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Ok question about the good ol days...

posted 8/30/2007 10:54:37 AM |
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Ok I have grown up in a generation that has always had t.v. For almost my whole life there has been a crack/drug epidemic in every major city of the U.S. I am used to certain things just always having been this way.

So when I watch some Brady Bunch, or Leave it to beaver type shit, I jus can't relate to it. I jus don't believe in those Wonderful Life days when life in this country was in that 1950's everybody's a good person and can suceed (spelling) if they try type bullshit. So honestly was life ever like that or is that an image the media want's us to believe so we can wish everything was good like back in those days?

Whats your opinion, was the country ever like that, or were small towns jus like that, or is it all total bullshit?

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Aug 30 @ 11:40AM  
The "good ole days" really need to stay where they are. In the past. l
Leave it to Beaver and Father Knows Best and all those type TV shows are tyically bullshit. The 50's and 60's were rough times. I, personally never would want to go back and relive them. Some good memories but that's as far as I want to travel back.

The world and the US has its share of problems but is the weathiest country in the world. People don't appreciate or can even imagine what our parents and grandparents went through in the "Great Depression." Or other times. Many of us have it too easy now. Money is abundant for those who seek it. Credit is way to easy. People aren't held accountable for their actions. Americans have the worst weight and medical problems in the world based on all the options we have to prevent it. Did anyone here know that back before the 70's the "cause of death" on many death certificate's was listed as GOK (God only knows). Or some Dr. made a guess at cause of death if he wasn't sure.

The type of propaganda those TV shows portrayed was the ideal family and environment. I recall it more toward the man of the family is the supreme being and everyone best adhere to his wants and ways or the consequences were severe. Women had no say. Children should be seen and not heard. Born and raised for the work they could perform to help out the family. Then booted out when they came of age to be out on their own if they show no continuing value. The girls were expected to marry into a situation that would benefit them all. If a war broke out you had no choice but to go. It was called the draft.

Was every family like that? No. But none that I know of that fit the TV descriptions either. I learned and maintained a lot from growing up in those times. A good work ethic and hopefully never lost sight of how much I have advanced in this life. These times are the greatest I have lived in so far. Life is what your willing to make of it. Too many have the oppertunites available, just too damned lazy to persue them. Plus too easy to be lazy and unproductive. We won't let them starve or place then on "poor farms" anymore. It's against their civil rights.

That's my piece and I'm sticking to it.......................Thanks for the giving me the oppertunity to rant and rave a little.

Aug 30 @ 12:05PM  
well I was born in 1960! and yeah my mom wore dresses for years! I remember coming home and watching her iron. Was it a piece of cake no but I am grateful I grew up when I did. My neighbors were just that we knew them all!! my mom trusted them to correct us if wrong or whip us if rude! Yeah I'm glad I had my childhood when I did! Thanks mom I love you!

Aug 30 @ 12:10PM  
Okay, I realize I'm really old..but I can only go back so far. lol
The only thing I can tell you is when I grew up there weren't crack houses on every block. I had never heard of gang bangers. We could ride our bicycles across town to our friends houses without the fear of being shot by a drive by or getting caught in the middle of a drug deal going bad. And we didn't have to worry about someone knocking us off our bikes and taking them.
If someone did get shot or killed it effected everyone to the core. Not just "geez that's too bad." And go on because we were so immuned to it.
Brady Bunch scenerio,,,,,,,maybe to a point. Was life perfect? Hell no, not at all. If we had a fight with a friend we fought it out and were best friends the next day. No one took a gun to school for revenge.We all played together in the streets and in the neighborhood.
I have grandchildren and I wish a lot of things were back like they were then, for their safety.And so they could just enjoy being a kid.
I'm answering questions about the good ole days... Okay, I need to go take my Geritol now. lol

Aug 30 @ 1:08PM  
I didn't live in the "good ol' days" at all... not at all. But instead of being scared of being held up at gun point or my kids shot while riding their bike downt he road... I moved, to a town where everyone still gets along... if something tragic happens in town most of the time you find some connection to that person, and everyone who can helps... Its not the smallest town by any means, but its a good town.

I hate that my generation is growing up the way it is... I'm not saying I'm perfect by any means... I did my share of smokin pot and what not... but I never got into any huge fist fights or gun fights or anything.

I'm glad things aren't like they were in the 50's... or at least the way the media makes it out to be... but we could have a little compromise.

I'm still on the "honor system" type of thinking... if I meet someone new - they have my full trust and friendship until I get screwed over, and a lot of times I do get screwed over... Hell, recently, I was the one who had their boyfriend come to the apartment with a gun to end my life, but fortunatly it didn't happen. But I still believe there is some level of good in everyone, and I will try my damnest to pull that out of them! :o)

Aug 30 @ 1:14PM  
At 65yrs old I will tell you not much has really changed(people wise)!Booze(the main problem),speed,opiem,herion,ect,ect, were problems before I was born to!
Violence,robberies,ect,ect, ditto!
Infact--overall we are safer then we've ever been!
You see;We never used to even hear what went on in the town/city 50 miles from us Let along half way around the world!
So much has allways depended of the luck of the draw(What family you were born into)& of course money to a LARGE extent!
The real differances now are the mass media When you are ignorant of the FACTS -Of course you feel safer(even when your not)!
It was a faults sence of secerity!!
Groups such as media,Churches,Some Polititions,Corperations,ect,ect have figured out that by frieghting the population they can gain Power,MONEY,&Control over mass #s of us!
But only if we let them!
Think about things before reacting in fearful-negitive ways!

Aug 30 @ 1:17PM  
Ps: TV,movies ect. have&still do excagerate things(good&bad)---Thats entertainment!!

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Ok question about the good ol days...