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ladies that squirt

posted 9/2/2007 6:00:46 PM |
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tagged: squirt

hey guys you ever get a squirter and how big of a squirter was she ? ladies can you squirt ? if so how ? with i vibrator or in the middle of sex

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Sep 2 @ 6:02PM  
I have only ever squirted a couple times during sex, just learning how to do this, and am getting better at it with practice!

Sep 2 @ 6:05PM  
my answer is how wet do you wish to get? it is rare but but happens of course you know. if your not careful you may drown. seriously it is excting for him if you dont expect it and it happens more than once.

Sep 2 @ 6:13PM  
ok well the reason i asked is because i put a woman in the hospital , no word of a lie she was in her 40s and she never had cum so much before. the next day she said she wasnt feeling well so she told me she was going to go to the hospital and she did. later that night i called her and she told me , she sounded cheerful so i knew it was bad but they doctor told her she was dehydrated and needed an
I V. then the doctor asked her if she had done any vigorous activites in the last few days , so i started laughing and said did you tell them you go your brians fuck out , she yelled no , lol ,

Sep 2 @ 6:28PM  
I've never been with a squirter, although it sounds fun.

Sep 2 @ 7:16PM  
Been with 5 that have done this

Sep 2 @ 7:27PM  
Oh wow.. i like this one, i am a squirter and it happens rarely but when it does, i tend to get dehydrated as well... The best way is to hit the g-spot and then it comes....

Sep 2 @ 7:42PM  
I squirt everytime I have an orgasm with penetration only tho, whether it's your fingers, toy, or penis.... so much so I can cover you, and, everything. Never got dehyradated tho, or ended up in the hospital.

Sep 2 @ 7:48PM  
this is going good , if ya got the time give some details

Sep 2 @ 8:02PM  
Details ... Okay - the way I have gotten the ladies to explode is to rub my dick on their clit really fast for several minutes, and while doing this they have several O's, and I can feel the warm juices squirting out on my hand and on my dick. It makes their eyes roll to the back of their heads, and I don't think they even know they're doing it until after the fact.

I was in the back seat of this gal's blazer doing the deed, and when we finished, her dress was soaked on the backside, and she was freaking cuz she was afraid her kids would see her when she got home .. Another gal thought I had pissed the bed, and I was like sorry honey you just had too much fun .. The next time we got horizontal she brought a beach towel to bed . I have had to flip my mattress on a couple of occassions to . Is this TMI .. Good luck men

Sep 2 @ 8:11PM  
is to rub my dick on their clit really fast for several minutes, and while doing this they have several O's, and I can feel the warm juices squirting out on my hand and on my dick.

That would never make me squirt. Cum, but not squirt. My Squirting comes from inside stimulation not clitoral

Sep 2 @ 8:34PM  
I also have to have penetration with something to squirt....and only with the first 6 or 7 strokes...but that's enough to soak him and the bed!

Sep 2 @ 8:45PM  
I also have to have penetration to squirt.....and it only lasts for about 6 or 7 good strokes...But that is enough to get him and the sheets really wet!

Sep 2 @ 9:33PM  
Hello all, i have been very busy and wanted to give out some very important
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the following facts concerning the past time of"horizontal recreation "
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thats about 180 inches, or 15 feet.
If the female takes this three times a week ,she takes a total of 45 feet a
week, 2340 feet a year. there are 5,280 feet to a mile this meaning she
takes a half mile of cock a year.

LADIES ! TAKE NOTICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If your man or boy friend has a penis six inches or less,
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Sep 2 @ 9:33PM  
hmm have have a few do this....the one most memorable would eventully pass out...and i'd THINK dehydration....but .....not quite........very erotic n hot thou...

Sep 2 @ 9:46PM  

Sep 2 @ 9:49PM  
not to change the subject but my friend was having sex with a girl and every time she came she would pass out , i mean out! that ever happen to anyone ? i know some ladies could have a orgasm so big that they could pass out for a quick minit but he told me she would be out for about 5 minits then go back at it again ,lol

Sep 2 @ 10:04PM  
I am a squirter and it gets more frequent when a female knows her body well. It can become more frequent when a lady know where to touch and how to touch it. I've ranged from small to gushing. I think it is a great ability and a big turn on to men. Although I've never passed out from it. I've felt like it was mind blowing and total relaxation afterward. Then again, It can be done multiple times, if done right. It's really cool when a female or male can figure it out.

Sep 2 @ 10:13PM  
I have and and continue to cum. For me to have my clit licked, sucked etc. and have my G spot stimulated manually. I gush a load and can fill up the mouth on my pussy. Some women pee when having orgasm others actually cum. Lots of gals don't know that we can cum also.

Sep 2 @ 10:14PM  
any of you ladies have after shakes ? after the big orgasm they shake about once a minit until they fall asleep ,lol its kinda funny because you know they cant get it better then that

Sep 2 @ 10:17PM  
ohhhhhh to funny........Well I guess Im gettin more then the average female........lmao I am not a squirter but have been told by a couple that they could make me squirt tho yet have never experienced it......from them nor from any other...........Would love for a female to be the one to make me squirt........Ohhh Im so damn horny! Its pethetic!

Feel free to send all BI_FEMALES to Fort Leanord Wood Missouri............. They wont regret it lmao........ I know Im bad.........but Im so damn good at it!

Sep 2 @ 10:20PM  
Never been with one, and the way things are going, probably never will.

Sep 3 @ 7:30PM  
im thinkin if a girl is squirting she has a kink in her hose!!! you train yourself to do this?????

Sep 3 @ 8:14PM  
somone told me that a friend of hers was with somone and she squirted and it stunk . al ladies do not stink like that. it all on a woamn taking care of herself . would some of you other ladies and guys comment on this ?

Sep 3 @ 10:47PM  
Yes, I'm a squirter!!

The man and I were on my breezeway talking, I turned the porch light off. I straddled him on the lawn chair, he unzipped my jeans, in slid his hand to play finger fuck with my pussy. I squirted over and over again so much that my jeans were totally soaked and so were his.

He was floored.

Sep 3 @ 10:51PM  
CUMAN...I have to disagree with you. Squirting started for me in my 40's, there was no training involved. It just happened and now I can't shut it off.


Sep 4 @ 6:58PM  
When I have been aroused for a good long while.. squirting is immediate.. otherwise it takes that 180 inches to get me there.

Sep 5 @ 9:41PM  
I had a layed-back chopper when I was a kid, My girlfriend would just soak the back of my t-shirt when we road...I had to carry extras in my saddlebags! Great Blog! Great Comments!

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ladies that squirt