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posted 9/7/2007 10:07:54 AM |
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tagged: friendship, trust, life, friend, account

The other day lifeizabitch said he had a withdraw from his karma account.... made me think ..... right on up until this morning...

Lets think about this online relationship we have with one another ..... the depth might be different for each of us ... but the need or want is still the same... we want friends, we want companionship,we want to share with like people the things that hurt us or perhaps the things that make us happy.... so bonds are formed,trust is given to those you feel are most like you ....

What do you do with the trust? Do you betray me when you dont think I will find out? Be it intentional or accidental .... and how do you right such wrongs? Do you apologize ,do you just hope perhaps it will fade away ? Or maybe you just continue on thinking you wont be held accountable .....WRONG....I do think for every wrong you do , you have one coming , even if its a wrong no one knows you did but you ...

I am far from pure.. I make mistakes , I try to right my wrongs , I do apologize,and I know that I hold myself accountable for the things I do. Some things in life we simply cannott do anything about , but I believe if you can then you should ... You should be all you can be every minute of the day ....just ask Lifeizabitch .... you never know how many minutes you got left .... How full is your account .... can you afford withdrawls?

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Sep 7 @ 10:15AM  
My accounts have been frozen by the government as I'm under investigation for Anti-Penguin activities.

Sep 7 @ 10:22AM  
I am fully covered under theaccount.......

Sep 7 @ 10:30AM  
yes ... vulnerability is a big issue.
do you build walls and blow smoke to protect yurself?
i do.
do u walk past saying lahteedahidon'tevencu?
i do.
do i do those things all the time?
if the other person opens up, i do 2.
if i open up and the other person also opens up,
that is even betr.
if trust is betrayed i give the other person a second chance,
but not a third.
that is what i think for now.
pavarotti made me think all day about how many minutes i have left.

Sep 7 @ 10:42AM  
Luckily, I have overdraft protection. Seriously though, I've done bad things...I'm pretty sure we all have at one time or another.

One night my car was broken into and my brand new stereo amp was stolen. My room mate came home from work and woke me up to tell me the news. He said that he was amazed at how calm I was and was initially afraid to tell me, thinking that I was going to blow a gasket.

I just kinda shrugged and said. Karma's a bitch, but hopefully I'm paid up now. I was house was broken into about 6 years later. Since then I've made some deposits, so I think I'm ok...for now.

Sep 7 @ 11:34AM  
Well I"m not perfect and I make mistakes as long as my heart is in the right place I should be okay.

Sep 7 @ 11:42AM  

Sep 7 @ 11:45AM  
I don't know if they can be righted really, just acknowledged. Sigh, yeah we all do stupid shit and then have to pay the consequences for them. That's why I am so big on self-accountability. I am responsible for me, and to those whom I may harm. Wouldn't it be a lovely world if everyone was?

Sep 7 @ 2:31PM  
You make some good points maggie. Very good blog.

Sep 7 @ 3:02PM  
With all the crap that has happened to me in the past few years, I surely must be paid up. I do believe that I now make deposits regularly, but the past sure is haunting me!

Sep 7 @ 3:34PM  
Karma spanks me every time! And you cannot tell when your dues are I continue to "PAY IT FORWARD," and after awhile, life seems to get better...

Sep 7 @ 3:41PM  
Pay it forward, when you can, pay it off, when you can.

Just the thinking about it, is a positive step. You're better off if you've considered the consequences of your actions.

good blog, mags.

Sep 7 @ 3:46PM  
I see alotta people judgin for themselves that they are paid up or that karma owes them somethin. (not jus on here but in real life too) That isn't the way karma works, don't think you get to decide if you are paid up, Karma will decide for you.

Sep 7 @ 4:15PM  

I think I just used up another good karma credit on peach's blog!!!


Sep 7 @ 5:51PM  
I do not feel that Karma can be compared to a bank account...Karma is the BALANCE point of your life....and it only swings to be level, or cannot "build up" a supply of good Karma, only negative.....Once balance is achieved, it can only be maintained.

In short, once your Karma is balanced, the good you receive today is a result of the good you did today...

Sep 7 @ 6:52PM  
My point is different. How you treat people no matter who they are from the closest to most insignificent should be constant definition of who you are even though perfection does not exists in any of us.
I am just perplexed that you chose to aim this towards online relationships as if they are more important the those we have in the real world. The relationships that are the most important are those that last the longest.

Sep 7 @ 6:58PM  
I have always lived by the motto - what goes around comes around, also - treat others how you would like to be treated. I try my hardest to live by that at all times!! Have a wonderful day everyone!

Sep 7 @ 9:22PM  
For me, it's all about accountability. I make damn sure I'm accountable for my actions, good or bad.

And I agree, what comes around goes around. Sometimes I just wish I was there to see it come around.

Sep 7 @ 9:45PM  
clarification this is not only about online relationships, but with all people in our lives....

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