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The office - Part 1 of 2

posted 9/4/2007 7:32:03 PM |
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I notice; just like you want me to. You sit outside my office, when my door is open, on the bank of chairs opposite, which is by the water cooler, with your co-workers. My desk faces the door and I see you glancing at me every now and then while you chat. You wear a tight dark grey skirt, just above the knee and a white blouse. Your knees are together and your legs slightly to the side; so modest. Your blonde hair is bunched up at the back of your head and your lips are pink and glossy. I try and get on with my report but I keep having to glance at you every now and then, there is almost a palpable feeling between us.

Today like yesterday you talk to your friends but today unlike yesterday your position is not so modest. The chairs are low and your knees point at me but are slightly apart; the slit up the back of the skirt allows your thighs to be viewed if one is directly in front of you - which I am. Your creamy, flawless skin beckons attention, concentration is something that is not easy unless the concentration is on you. Our eyes meet, the glance is longer than is normally comfortable but you smile at me with that cupid's bow mouth and eyes that mesmorise. I feel myself flush and my heart beats faster.

I queue up in at the food counter, choosing which salad to have. I hear a voice,
"I never know which salad to choose either", I look to my right and there you are smiling at me. I am about 3 inches taller than you with your heels on and I look at you your white blouse clings to you as well as being low cut. Try as I might I cannot stop being drawn to a small beauty spot on your right breast near the cleavage. Embarrassed I look up and you smile at me coyly.
"I know, I think Caesar today", I reply, I take my salad and go back to my office.

This report is never going to get done, I can't think about it, my mind is drowning in visions of your face and your lips. I hear footsteps and look up.
"I thought you would like a drink", you say, "I saw you didn't bring one in, so I got one from the cooler for you". You come in and close the door behind you.
"Thanks", I reply, the word almost coughing out of me. You put the cup down on the coaster on my desk and stand next to me, your perfume is a heady scent that sends me dizzy, you sit on the edge of my desk and your skirt rides up slightly you smile at me and I wonder - do i touch you. If I do will I be sacked for harrassment? if I don't will I ever get the chance again? I want to stroke your thigh, move my hand up between your legs and feel the dampness I just know is waiting. Dare I take the chance? I want to kiss your plump inviting lips. Your eyes sparkle with a hint of impishness and I hesitate, your breasts are heaving and there is a flushed glow to the top of your chest, my hand is moving almost on its own volition. Damn I could be ruining a career here; but the lust starts to takes over. You move your legs apart and your right foot lightly brushes against my thigh. I rest my hand on your thigh thinking that this could be it, I could get fired now; but no, you smile at me and you rest your foot on my thigh, one leg up the other down, my hand glances gently over thigh, with trepidation I move it to the inside of your leg and I can feel the heat trapped beneath your skirt. Your gloss laden lips part, youclose your eyes and then gently bite your ful lower lip. Your foot moves up to my groin and I feel your toes press against me as my hand moves upwards under the skirt, the heat rising as i move further up - almost a pleasantly humid sensation.

I feel the heat and blood rushing to my groin and you continue to rub with your foot. I glide my chair sideways and now I am sitting between your legs while you move your foot so that it continues to rub against my groin I can feel the swelling under my pants and I feel flushed. You move forward on the desk and your skirt rides up, I can see right into your skirt - I can't believe it no underwear and beautiful creamy thighs; my hands move up the soft skin on the inside of your thighs and I gently rub moving upwards until I feel your blood engorged lips hot and slippery. What if somebody should come into the room now and see this - the thought actually makes me hotter, I take my hands out of your skirt, take your head and bring it down towards me. Your lips part, oh so inviting, and we kiss. I taste your sweetness and as you moan i feel it under my mouth. I slip my tongue into your mouth and we kiss deeply, our tongues stroking and carressing. you move down off the desk and onto my lap, your skirt now up round your hips and your wetness is on my pants; you rub yourself against me, I can feel your breasts press my chest and my mouth moves to your neck, kissing the tender in the hollows of your collarbone using my tongue to trace round the base of your throat. You move your hips rhythmically pushing against my groin and I feel so hot I want to taste you so badly.

(continued in part 2)

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Sep 4 @ 7:54PM  
aw hell baby kiss me!

Sep 4 @ 8:00PM  
Lisa, I hope you read Part 2 - it has an interesting conclusion

Sep 4 @ 9:30PM  
ok J I love this one better than the london one. Omg almost makes me wish I worked in an office. lol

Sep 5 @ 1:28AM  

Sep 5 @ 6:28AM  
Wow, you are are soooo very good!! mmmmmmmmmm

Sep 5 @ 6:55AM  
very nicely written indeed. Makes me want to get back into office work that much faster again.........

Sep 5 @ 9:00AM  

hmmmmmmm i don't think being in an office and having to maybe hurry a little, would have suited me. (WEG)

Sep 5 @ 10:46AM  
Just in case you havent read part 2 (which you should) and if you enjoyed it, please let your freinds know

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The office - Part 1 of 2