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To shave or not to shave her pubic hair. =)

posted 9/9/2007 8:25:13 PM |
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tagged: pussy, kinky, straddle

Okay guys, should Kim let me shave her pubic hair off? I think it's only fair that if she wants to comb my hair that I get to shave her pubic hair off. Right now she won't let me do that, but I think it would be cool do shave her. Ladies, would you let your lover shave you? Guys, would you want to shave her down below?

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Sep 9 @ 8:33PM  
Personally I would let my lover shave me. I find it very much a turn on to have it done.

Sep 9 @ 8:35PM  
A RAZOR and A COMB are two different instruments!!! They aren't even comparable!

Shawn, What are you thinking?? By her combing your hair, you will lose nothing, nor will you BLEED!!! By you taking a razor and shaving her, all kinds of things could happen!!

By the way, I did let my Ex-Hubby shave me once and I was scared to death the whole time....I just kept praying he didn't cut me!!!

Sep 9 @ 8:37PM  
Well, it all comes down to tit for tat. If she wants to comb my hair bad enough she will let me shave her pubic hair off for her.

Sep 9 @ 8:39PM  
Shawn, there is a razor on the market called intuition, that actually has a bar of soap around blade to prevent mishaps!! I know this because I use it all the time Would I let my guy shave me, well I can't imagine why not if he wanted to, as I said with the shaver I mentioned I wouldnt be nervous about it.

But in all fairness to Kim, I think if it comes to shaving she should get to shave your private areas if you shave hers, and I am sure she would let you comb her hair.

Sep 9 @ 8:47PM  
The razors that I use are the Schick ST ones. For the most part those are safe enough and I shouldn't have a mishap with these kinds. Also, even though Kim has short hair right now, she is pretty fussy about her hair too. I don't want to comb her hair like I want to shave her pubic hair.

Sep 9 @ 9:00PM  
A RAZOR and A COMB are two different instruments!!! They aren't even comparable!


Besides there isn't any pubic hair for you to shave off anyway
Its already gone

And not that you have ever asked but I would let you comb my hair

Sep 9 @ 9:01PM  
Please make sure you use shaving cream. I don't to take my beard of my neck. By the way, can anyone tell me how does one use anything else but an electric razor on a man's genitals?

Sep 9 @ 9:03PM  
But whenever it has been time to shave you know that I would love to do it. Besides, you know I'm a great shaver, and I'm very careful, so there would be no mishaps.


Looks like it's going to be the battle of the sexes here.

Sep 9 @ 9:14PM  
Kim, you ought to let him. There is nothing more sensuous than smooth on smooth and I cannot think of anything more intimate. Just give yourself several uninterrupted hours to explore, coodle, and reward in the new revelations!

Sep 9 @ 9:19PM  
I have let one of my ex boyfriends shave me down there, he loved it and he was extra gentle and careful, i think its all fair! Go for it kim!

Sep 9 @ 9:20PM  
oh my gawd...tried shaving my pubs and almost cut my dinky off...not to mention the cuts on the wrinkle bag....for gawds sake be careful....

Sep 9 @ 9:25PM  
i do it often its like foreplay all the gentle massageing and tension required to do a good job its arousing for both parties so i say get er done. and afterward the reward is worth it i'll spend all day down there to be sure it was worth it.

Sep 9 @ 9:39PM  
I have seen the cuts and nicks he gives himself shaving

So the answer is still NO


Sep 9 @ 9:46PM  
Oh sure, I nicked myself a little earlier in the week because I was rushing. How many times have I nicked myself since you have been here since March, maybe twice, no more than a few times. I would be gentle while shaving you, and I would do a great job with no cuts or nicks involved. So far most people here think you should let me.

Sep 9 @ 9:53PM  
hummm interesting dilemma does she or does she not???

Sep 9 @ 10:00PM  
Well, having chatted with both of you, it's going to be a damned if I do and damned if I don't kinda thing voicing my opinion! Having said that, I can't think of anything more intimate and pleasurable than a little mutual shaving party!


Sep 9 @ 10:09PM  
I cant let it grow out so you could shave it
You complain when it gets to scratchy

Sep 9 @ 10:42PM  
I think a fair trade would be that you shave eachother and comb your own hair
Or your could comb eachothers hair and shave your own pubs.

Or you could shave eachothers heads and comb your own pubs.

Sep 10 @ 12:26AM  
Don't let him near you with a shaver of any kind..Let me know what time he is going to be there. I will sit on him while you brush out his hair.

I love when I have my hair brushed my a man. Or a man to play with my hair(on the head)

Sep 10 @ 4:12PM  
I love being shaved, it's great foreplay!

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To shave or not to shave her pubic hair. =)