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A rather odd queary...

posted 9/8/2007 5:46:21 PM |
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  DesertSmile the course of a recent email convesation a subject arose which I am almost ashamed to mention. That is, has anyone actually fallen asleep while engaged in the act of love making? I mean the actual act...down and dirty and one of you dozes off.

I will shamefully admit it has happened to me, once. I dozed off during a rather lack luster interlude. Strangely I don't think he ever noticed

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Sep 8 @ 6:13PM  
Well, ummmm, yes it did happen to me one time and no he didn't even notice

Sep 8 @ 6:18PM  
I thought you were joking,can't wait till this blog runs it's corse.

Poor babies

Sep 8 @ 6:23PM  
i'm guessing neither of you were all that enthused with him either.

Sep 8 @ 6:28PM  
i'm guessing neither of you were all that enthused with him either
I cant decide if I am hoping its not the same guy or not that put us both to sleep. On one hand if it is the same guy, Thank god, maybe there is only one putting women to sleep, on the other hand DS and/or I seem to travel around WAY to much.

Sep 8 @ 6:45PM  
i'm guessing neither of you were all that enthused with him either.
Umm, sounds like a good guess to

And only for a few seconds, does that count.....
BUT in all fairness, I hadn't slept in two nights and was beyond tired. I told him that before hand.......but hey........

Sep 8 @ 6:53PM  
if i was with you,,,i would have dozed of too:)


Sep 8 @ 7:36PM  
Passed out more after too many beers

Sep 8 @ 7:48PM  
I'm with Ash to many beers and passed out while getting head WOW was she ever pissed at me

Sep 8 @ 7:57PM  
I'm with Ash to many beers and passed out while getting head WOW was she ever pissed at me
Yea, but i finally forgave you!

Sep 8 @ 8:20PM  
Yes, unfortunately it has happened. I had warned her I was tired - two days driving from San Diego to Minneapolis to bring her a new car I had found on the internet.

Sep 8 @ 8:39PM  
Well Gee...75 views and only 10 comments and only one of them a slap in the face...thanks Troll

I am going to guess it happened to more than would admit. Travel weary, or just plain exhausted it happens.

Sep 8 @ 9:35PM  
Has anyone not? I'm saying like when we were drunken teenagers...

Sep 8 @ 9:41PM  
Can't say I have ever fallen asleep while having sex. Nor has any Man ever fallen asleep on me. I count myself Lucky after reading others comments.

Sep 8 @ 9:58PM  
I thought she fell asleep but she died.

Sep 8 @ 10:09PM  
Just a touch disappointing to have the though of that. I feel a bit of sympathy for anyone that has experienced this. Hopefully things get better for anyone who experienced this in the future. Sounds embarrassing for the guy!

Sep 8 @ 10:35PM  
I never have that I can remember.. but I am embarrassed to admit he fell asleep on me... well actually passed out. And not only passed out.. but started snoring!

Sep 9 @ 12:24AM  
I wouldn't mind if I or someone fell asleep after two hours of doing it, with my dick still in her. I would never doze off while really going at it, but it could happen if it's slow fucking for a really looong time. What a way to go to sleep.

Sep 9 @ 12:25AM  
A buddy of mine once threw up on his wife while having sex........

And yes, he lived to tell us about it.

And yes, it's off topic, but I didn't have a sleep story.

Sep 9 @ 2:42AM  
wait just a second!....their NOT supposed to fall asleep when I'm goin at it?

Sep 9 @ 3:15AM  
my hand become numb and I could not feel it that the same as fallin asleep????

Sep 9 @ 6:04AM  
Fell asleep during a blow job a couple of times and was over served in both cases. Neither woman was really that upset or surprised though.

Sep 9 @ 8:25AM  
Well I don't think she ever fell asleep, I did try to wake her once and thought I did...we finished and she rolled over and went back to sleep....I thought damn that was good, but until the next morning when she asked me.....Did we do anything last night or did I dream it?.......I said well it depends on how you liked well what can you do....I did fall asleep once while sucking on her boob...but I had just finished working a 3rd shift and she wanted to play and all I wanted to do was sleep....we laughed over that one for a long time.

Sep 9 @ 8:51AM  
My then GF did nod off one drunken evening....

I wasn't mad at her. I didn't even have to tell her she had nodded off.......

She knew the next mornin when she was peelin the spunk off her face what happened....


Sep 9 @ 10:46AM  
I dozed off in the middle of a blow job, once...she never she did make a comment later about how long it took to get me

Sep 10 @ 7:11AM  
My ex used to massage my feet in hopes of sexually arousing me. Sad to say that all it did was make me so content and relaxed that I fell immediately asleep. So, I have fallen asleep in his idea of foreplay...BUT! I knew it wasn't going to go the way he hoped. I don't know if he ever figured out that it was not foreplay for me.

So, no, I can honestly say I have never fallen asleep in the actually course of coitus. On the other hand, I have fallen asleep in the course of foreplay...however, it was NOT intense foreplay. The desire was certainly there but the need for sleep was stronger. And, I was in his arms, our lips together (he fell asleep too...but after me), wrapped in each others arms. It wasn't so bad.

Sep 11 @ 2:08PM  
Ummm, yep, but I was having sex after a stint of 40 hours straight and 3 hours in bed. I have to say it was nice. :)

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A rather odd queary...