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posted 8/28/2007 5:51:16 PM |
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tagged: erotic

It started out with you coming over to watch a movie with me. Just us hanging out, spending time with each other. You showed up wearing this hot little form fitting top, showing off those wonderful breast, that beautiful neck line. With just as a form fitting little skirt. We made small talk, laughed, huged. Then sat down to watch a movie, on some kind of coutch/ futon type thing. We sat next to each other, holding hands, getting closer, and closer intill you was right next to me. With your body fitting so nicely next to mine, me putting my hand of the exposed skin of your knee. And you gently stroking my face. Slowly, as the movie progressed, my hand wondered further up your thigh, pushing the skirt up with it. When I reached your mid thigh, the once closed legs began to slowly open. As I reached in to stroke your inner thigh, you moved your hand against my crotch as if to be unwittingly itching a scratch. The futon kept my hand closest to you from reaching any further up your leg, so you began pushing your self down, edging my hand closer to its goal. At this point we turned to each other and started kissing. This allowed us to reach our hands that were furthest away from each other across and give us better maneuvering. Our hands closest each other, now against the futon back moved from their original positions and began holding each other's heads as our kissing became more passionate and rub up and down each other's bodies. Your other hand was against my chest and I placed mine back to your thigh where I had left off. Slowly I worked my way up your inner thigh as you widened your legs to give me access.As my one hand found it's way between your legs, the other was on your side discretely rubbing the side of those large breast. The tension was building as we wanted so badly to go further. So once my hand reached your panties, I rubbed next them where your leg joined the pelvis, and all around your now soaking pussy without actually touching it. As you rubbed your hands all over my body, I continued to tease your pussy making you want me more and more. As we continued it became more and more difficult to withhold. My hand near your breast moved around to your tight stomach, then upward to caress the underside of your large mounds strapped tightly in that form fitting shirt. As I became more and more anxious, I began to cup the underside of your boob and lightly pass my fingers over your warm pussy. Finally we couldn't hold back any longer. You grabbed my crotch an started rubbing my cock through my pants. I firmly grasped your breast and slid my fingers along the fabric covered slit. The moment my hand touched your pussy you let out a long moan, releasing the pent up sexual energy that had been building up for so long. After a minute we realized that if we were going to do this, we might as well do it right. So I started to undress your beautiful body when you said "hold on". You then went into the bathroom. A few minutes later, you returned in very skimpy and sexy lingerie that tied on the sides. It was so damn hot.You came in and seductively crawled up on my lap... making sure to lick at my cock and pull my shirt off on the way up. You playfully bit then licked my bottom lip. I ran my hands up your legs and around to your ass as we locked lips. You kissed my mouth with your tongue as I slid my hands up your back and then back down. I grabed your ass and pulled you to me with both hands causing you to raise, putting my face at your chest just below the neck and above your breasts.I broke our kiss and moved down your neck to nibble on it. I worked my way down and around the neck, licking and sucking as I fondled and squeezed your barely covered boobs with my hands. I gradually kissed lower and lower to your chest. I reached around and pulled the string holding the top together as I kissed and licked your deep cleavage and the top of the mounds. When I pulled the draw string, your perfect breasts were finally released from their imprisonment. The top fell, revealing your quarter sized tits centered perfectly on firm mounds. I messaged your right breast as I cupped the left breast and kissed the nipple causing you to arch your back and take in a deep breath. I sucked at it making sure to give equal attention to the other nipple. The more I lapped at it, the more you would arch her back, raising your self to my mouth, rubbing your barely covered pussy along my abs.I grabbed your ass and worked my kisses back up to your mouth. You moved back down to my lap, keeping up the humping motions. Working your kissing down my chest and stomach to my lap. You unfasten my belt and pants, pulling them off. The you glazed your teeth over the head of my now fully erect penis and licked at the shaft through my boxers. Then you looped your hands in the waist band and pulled my shorts down. My cock sprung out to both her and my delight. Once you had me completely naked, you lunged back for my cock. Now on your knees in front of me as I sat back on the futon, you took the base of my cock in your hand and licked at the head teasingly... driving me crazy. You continued to kiss and lick up and down the shaft. Finally you once again grabbed the base firmly and shoved it hungrily into your mouth. Your tongue swirled around it as you sucked it in and out, jacking me off at the same time. After a few minutes of this, you asked me to fuck your boobs.You then squatted on the floor, leaned back against the futon and raised that ass in the air, making you close to parallel to the floor. I then straddled you and placed my cock between those nice breast as you squeezed them together. As I stroked back and forth between your breasts, you would lick and lap at my cock when it approached your mouth. After a few minutes, I helped you up and worked my way down that amazing firm body, kissing deeply. As I did, I brought my hand slowly up your inner thigh. As I reached higher, you widened your stance to allow me access. I took the drawstring that tied the panties together on the side in my mouth and began to pull it. The panties fell revealing the real surprise you had in store for me. You had shaved, completely bald. You asked if I liked it and I said "I liked it more than you know". You looked so hot. Bald, wet, glistening with juices that were now running down the leg.I kissed at the mound above the lips and worked my way down to your slit. as I knelt before you, I raised one of your legs in order to taste the sweet pussy.You placed one leg on the futon and I leaned in licking up your leg toward the treasure box. When I reached it, I licked all around without touching it to tease you. Finally I could tell you couldn't stand it any longer. And I thrust my tongue into the hot hole and licked up your slit, flicking that little bud. You shivered as I lapped up your juices, covering my face.You stopped me after only a few minutes though, telling me you wanted us to take our time. You had me sit back on the f

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