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Bad Boys What's the attraction???

posted 9/4/2007 12:38:50 AM |
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I wuz out for the weekend so I'm a little too late to get in on the Bad Boys Don't Whine blog / discussion. From the comments I read..... it really all depends on just what ones definition of a "bad boy" is. Later in the blog, LBS said

they stand up for their lady and protect her! They have a feisty attitude! Real men!!!
I agree that's a real man.
Not my idea of a bad boy though. I think of a bad boy as the guys you see walking through the carnival dressed in grubby clothing, dog collar, more piercings than a shish-ka-bob with some really cute girl following along 1 step behind cuz he wouldn't be seen holding her hand. A bad boy is a guy I personally know who is good looking...... has cash to throw around..... and bragged to me once that he "treats women like shit and they lap it up and come back for more" He always has a different girl on the back of his Harley. When he heard I was single again a few years ago, he wanted me to get a Harley, grow a ponytail, and we'd go riding together and I'd have "all the pussy I could handle" as he put it. He was SHOCKED when I told him I wasn't interested. Wanted to know what part of his offer I didn't understand.

So........ that's MY idea of a bad boy. And no, he never whines. Why should he? He gets what he wants. As for the ladies cast aside and strewn in his path....... what's the attraction?

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Sep 4 @ 12:43AM  
I would choose a real man over a bad boy any day, any time, any place.

Sep 4 @ 12:51AM  
One, you weren't "too late" you could have posted on the one already there, but hey you're entitled to post as much as I was.
Two, I think we covered it yesterday. If you read all the blogs you missed it was mostly in response to a blog that touted the virtues of "good guys" downed bad boys but wouldn't allow everyone's comment so really how nice is the little cowardly asshole?? Mostly I get sick of the whining of the so called "good guys" that they can't get a date or meet anyone cos women won't have anything to do with the because they are such good guys! When the actual reason is most women can't stand a man that whines more than they do!

Sep 4 @ 1:07AM  
I started out to post on your blog LB, but I figured since it was yesterdays news, nobody would see it....... and what's the point of blogging & posting if nobody will see it. (I'm sure that mentality fits in Buster's blog somewhere )

most women can't stand a man that whines more than they do!

LOL..... isn't that the truth! I think few of us can stand whiners, male or female. Besides, women don't whine..... they "express themselves"

For what it's worth, I consider myself a gentleman and I've never had any problems meeting women. I've just always find it fascinating that some guy that EVERYONE in town knows is a dog with NO morals whatsoever, always finds a new woman, 5 minutes after he discards the last one.

Sep 4 @ 1:22AM  
Besides, women don't whine..... they "express themselves"
Aww, isn't he just the sweetest? Okay, Slo why you suckin up? What'd you do? lol
I agree with Stormy, if you go read her blog and Holly's you'll find alot of what is meant by bad boy and a strong man. Maybe they innertwine to a good degree.
I just want what I want in a man...Now that should be easy to find, huh?
Oh and I'm sorry but your friend is a jerk.

Sep 4 @ 1:58AM  
Oh and I'm sorry but your friend is a jerk.

I never actually said he was my friend. I just said I know him. He's a car salesman (how cliche is that?) and I've bought a couple cars from him and had a drink or two if we bumped into each other out and about...... but thats as far as it goes. I generally call his type tomcats...... but if the shoe fits......

Sep 4 @ 2:12AM  
I never actually said he was my friend
Okay, I apologize for assuming you would be actual friends with someone like that... Sorry

Sep 4 @ 3:42AM  
If being a "bad boy" is what it takes to get a woman's attention, she doesn't deserve mine. I can wait for a woman that actually wants a man.

Sep 4 @ 6:57AM  
dog collar
Need I say more????

Sep 4 @ 9:30AM  
Sad, but true! I guess I'm almost too old to change, besides why would I want a woman who needs to jump on a Harley, or it's a no go. All these sites are showing me how shallow most women really are. There is always another Harley waiting.
Last night I heard on the radio about a new study that says women are more selective about their partners than men. Yeah, I guess you got to be bad and rad before women will even consider you these days. Oh well, it's been an eye opening experience with these dating sites. I have just about had enough BS to even attenpt to meet anyone from these sites. At least the blogs are fun.

Sep 4 @ 9:40AM  
Women are too selective? What about the MEN who refuse to date anyone who is outside their narrow scope of what's good? Puhleeze.. get a grip.. everyone is selective. It's part of the game.

Sep 4 @ 3:06PM  
I want a strong man, that can be a rebel, if he believes the crowd is going the wrong way...I'm my book that's man that I can count on when the chips are down.

After reading your blog.."Bad Boy"..the guy you described, I call a "RAT".
In my book he isn't even "male."...just a boil on the butt of society.

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Bad Boys What's the attraction???