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younger men thinking they can match older womans fantasy

posted 9/10/2007 9:58:17 PM |
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tagged: olderwomen, youngermen

Am curious....Jeez I don't wanna feed it to you...
I give part of script....come on me why I should give it up to...
Conquer me with your words, wear me down with your creativity...

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younger men thinking they can match older womans fantasy
writing erotica & finding good writing partner


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Sep 10 @ 10:38PM  
Depends on your definition of older women i am a younger man and i fantacize about older women so my desire for them matches their desire for fantasies.

Sep 10 @ 10:42PM  
Whats older mean to you i make em feel young again

Sep 11 @ 1:51AM  
Yeah, ru wanting young cock i can give it to u doesn't seem to cut it for me either. Sheesh. They can't even bother to capitolize or use puncuation let alone complete words. I figure they can't perform either.

Sep 11 @ 6:45AM  
i notice your into writing erotica.....sounds great and all but, the computer age has been around for everyone to own a computer now for the past 10 yrs at least....i personally have owned a computer for the past 17 yrs.....and yet when i first got online back in the day when it was only windows 95 or better yet windows 3.1 with dial up connection only at 14.8 i surfed the internet, chatted, cyber' name it and i did it.....but, after a year or 2 of doing that... it got old very came the getting naked and freaky on cam...that lasted about 6 old very quick....i guess there's nothing like the actual human touch of a for myself i'm not into writing erotica or cybering for that matter....i'm actually looking to meet "IRL" and go out have dinner and have a good time...i prefer older women because of maturity....most older women are not into the bars and clubs and playing games.....there are a few other reasons as well but, i'll keep it short for now.....

Sep 11 @ 9:24AM  
What I am about to say is gonna piss a LOT of people off...

Younger men who go after older Women...(sigh...)...There is no great mystery...There is no complicated psychological reasoning.......There is only the basic urge for sex without commitment and/or consequences.
Men even have a "saying" about it...
"They never yell..."
"They never tell..."
"They never swell..."
"And they're grateful as HELL!..."
So, are they really interested in fulfilling your fantasy?...absolutely NOT!!!
Now, that is not to say that your fantasy won't be fulfilled....It simply means that it is not the young man's goal.

For those of you who are going to get angry and say "I'm different, that's not me, etc, etc..."......You are full of crap, which can be easily proven.
Ladies, when was the last time a younger man approached you from the standpoint of wanting to get to know you, take you out on a date, walk in the park, drive in the country, introduce you to their friends, meet their parents...WITHOUT any sex involved?...After all, this is the way they treat women in their own age why would they treat you differently?

There is my rant for the last thing I will say is I am not concerned about the age difference between any two long as they are consenting adults....just don't look for any underlying reasons other than the basic sex drive.


Sep 11 @ 9:29AM  
How about the least famous last words in my opinion "I love older women" don't they realize that we have heard that a million times before

Sep 11 @ 11:45AM  
here's the thing: we women may be older.but not desperate.
We have expertise in certain things about the male anatomy.
We would also like to have men have expertise in certain things about
our anatomy...We are not "grateful" that these younger men deign to take us
out... younger men seem to wanna bag an older babe for a certain prestige.
I get hit on alll the time on this website as well a couple others cuz I am petite & have red hair....It's never just for the date...They want sex...Nothing wrong with that, but if they can't spell it or say it what is they wanna do to me...perhaps they don't know how to do it...I am not a school teacher....

Sep 11 @ 2:21PM  
yeah what phallicworship57 said!

Sep 11 @ 2:36PM  
some of these reply posts are a bit funny and untrue.....well, oldest i have dated is 59.....we dated for about 3 was sexual from the start because that is what she wanted....i wanted more than just that...i wanted a relationship...she may have been 59 but, she looked and acted like she was in her 30' parents have met her and know her and my grandparents know her too and have met her.....and this was back when i was 24 yrs old....and we're still good friends today.....i wanted more of a relationship and she did, we remain friends and talk every once in awhile and she invites me to her new yrs eve party every ex girlfriend that i dated for over a year ...she's 46 yrs old.....she met both my parents and my mom really liked her......and yes, i do enjoy showing and introducing the woman i am with to my parents and family and friends....i also enjoy taking drives and going to the beach and so forth......i guess it depends on the person rather than the persons age....some younger men are more mature than most older men.....i've personally seen men in there 40's and 50's play the field and treat women with, it's not really all about's about the person you are they are and how they treat you....

Sep 11 @ 9:28PM  
I am glad others have joined in...It does depend on the person. I've no photo on this site or any other as for the most part wish to remain "anonymous"
Yes we older women are more experienced, but a 20 year old has for the most part not enuf experience for "older women"... I am 49 but act & feel as if I am 29-30. But I have studied a great deal about human sexual behaviour. I know there are rare instances where due to circumstances, that a man in his 20's might be able to "reach" me. Emotional maturity counts for a lot....20-30 year old men in my experience don't have what it takes...last guy I dated was 30. Still has issues he has yet to deal with..I ain't his mommy...altho, she is same age as I am... LOL

I want a man who knows how to touch as well as reach my intellect. Few men
20-30 are that mature. That is my point..."I like older women"...Perhaps I am the exception. I am not matierialistic nor am I above being simply base in my needs.

I am looking for a man who is mature emotionally & the " I like older women" crap
doesn't fly with me....Last bf oldest gf was 40... LOL I have 10 yrs on her...

Just wanted to splain my blog


Sep 13 @ 6:14PM the older women story used that much?

Sep 14 @ 6:14PM is used QUITE A BIT...

but after getting some emails...I understand why some younger men like older women...SOME...

We don't play the games our younger sistahs do, we know what we like & what we don't like...We are not nearly as matierialistic as the younger gurlz & we know what it takes to please a man... We should be, & hopefully are at this stage in our lives, are comfortable with who we well as who we are not....

One of my best friends told me years ago, that men just like to know women like/love sex & lovemaking....A lot of men who come on to me as well as other women on this site, are married...That will topic of a different blog... I want a man in my bed not a boy... I've not had that many men, but I've been married & I've studied many aspects of human sexuality...

We have borne the burdens of our lives & know that with the bitter comes the sweet... I love men, hence the nom de plume I chose...

We are or at should be adults here...

I confess, I do like younger men...but late 30's -40's... I am not into fussy men
which at my age seems to be what they are....for the most part...

So... next round please...

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younger men thinking they can match older womans fantasy