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Breaking and Entering gets you a story never told

posted 9/3/2007 2:38:01 PM |
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tagged: sexual, erotica, narrative

The key was still the same, I guess the landlord never changed it after grandpa passed away. I will be in and out in five minutes if that. It looks like someone has already moved in. Well I'm already here, and there's no turning back now. Just get in and get it. Damn it! He put pergo floors over the hardwood floors, who does that? I mean, it's about time he did something to the place. It was really bad when I was here, and that was a long time ago; There was a lot of things wrong with the place. But this was bad for me, all I had to do was get into the bedroom and pry up the loose floorboard in the closet and I would be on my way. Now what do I do? I stand here for a few minutes, I snap out of it when I heard some one at the back door. Keys jingling and the door pops open in only a matter of seconds. I don't know what to do. Should I try to hide until I can get out? Should I just come clean and hope mercy is given? Panic has stricken my entire body. It's a he, and he seems to be alone. He's in the kitchen, which way is he going? He's in the entrance way, I've taken off my shoes to make less noise. He's coming into the room now. I don't know what to do. I'm hiding behind the door. All these thoughts are running through my head. Just run for the door get out and hope he doesn't chase you. But I couldn't move, I finally understand a deer in headlights. I'm so worried, I freeze. He sees me and I still haven't thought of anything.

My thoughts vanish when I catch his eye. He's captivating. Tall slender attractive man; The tall dark and handsome sort. The abundant amount of books, I assume also educated. His eyes were enchanting. This is the type of guy most females chase after. And here I am standing in his bedroom after just breaking in. I am struck with silence. But he's just staring at me. Like waiting to find out if the dog before him was going to attack, with out showing any fear. Feels like an hour has passed, all I can muster out is a loud "ha". His look quickly changes from curiosity to anger. "Okay, Okay! I can explain". I move from behind the door, while very slowly start walking toward the exit. He still hasn't said a word, he just gives me a look that implies he just waiting for my answer. "I didn't take anything, I was looking for something when I used to live her with my grandpa"

"How did you get into my house?!" He sounds very angry, it's stunning me a little. I don't want to tell him that I still have a key, It would only anger him more. I need to keep out of trouble. I'm already on probation. "Look, I'm just going to leave, I didn't take anything. I'm leaving with everything I came here with. My phone, and my shoes." I hold out my hands to show him my sandals and phone. As I take a couple more steps toward the door. He has this look of shock and anger streaming from his face when he said

"What the fuck! What are you doing in my house?!" He's beginning to scare me, I take a couple more steps toward the door only I've picked up pace.

"I'm so sorry, please I'm leaving and I didn't take anything, can I just go?"

" NO! I'm calling the police! I'll let them take care of you!"

"Please don't, I didn't take anything, and I could just leave" My hand is on the door trying to unlock the deadbolt, he comes up next to me and grabs my wrist.

"No, you're going to wait right here while I call the cops." He has a tight grip on my wrist, dragging me through the apartment while he searches his bags for his cell phone. "What the hell makes you think you can just break into someone else's apartment and get away with it?! Not get in trouble for it?! What is wrong with you?! How long have you been here?" Pulling me through the entrance way still searching, I'm trying to wiggle free, but he grips tighter.

"I was only here five minutes, not even", I plead.

"You couldn't even wait five minutes. You could have just asked me" he growls back at me.

"I'm so sorry, please just let me go and you'll never hear from me again."

He's mumbling to himself "Why can I never find my phone when I need it. What were you looking for anyway?"

"Does it matter?" I say, as he continues to scour through his stuff while maintain a grip on my wrist. I'm still trying to wiggle from his grip. I succeed in getting loose, I run for the door, but he beats me to it and prevents me from leaving. "Please I beg you, have mercy on me, I didn't take anything, I was looking for something I left here when I was younger under the floorboard of the bedroom closet. But the landlord had the floors redone and I couldn't get to it. I didn't mean any harm."

"You couldn't just wait a few minutes and ask permission? You could have come when you knew someone was home and just asked for permission!"

"Please I don't know what I was thinking."

He finally spots his phone, which I assume had fallen on the floor when he was scouring his bags. "Ah hah!"

"Please I am begging, I will do ANYTHING, please don't call cops." He pushed 911 on his phone, but hasn't hit send yet.

"Please, don't call, I'll do anything, anything you want me to do, just please don't call the cops."

"Anything?" I spot him checking out my breast, and I immediately feel dirty. "Anything, I can't afford to get in trouble." There is only silence now while he seems to be contemplating this option. Is he willing to work a deal? Question is what is he thinking?

"Anything?" He asks me. He seems to be thinking it more to himself than really asking me.

More reluctant to answer, I say "Anything" He points to the middle cabinet over the kitchen sink, tells me to grab a tumbler and fill it half way with the scotch that's in the fridge. I'm not sure what to say to him. What could he possibly want me to do? I hand it to him. Takes a sip, and motions for me to follow him into the entrance way. He sets down his glass and tells me to unbutton his shirt, and hang it up the closet that is in the entrance way. After doing so. He just stares at me, looks me up and down, pausing for a few seconds at my breast. It's hard not to feel violated, or timid. Although part of me is enjoying the attention, the naughtiness of it. He's now wearing a black undershirt. I can smell his scent as I remove his shirt. He smells really good. Not perfumed, but clean. He's really attractive, I love his lips. But I really can't help but wonder what kind of guy this is.

He motions for me to follow him into the living room. He stands in the corner and tells me to walk over to the window and shut the blinds. As I'm doing so, he's just watching me. He's enjoying this. When I'm done, I turn to him and look at him waiting to find out what he wants me to do next. I catch his stare, instantly I feel like a giddy school girl. He tells me he wants me to come to him. I'm hesitant, but I do. He then says "Take off my pants" I unbuckle the leather belt, pull on one side till it has been freed from all the loops; I drop the belt on the floor with

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Breaking and Entering gets you a story never told


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Sep 3 @ 7:37PM  
Nooooo don't let it end there.. post the rest!!!

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Breaking and Entering gets you a story never told