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Breaking and entering part 2

posted 9/3/2007 3:10:59 PM |
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tagged: sexual, erotica, narrative

I unbuckle the leather belt, pull on one side till it has been freed from all the loops; I drop the belt on the floor with out breaking the gaze between his pants and I. I unclip his pants, slide my hands to his hips, and graze my tips down his thighs as I pull them down. When I take them off he has me fold them up crease to crease, and put them on the hanger with his shirt. I assume both are dry clean only. This is a well dressed man. "What's your name?" He asks me.


"Is that the truth?"


"Okay Marie, get down on your knees and take off my boxers." I know where this is heading. I wish it wouldn't, but I don't know. His penis is semi hard. He's enjoying telling me what to do. I think this won't be too bad.

"What do you think?"

"I like it"

"Anything else?"

"It's big"

"Okay, now give it a kiss" I don't do it right away. "Come on get to it, unless you want me to just make a phone call to the police?" I don't, so I open my mouth and put only part of it in my mouth. Whap! He slapped me across the cheek! I couldn't believe he slapped me. I haven't been slapped since, sinceā€¦ I can't think since when. "I said kiss it" I backed away and looked at him at little fearful of what may come. I went in and I kissed it, once, then again, and again a third time. "Now, go ahead and put it in your mouth." There was something about this situation that was extremely erotic. I don't want to admit this, but I'm slightly enjoying this. There's an odd mix of fear and arousal that I'm unfamiliar with.

"Take off your shirt", he says. I'm wearing two shirts, so I only take off the top one. "Both of them" I'm kneeling down as I'm stripping my self, I'm embarrassed so I don't look at him as I'm doing this. "You have beautiful tits" I didn't say anything, I mean, what am I supposed to say to that? Whap! He slapped me again. I wanted to swear at him. "I paid you a compliment"

"Thank you." He's really enjoying this. I say this shocked. I wonder how many times he's done this before. I wonder if he has a girlfriend who probably thinks he's at home asleep. I wonder if he's this domineering with his her, if he has one. Or, if he is only casually dating, does he do this to many girls? Either way I don't think that I'm the first person he has slapped in a sexual tone. He can't really be mad. This is what is going through my head while his member is in my mouth. He interrupts me to direct me to stand up and take off his shirt. I start with my hands at his stomach with my palms on his front, move them under the shirt, pulling up. He's significantly taller than I am so my nipples graze his chest as I do this. He stares at me for a minute before saying "This is going to happen, but I'll let you choose either here, or the bedroom" It sounds so dirty, there is a really small part of me enticed by the whole proposition. "Um,,, the bedroom" maybe it won't feel as dirty and it will be over before I know it.

"okay, take off your shorts" he says, once again in a tone that suggests domination. He steps back to watch me undress the last part of me clothed. I feel violated. "Grab your stuff and lead the way" I turn around and pick up the rest of my clothes and walk into the bedroom. I ask him where I should put my stuff and he points to a spot on the floor. He stands in the middle of the open area, snaps his fingers and points to the floor, where I assume he wants me to finish what I've started. He snapped his fingers at me, like I'm a dog. That's humiliating. If I'm lucky I'll walk away with only giving him a blowjob. He then puts his hand on the back of my head and starts forcing his penis to the back of my throat. Forcing it past that point. I start gagging, it's in my throat. "Oh yeah that's it, fucking choke on it" he forces it further down my throat. He moans, and another oh yeah seeps from his mouth. Much to my surprise I feel myself getting a little moist hearing his moans. He's really enjoying this. With his hand tangled in my hair, pulls my head back and asks me "Do you have a boyfriend"

"uh uh" I mumble while shaking my head side to side.

"It's too bad, would love to take some pictures of your face choking on my cock, and send them to him" Tears began to well up, and I couldn't stop them. How humiliating. I hear deprivation noises from my throat. I pull back a little to catch my breath. Saliva is increasing blockage. He doesn't like that I have pulled away, he pulls me back harder. The tip has jammed the back of my mouth. It hurts when he gets it deep in my throat. I wonder if that is going to cause any damage. He pulls my hair back, and I look up at him. " Do you have any family?" I quickly got an image of aunt Lynna sitting at the kitchen table drinking her coffee, I was now officially crying. I couldn't stop them.


"No?! Everyone has family."

"I have an aunt in Seattle" Again he shoves his hard cock into my mouth. Pulls me off one more time. Motions toward the bed. He wants to put it inside me. Why? I cry in my head, I'm not really here, I can't be. I've only let a few men get inside of me before. I don't want the next one to be some stranger who's name I don't even know. Obediently I crawl on the bed. I don't want to look at him. I just want this to be over with. A small part of me desires his penetration. But it's wrong. How many times has he done this before? How many anonymous women has he been with? "Spread your legs" I don't understand, they are spread. "Spread your hips like you want it!" NO NO This is just a dream any minute I'm going to wake in my own bed, this will be nothing but a bad dream. Another wave of tears flowed from my face. "Ow!" I couldn't stop that. I couldn't prevent the moan that came out from me. His cock was hard, and it hurt, it' deep. Deeper than I had ever felt before. Not gentle at all. He's really enjoying this. More tears are streaming from my face. Some times I'm unsure if the noise coming from me are sobs, moans, or groans. I just want this to be over. Whap! He smacked my ass cheek, it stings. This is the first time I've notice how loud he is. He's deriving a lot of pleasure from this. Under normal circumstances I would have loved to hear his moans. But not today, not like this. His left hand is entangled in my hair and pulling back like pulling on the reins of a horse. "Ahhh" I'm trying to restrain myself, this is not moans of pleasure, this is pain. He's pulling on my hair, going deep inside me, smacking me, humiliating me, gasps and groans are escaping now without any control. With his right hand he smacks my right cheek, I yelp; He smacks the left cheek harder, I yelp louder; Then the right again harder, I yelp even louder. "Ow, Please" Which comes out as a whine due to the sobs.

"Please what?" He sounds angry

"it hurts" I'm sniveling.

"well maybe you should have though of that before you decided to break into someone's apartment" He's pounding deeper, faster, harder. He's hurting

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Sep 3 @ 3:28PM  
Part 3?????

Sep 3 @ 7:41PM  
uh huh 3 please?

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Breaking and entering part 2