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Girlfriend/Wife holding your cock as you take a piss

posted 9/8/2007 4:18:56 AM |
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tagged: kinky, straddle, cock

A few times Kim has asked me if she could hold my cock as I went to the bathroom, because it would turn her on. I pretty much laughed it off, but it got me thinking about you ladies out there. Does it, or would it actually turn you on to hold his cock as he went? What about you guys out there, would you let her if she wanted to as you went?

As for me, I'm still thinking on whether or not I should let her. What do you all think, should I let her?

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Sep 8 @ 4:25AM  
Yeah dude, let her...

It's funny.

Because she will be all fascinated by it and amazed... but I guatantee that you will be laughing at this moment so hard that you will be struggling to keep aim even though she's holding.

Sep 8 @ 4:32AM  
It didn't turn me on at all... but at the same time, I didn't mind it and wasn't disgusted by it or anything.

It was just something that she wanted to do and we were very comfortable with each other, so it was cool.

I was pretty much laughing, or trying not to and she was in awe and wide-eyed, like she was witnessing The Rapture or something... hahaha. We both got a kick out of it.

Sep 8 @ 4:49AM  
My cock seems to think its play time when a woman grabs it. So if a woman held mine when I was going to the bathroom, it might end up all over the wall. But hey I guess it could be fun. By the way who cleans up the mess.

Sep 8 @ 5:03AM  
Go for it at worst you end up having to clean the bathroom...However it might be more fun if you wait till it snows then she can have some fun with it and write her name in the snow....

I'd let someone, I mean seriously with out the fact that they would be holding my cock its barley even sexual. With the exception of course of it potentially exciting them.

Sep 8 @ 5:08AM  
Surprised you have not let her yet. You will let her so just do it...

Sep 8 @ 5:48AM  
I tried that once, when I was in my 20's. Not a big deal. There was some movie out at the time (one with Mariel Hemingway...why do I remember that?!?!?! ) where she did that to her boyfriend and I wanted to try it. Wasn't impressive enough to want to try again. I can think of MUCH better things to do with his member NOW.

Sep 8 @ 7:10AM  
I am curious as to how she felt about you posting the blog on the subject. Nobody ever expressed an interest in that with me BTW. Oh, Oscar the cat still isn't dead yet.

Sep 8 @ 8:03AM  
Never happened to me, but I dated a girl in college who brought up the subject once. She said it would be interesting to feel what it was like to hold a cock while pee-ing but figured her aim wouldn't be any better than mine.
An honest woman. Damn, I should have married her.

Sep 8 @ 8:30AM  
What's the big deal Straddle? If she is your gf and all, then she has prob handled your cock other times.. so why not go with it? However, when you look at your other blogs as a whole when considered with this one... if these are all referring to your gf, I personally would run lol.. of course everyone can march to the beat of their own drum and that's cool too.

Sep 8 @ 8:47AM  
I just grabed without askin and it made him get hard and then he couldnt go....

Sep 8 @ 9:02AM  
i had a couple of lady friends do it and it did nothing for me but they got a kick out of it...........the older you get the more helpful it might be keeping the dribble off your drawers........

Sep 8 @ 9:30AM  
I would, but it wouldnt work but no one ever asked me. I would have a hard time peeing with a woman holding my cock. A woman just has to touch my cock and I'm hard unless I already had plenty of sex that day.

Sep 8 @ 9:50AM  
I'm all about bein' my man's peepee pal!!!

Sep 8 @ 10:02AM  
I must confess that although I can not begin to fathom where you come up with this stuff,I find that most of your blogs are perversly hilarious.

Sep 8 @ 10:08AM  
Well I got to admit when I see a man's peepee I have other things in mind. So nope I've never aimed for him!

Sep 8 @ 10:20AM  
I have, and more than once. It is rather fascinating!! LOL

Sep 8 @ 10:54AM  
Careful dude, if she's holding it just right, it will be hard to aim a HARD-ON down to the toilet....I've tried, & it hurts like a bitch!

Sep 8 @ 10:57AM  
I have worked in hospitals and nursing homes way to long for that to ever be a turn on. lol

Oh, Oscar the cat still isn't dead yet.
Thanks Bruce on the update. Keep an eye on that for me will ya?


Sep 8 @ 1:29PM  
However, when you look at your other blogs as a whole when considered with this one... if these are all referring to your gf, I personally would run lol

I tell him all the time people will think I do all this weird shit he thinks of. Though many of his off the wall ideas seem to happen either right before or right after sex that doesn't mean I always go along with them.

For the Record:

Straddle's sex life and Straddle's blog life are NOT the same

Sep 8 @ 3:09PM  
I would deffinately let her do it. Who knows what might cum next. If she has fun with it, then let her have her fun. What you do for fun can only bring you closer together.

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Girlfriend/Wife holding your cock as you take a piss