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What to do??

posted 8/31/2007 9:48:02 AM |
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tagged: relationship

As some of you know my FWB will be moving shortly. I made a decision not to do another one, I really like him he is so much fun to be with. I am going to miss him alot but being friends and having sex hurts anyway. He makes me feel special when we get together but I feel like he isn't going to say goodbye??

Sooooo I was on here yesterday talking to my friends and a IM screen popped up from a man (attractive) who lives on the other side of town. Well we talked for over an hour he's looking for a you guessed it a FWB Well I said I was looking for a forever man. We proceeded to talk and he said he was wanting a woman for just one on one?? Okay am i dense or isn't that a relationship?? Which is what I replied with...Well he asked a few personal (sex) questions and yeah I answered then told him I had to get ready for work.

Got home last night was checkin mail and he popped up again at the same time an old boyfriend popped up! Well the old boyfriend really fucked me (just went MIA) disappeared then stood me up when he came around again So I told the old one he really should ask me out to dinner cause I'm not just a fuck! So he asked when my days off are. I told him

Now the question???? WHAT to do?? Should I just roll with the new guy?? Or allow the old one back in??? okay you guess HELP!!!

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Aug 31 @ 10:01AM  
i say fuck em both just keep your heart tucked away safe.

Aug 31 @ 10:07AM  
You know the old saying..... fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

Having said that......... why do you have to choose now? Go out with both of them (not on the same night, of course) and dont' sleep with either of them right away. 2 or 3 dates will make your decision a lot easier.

Aug 31 @ 10:12AM  
Ok--this may not be the right thing to say on a sex site BUT how about a few dates with both of them. Nothing says you need to be sleeping with either of them. And see which one you like the best or your best suited with. Personally, I think old boyfriend has already showed his true colors, by going MIA and standing you up, but if you feel he has changed, date him. Unfortunately, I really believe when someone becomes an Ex (in any type of relationship) that they should remain there, but thats Me. I am not sure what the situation was with the two of you. Take time to get to know both of them would be my advice. If one of them is meant to be you will know in time. Hope this helps.

Aug 31 @ 10:14AM  
OMG--I took so long that slohand got to comment before me.............and we agreed thats scary


Aug 31 @ 10:14AM  
Should I just roll with the new guy?? Or allow the old one back in??? okay you guess HELP!!!

funnygirls answer is ONE option ................and IF you can't do THAT then remember ...sooner or later they remind us WHY they're ex's

Aug 31 @ 10:22AM  
Roll with the new guy, well maybe not right away, wait a few.


Aug 31 @ 10:31AM  
Get to know the new one. Piss on the ex. We know how those one's work out. They never do.

Take the advice you always give me.


Sick of men and the games they play.

Aug 31 @ 10:36AM  
Hey, Dayna....... U snooz, U lose.

You can't stay on top of things if you're making googly eyes at Max all day

Unless your staying on top of max....... then the week in review might turn into the month in review.

Aug 31 @ 10:59AM  
let both of them go if you are looking for a "forever man". sounds like neither of them possess the qualities that you are seeking.................NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aug 31 @ 1:01PM  
hmmmm, I say date them both, but don't let them know about eachother, because if you do, they may try harder than usual to get your affections and it wouldn't be a real representation of themsleves. I only say this, cause your ex might try really hard to get you back, then slip back into old patterns if he does get you back.

Just my two cents. I wish I was or had an FWB.

Aug 31 @ 1:48PM  
Lisa you are too beautiful a person to settle for second best. I don't think the ex deserves any more chances. I am sure he just expects you to come running again because he waggled his little finger in your direction. Don't do it. If he is serious about you he will keep trying if not then no loss. As for the new guy give him a chance maybe he really doesn't know what he wants and is starting out cautiously. He may have been burned in the past too.
What ever you decide you have my love and support. Not to mention my phone number...... Love ya Kimmie.

Aug 31 @ 2:46PM  
Speaking frankly as a man....and this is my opinion, and I take full responsibility for it...The old one, apparently, has hit a dry spell, and is looking to break it..I'd say forget the old one...and lightly follow the new one to see where it leads.

Aug 31 @ 2:48PM  
I say... have fun! If you had fun with the old one... go have fun! Just be cautious with your feelings b/c you know what could happen. Go out with the new guy and see what happens.

You never know! You're not committed to either of them... so why the need to choose?

Aug 31 @ 4:55PM  
Don't settle, Lisa. You deserve way better than that.
I have tried to rekindle that history with an ex, just didn't go anywhere. Like someone already said there's a reason they're an ex.
One on one may mean just not sleeping around with others but not even considering a committment or wanting to go anywhere else either. Find out before you allow your emotions to get involved.Hell, you might not even like each other. Or you might blow his world apart and he may find something in you that he never knew existed..........
And no one said you had to have sex with either of them.
Only you can decide what to do, Sweetie......
Good Luck.

Sep 5 @ 11:20AM  
just be honest with the new guy , if you decide to date the old one also

Dec 11 @ 11:19AM  
Maam just thought I would put my two cents in. Why would you want to get go with one that is not what you are looking for to start with and why would you want to stay with one that does the same thing. Neither is offering what you are wanting so why have either? To big of a world out there to not find what you are really looking for so go look it's there loss.

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