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What Rights Do You Have???

posted 8/30/2007 10:46:36 AM |
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By Jerome R. Corsi
© 2007

David Nabarro is new U.N. system influenza coordinator
The Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America summit in Canada released a plan that establishes U.N. law along with regulations by the World Trade Organization and World Health Organization as supreme over U.S. law during a pandemic and sets the stage for militarizing the management of continental health emergencies.

The "North American Plan for Avian & Pandemic Influenza" was finalized at the SPP summit last week in Montebello, Quebec.

At the same time, the U.S. Northern Command, or NORTHCOM, has created a webpage dedicated to avian flu and has been running exercises in preparation for the possible use of U.S. military forces in a continental domestic emergency involving avian flu or pandemic influenza.

With virtually no media attention, in 2005 President Bush shifted U.S. policy on avian flu and pandemic influenza, placing the country under international guidelines not specifically determined by domestic agencies.

The policy shift was formalized Sept. 14, 2005, when Bush announced a new International Partnership on Avian and Pandemic Influenza to a High-Level Plenary Meeting of the U.N. General Assembly, in New York.

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What Rights Do You Have???


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Aug 30 @ 11:25AM  
Fortunately we (still)have 2nd amendment rights so the U.N. will have to pacify the areas they intend to seize from the U.S.

It might be bad for their image...or not, depends which side the media takes.

Aug 30 @ 12:11PM  
Definitely missing the point here boys. If avian influenza becomes a pandemic strain, MILLIONS OF PEOPLE WILL BE DEAD WITHIN A WEEK.

This strain has been lethal in over 65% of reported human cases in those cases the sick person lived less than a week after contracting the disease.

You really might want to google the definition of PANDEMIC, before you worry about what the government would be doing in this situation.

You are way way better off worrying about what you would do.

Aug 30 @ 12:35PM  
Well it sounds like 65% of us would die. See know I don't have to worry about what to do, jus if I'ma get to do anything. Not to worried bout the bird flu though, ATL is havin a west nile virus scare though. Ah, so many disease to worry about, so little time.

Aug 30 @ 5:38PM  
We like to bitch about our rights being violated, but let me just say, I hear of an epidemic of anything in any city, town or country.. I don't want those people coming to my home. Just like locking up the dude with the highly untreatable form of TB.. sorry bout his luck. Sad that his civil rights have been violated, but baby let me tell ya.. I'm damned glad he isn't coming into contact with me or my family.

Can't have it both ways. You can have your civil rights at all times or.. you can have a country that takes care of epidemics before it becomes pandemic. I don't see our government shooting everyone who is ill.. but I can indeed see them putting a lockdown on a certain town or county or whatever.

In summation, your rights end where it becomes detrimental to my rights to life, and the pursuit of happiness.

Aug 30 @ 7:19PM  
millions will die...pandemic...just like the swine flue back in the day....


if you stay hydrated...and have even remote access to OTC'll be hatin' life while it's coming out both ends...but you'll live

the elderly, the (very) young and the immune-compromised are the only ones that will need more than that.

the VAST majority of historic flu deaths were due to dehydration. period.
the VAST majority of influenza-related deaths in modern times in first-world nations is due to secondary pneumonia - not viral pneumonia...just a secondary infection.

unless you live without access to clean water....don't worry so much. if you don't have access to clean water and sanitary latrines - well, i'd rank that problem higher on my priority list than avian flu.

but hey - gotta sell that vaccine, right? :)


Aug 30 @ 8:14PM  
The US needs to stop funding the UN, tell them they can no longer use the facilities in the US. Then contact Britian and arrange a new type of organization where the US and Britian are the ones in charge. Only admitting countries that have a democratic elected government in place.

The UN has never stopped an atrocities in the world they just line their own pockets with the funds. By the way the US funds almost 70% of the UN costs.

The UN is a joke to mankind. Just ask all the resisdents in Africia and Malaysia that are and have been victims of genocide and civil war for years now.

Aug 31 @ 8:12AM  
Plaid... look I'm not an alarmist or anything, and actually I don't think this strain will go pandemic. But, you comment shows you are not very well informed about the symptoms and processes of this particular type of flu. I think anyone interested in what's really going on with it should check out the World Health Org. website on it.

There is no epidemic or pandemic on this... But if the thing mutates and stays this virulent, AND THAT'S A HUGE "IF"...

You won't be quite as non-chalant... and BTW there currently is no vaccine for this strain. A regular flu shot would be no protection if you caught this tomorrow.

Aug 31 @ 8:33AM  
And BTW since none of you are taking me up on the look-up of the definition of PANDEMIC I'll give ya a freaking hint.

It means the disease is easily and readily transmittable between individuals and SPECIES. That's all.

So far this strain of Avian Flu is not... as a human you got to work pretty hard to get it from a bird. And you have to work even harder to get it from another human. The strain will become PANDEMIC when it's easy to get it from both birds and humans.

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What Rights Do You Have???