori478 should check Brooke Shields lookalike.
I have more of a problem with gargoyles and witches than with complex gender.
Then there is the issue of likes/dislikes/baseball.
I could handle a trannie who likes baseball.
I'm not looking for guys either.
But then again I wasn't looking for this site,
with all the fabulous stream-of-consciousness whackos on it.
Maybe you are on the wrong site.
Maybe you should go to
OK ladies:
1,2,3 FIRE!


Sep 11 @ 5:10PM  
How about just one more choice then
a) Male

b) Female

c) none of the above or "other"


Sep 11 @ 6:58PM  
I think the classification should be made availible for those who
don't feel they want to be clumped in solely a male or female gender.
I also am against steriotypical labeling, however, Is giving someone
the option to admit who they are as a person labeling? We are all put
in a positon every day of our lives where we are classified from our
jobs to where we live, how we act, or what income we make. I think it
is our fear of labeling which sometimes makes us overanalize what it is
that is being stated. All in all, I think everyone should be able
to search for the gender they are interested in without complication.

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Ok lets start a fire