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I blew it!

posted 9/4/2007 5:27:42 PM |
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tagged: life

Well my dilema is over With my wise ass mouth I blew any and all chances of meeting the new guy! Didn't mean to really didn't! guess I've been on here so long that I read rudeness into all comments He made an innocent comment about his weekend "didn't get laid either" and like a dumb ass I wrote
"sorry about your luck" OMFG you should see what he wrote me! I did apologize 8 times and can you believe he called me a smart ass bitch! I really didn't mean for it to come out sarcastic it just did and OMFG did he give it to me
Oh well hell I really do hate discord of any kind and he wouldn't let it drop But guess he won't get to know the wonderful person I really am (okay Ynot you suppose to agree at this point!) So I got fucked and didn't even get kissed on this one

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Sep 4 @ 5:32PM  
Ohhhh nooooooooo...........hope the weekend party made up 4 it........

Sep 4 @ 5:34PM  
Sorry about that; if it is any consolation,I sent an email to someone and had a one "letter" typo that changed the entire context of the statement I made. What was meant to be a compliment was taken the other way. I tried to explain but this person will not accept any explanation. I
was just trying to make friends,but apparently this person is so overly sensitive and insecure that they can not accept the fact that people make honest mistakes.

Sep 4 @ 5:35PM  
I thought by the title this was another Sen. Craig blog.

This guy don't know what he's missing, Lisa. Shoulda sent him to the blogs to toughen him up, first.

Sep 4 @ 5:41PM  
That really sucks, just goes to show that sometimes people can make jokes but can"t take them.

Sep 4 @ 5:43PM  
--------------------> ---------------->---------------------------->

Sep 4 @ 5:47PM  
gees lisa, if they are that thin skinned, you probably are better off anyway. yeah getting kissed would have been nice, and wellllllllllll anything else would have been great too. at least you didn't have to pull a load out of jersy city to get to florida monday morning with a bad clutch.

Sep 4 @ 5:50PM  
Lisa, send me his name, I'll write him an email he will know its sarcasm and mean.....something like.....

Hey Dickweed, You are a complete idiot, aren't you. Your lack of sense of humor, has lost you the chance to be one of the nicest sweetest Ladies on this site. So if your really interested in learning how to date women,I would suggest you get a fucking sense of humor. (You might want to start by standing in front of a mirror, cause your the biggest joke around!!)

The hell with him Lisa, he isnt worthy of you anyways. He probably found out about the outfit you wore to ynots last saturday and wet his little diaper.

Sep 4 @ 5:50PM  
OMG Lisa!!! From the title I was starting to worry about ynot or maybe congratulate him one. Hell if the other guy is that touchy then it's a good thing you found out before things went any farther but you are right. He will not get to see the wonderful person you are. I know you were looking forward to meeting him however and I am sorry for that.

Sep 4 @ 5:53PM  
Sorry it ended that way. He sounds like one of those bad boys with no sense of humor.

Sep 4 @ 5:56PM  
Damn Dayna you are so sexy when you are ranting. C'mere and fuck me baby. Oh I did forget about the outfit she wore the other night.

Sep 4 @ 6:02PM  
Damn, that’s harsh of him, it sounds like he's a jerk. I say from know on, if you're being sarcastic when you type something, it should be italicized, that way, there would be no confusion.

Sep 4 @ 6:04PM  
I see we have another "winner" for the short list... or is that the short bus?

Sep 4 @ 6:29PM  
I'm with Seli... short bus list.. dumbasses. Lisa if he couldn't get that that was sarcasm.. imagine if you actually got sarcastic with him? Better off without him.

Sep 4 @ 6:29PM  
Sorry about your luck...

people get offended way to easily these days...

we all need a chill pill... or another drink haha

Sep 4 @ 6:42PM  
... ..

Sep 4 @ 6:51PM  
Heck Lisa, A guy sent me his phone number and because I didn't call him in 3 days, he accuses me of being a MAN!!! I guess he couldn't wait until the weekend. I won't be dialing his number!!

Sep 4 @ 6:59PM  
I guess "fuck em if they can't take a joke" doesn't really fit here eh?

Sep 4 @ 7:06PM  
Blew it? I don't think so. I'd say you found out he was someone you didn't want to spend any time with before you wasted any more time.
And yes, I understand the dissappointment when you do make contact with someone and it looks promising..... Better luck next time.

Sep 4 @ 7:44PM  
Ya know, Lisa, whether you meant it to come out sarcastic or not, to him evidently it did. Okay, that happens. BUT, you apologized and explained that, time and time again. There comes a point where I'm sorry needs to turn to hey I didn't do anything nearly that bad, or unforgiveable. As for him to be calling you names, he needs to get the hell over himself and learn when someone says they're sorry, they may mean it and go from there.
Seems that to him to make a mistake is unforgiveable but to be an ass is okay.......
I agree with Slo's comment completely.
And I'm sorry, Sweetie.............. .

Sep 4 @ 8:09PM  
Unfortunately a victim of the ambiguity of English - That's why e-mail and blogs are such a dangerous medium and also why emoticons were invented in an attempt to remove the ambiguity. Still I reckon it is his loss !

Sep 4 @ 8:39PM  
I say things that come out wrong at times. People take things the wrong way.

His lose. Want me to beat him up for you.

You still has us. Can you sing "We are family"

*mumbles under my breath, no time to play, have to study*

Sep 4 @ 9:04PM  
You will recover and learn from the mistake and get better success at another time. All in good fun I'm sure and maybe he was a little touchy but hell life goes on.

Sep 4 @ 9:53PM  
If he can't accept your apology and move on, you don't need him!! Heck, you've got YNOT.


Sep 4 @ 9:56PM  
Lisa, it's really sad when we can say sorry to someone for an un-intentional harm and get blasted for it. What happened to live and let live. This man needs to choose better battles. I'm with everyone else, glad you learned now before you invested anything into the asshole. You are worth more than that!!!

Sep 5 @ 1:30AM  
Perhaps I am not seeing the sarcasm here as he said
"didn't get laid either"
and you replied
"sorry about your luck"
Okay, so you could have phrased it differently but how is that sarcastic?
As I think I said in my last blog people will always read into things what they want to. At least now you know that he was not the right man for you and maybe he is a little oversensitive or just couldn't see you were trying to be funny.

Sep 5 @ 9:49AM  
joke him if he can't take a fuck

Sep 5 @ 11:07AM  
If he got that pissed off for somthing so little he did ya a favor anyway . he might even be somone who beat a woman for no reason . your probably better off . Things happen for a reason. you should write him back and say ty.

Sep 5 @ 7:57PM  
Sorry Lisa, Some people just won't let it go. it's a shame of all the judgemental people on the site....better luck next time!

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I blew it!