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being a slut

posted 9/5/2007 1:49:08 PM |
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you know i love so much meeting the guys off this site,making love,fooling around given oral to make them feel so just makes me feel so good.if that makes me a slut i realy dont care because i and going to keep making men feel good and i dont care what the women on here think.all i know is i see so many guys now i even travel to great places and have so much keep it cumming guys love ya .........lee

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Sep 5 @ 2:00PM  
The world needs sluts. Oh, and straight men can be sluts too.

Sep 5 @ 2:04PM  
I don't think you are a slut either, I hope you have enjoying yourself, I also wish you were closer, I could be one of the ten or number 11 LOL. Love the pics also.

Sep 5 @ 2:44PM  
Lee the only one calling you a slut is YOU!! Not sure why you continue to blog the same thing over and over again. But if it floats your boat (and obviously it does) fill your boots!! I find there is a difference between sleeping with men and enjoying it, and sounding TRASHY!!! MHO!!


Sep 5 @ 2:46PM  
Whats in a title??? I think that if the world had more sluts war, brutality, crime and the like wouldn't exist. Hey, if more people were happy and content, then all that stuff would eventuall vanish. So the way I see it, you're doing the world a great service by being a slut.

Sep 5 @ 3:11PM  
Is this world serious? Man sometimes the world jus gets me shakin my head. Think I may go see whats happenin in the real world, don't think the "being a slut" reality show will work, but maybe it will you never know in America.

Sep 5 @ 3:39PM  
that pic looks like a magazine clipping........ were you a model?

Sep 5 @ 4:14PM  
Can you make me a list of the guys you slept with so I don't sleep with them ?

Sep 5 @ 6:00PM  
hahahahah Amen to that Ash ^5 to you Girlfriend

and how many men really want to sleep with someone who has slept with "how many men already from this site?"

As for me, I'll wait for Mr. Right to come along...Good things are worth waiting for and it will be worth the wait, believe me

Sep 5 @ 6:15PM  
I really don't give a flying rodents posterior if you fucked the highschool football team on the fifty yard line at half time.......but I do want to know who the hell sewed your head back on your body, cos they did a lousy job....

Sep 5 @ 6:29PM  
LMAO @Ash and LBS

Sep 5 @ 6:33PM  
You keep on doin what you wanna do, let em call you what they like.

Sep 5 @ 6:43PM  
Congrats....I think.

Sep 5 @ 7:11PM  
Nothing wrong with being comfortable in your sexuality,as long as your responsible.Problem is theres not too many people being socially responsible thats why you have the unwanted kids,the hasty marriages,AIDS,STDs etc..shit,I just aged myself 20 years talking this way.Its true though....

Sep 5 @ 8:01PM  
After a very long and careful reasearch survey.I have compilied
the following facts concerning the past time of"horizontal recreation "
commonly known as Sexual Intercourse, for the minite men out there six
inches or less, the average lay consists of about 30 strokes of six inches.
thats about 180 inches, or 15 feet.
If the female takes this three times a week ,she takes a total of 45 feet a
week, 2340 feet a year. there are 5,280 feet to a mile this meaning she
takes a half mile of cock a year.

LADIES ! TAKE NOTICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If your man or boy friend has a penis six inches or less,
then you are getting screwed out of alot of miles!
ladies! dont yet those tiny guys try to make butter with a tooth pick,
or even worse telling you brace yourself, i just thought i try to wake
up some of you ladies out there. so ladies, go out and rack up some miles

Sep 5 @ 9:06PM  
I'm a slut for Dayna and if you don't believe me just ask me.

Sep 5 @ 9:48PM  
Max is a slut???? I did not start that rumor......but I sure will tell Dayna....

Sep 5 @ 9:50PM  
You dont have to tell me Mrknowuwell, I already knew Max was a slut for me and I absolutely love it!!! For a matter of fact feel the same way about him.

Sep 5 @ 11:42PM  
Can you make me a list of the guys you slept with so I don't sleep with them

I haven't slept with her yet.

Sep 6 @ 12:00AM  
Neither have I! If for no other reason than that we live to far apart. Wish I could find one near me who is that willing.

Sep 9 @ 10:06PM  
Wow! Redman, thank you! You truly made my day! 6 inches or less for a white man huh?? And I always wondered if all the woman who told me I was big were just trying to made me feel good. Now that I know the average for a white man, I know the truth! They meant it!!! I am BIG!!!

See, and I thought reading these posts were a stupid waste of my time. I was wrong! Thanks again Redman for the info! I'll sleep good tonight! Heck, I'm above average!!! YIPEE!!!

Sep 12 @ 10:59PM  
you see i told people you were just a great peace of ass and i took all sorts of shit for it.girls said i shouldnt brag.but i wasnt i was just putting out the word so the guys on here could have some find sluts like you its my duty to put the word out ....Bill

Oct 16 @ 1:01AM  
I say as long as you're being safe, fuck away. You only live once.

Oct 29 @ 2:21PM  
Lee, you just keep being you. it's just to bad we are far apart as I only look for girls like you. I am gentle Dom, luv to share and am always proud to call my girl a slut. I luv when a girl can say she's a slut and i can use her as such, to share and have lots of fun. When i call a girl a slut, it's only meant in a good way since I want my girl to be one.
So slut, you keep up the good work, keep making guys happy and could only wish our paths could cross so i could take you to a place i know of where i would have you service many cocks.

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being a slut