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posted 8/25/2007 12:32:21 PM |
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How's that for a sex/dating/personals name? I am considering starting my own web site. Oh it's not for myself, I am perfectly content here. I have friends here that share my views and outlook. However I am noticing more and more unsatisfied members abound here in our AMD community. This new site will be strictly for those that feel they are far superior to the members here. Whether that superiority be in intelligence, worldly ideas or experience, and of course lets not leave out those "beautiful people" that feel none of the members here match up to their idea of the perfect mate. I'll have it set up so that if you are oh say an old overly educated crone, no one under the age of 60 and not in possession of a PHD could contact you at all as they are obviously beneath you. Or if you are young and one of the "beautiful people" well of course no one average looks would be allowed to contact you. When you sign up, you'll be offered the option of viewing naked pictures if they are posted, so if nudity is offensive to you, well you just won't ever be subjected to it! There will be entire sections for those seeking only casual meaningless sex, I wouldn't want you offended by someone seeking a long term relationship contacting you! So you could conceivably block anyone seeking a relationship longer than 2 hrs from ever viewing your profile much less contacting you. There will be additional features so that if you find any race offensive, well you've got it, they can't contact you either! If you don't want to receive "wanna fuck" email, there'll be a blocking option for that. You will only be able to receive emails with a minimum of 100 words. Of course I'm still working on getting bugs out if they type wanna fuck 50 times. It's hard to totally police the content of all email messages. As for blogging, well all comments will be approved in advance, you will still have the option to remove them if you find them disturbing or not in agreement with your original blog, but only after 10 minutes of being visible. It is only respectful that the person commenting get to see their comment for a brief period of time before it is deleted. As for profile names, in an effort to to not cause any undue attention from unwanted, you will not be allowed to pick your own profile name, everyone will be a number. This way if you don't want to be fucked hard tonight, well you won't be bothered by those that thought you did because you were having a crazy moment when you enrolled and picked that as your profile name. Of course while the site will be free to join and use there will be age and ID verification, just to make certain you are who you are. This will also stop that nasty little habit some have of leaving and coming back as someone else! Any other suggestions or ideas will be taken into consideration! So if you are one of the truly unhappy, bitching, moaning, shit stirring members here, take hope soon there will be place just for people like you!

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Aug 25 @ 12:43PM  
Does this mean that we who are happy here will no longer be subject to those who so obviously don't like this site? Or will we have them still coming back and gloating about how superior they are. Will this site be only for people from US or will it be open to anyone who hates this country and will hopefully be moving out of it soon? Does this mean that people who are of the 'Chosen" ones, due to intelligence, beauty, and financial well being will no longer be forced to 'lower" themselves to the common people? Wow this site is starting to sound good, problem is they still won't get laid or find a relationship, because no matter how wonderful they think themselves to be, thier attitude, personality and disposition will still reflect who they really are. Of course, now if they could just learn to keep thier mouths shut.................................ah, to dream the impossible dream.

Great Blog, Stormy. And I'm going to sneak you a kudo and pay pudge back next week as I am giving him all my kudos for a week.

Aug 25 @ 12:48PM  
Sounds like a plan to me! Great blog.

Aug 25 @ 12:54PM  
Uhh, and will you be starting this site Soon? No, I'm not going anywhere. But there are a few people I'd like to send there. Or ummm, I mean would feel more comfortable there.
if you are oh say an old overly educated crone, no one under the age of 60 and not in possession of a PHD could contact you at all as they are obviously beneath you.
Yeap, that would be one of them..... And don't get me wrong, I think being highly educated is great!! But not when you seem to stand on all those books you learned from and look down on others.
Good blog, Stormy. And I don't care who the kudo whore is this week, I'm giving you one of mine.

Aug 25 @ 1:01PM  
Woo Hoo!! kudos for me!!! I could very easily become the kudo whore here! Let Pee Pee Head, uh, I mean Buster and Pudge blog for their own damn kudos!

Aug 25 @ 1:03PM  
I love it... could we please send an invite to the guy that has (a direct quote)......

someone who is going to be there for me.. unconditional love! good looks a must!! NO HEAVY WOMEN, NEED TO APPLY!!! sorry, I have high standards.

Because we all know if you aren't gorgeous or have a few extra pounds you don't get that Grade A stamp on your ass....

Aug 25 @ 1:06PM  
I can see it now. With all of the filters and compatibility eliminators, people go online and it would only reveal the people that fit the modes.
That would mean the number of people on line would generally be one. The person could then go into the chat room and write blurbs back and forth to themselves secure in the knowledge that they won't be offended, or offend the other party and there would be complete agreement on the point of view presented. Happiness would abound!

Aug 25 @ 1:09PM  
That would mean the number of people on line would generally be one.
You have a valid point, Bruce. But in all reality would be nice if we could be reassured they wouldnt procreate anyway.

Aug 25 @ 1:11PM  
Redhead, I think I should offer him free upgrades for at least one month!

Of course Bruce, how could they be unhappy!? Only people that were looking for exactly what you were looking for, looked perfect according to their ideal, had at least an equal education could contact them!

Now Dayna, I don't think legally I could force birth control on anyone simply because they signed up. However shipments of condoms on a monthly basis to all members along with spermacide might be another option in an effort to slow down the birth rate increase! Well only members that signed up for that option of course! Wouldn't want to offend anyone with condoms, foam or dental dams arriving in their mailbox!

Aug 25 @ 1:44PM  
An excellent idea....I do believe you've covered all the bases...except for the gender hiding me know if you have any trouble finding a website host or need any design help....

Aug 25 @ 2:09PM  
Actually the gender hiding would be eliminated as well! With age and ID verification (which already exists on some sites) there would be no more getting to know someone for months before you found out they were not the gender you thought they were! There would be no more 15 yr old posing as 21! No more 60 yr olds posing as 45! The scammmers from Nigeria or Russia would be slowed down considerably!

Aug 25 @ 3:04PM  
Only one problem, those people think they are perfectly normal and other people are nuts, and with all those restrictions no one would signup.

Aug 25 @ 4:04PM  
Hell I like it. Where do i go to sign up?

Aug 25 @ 4:16PM  
Do ya think that other squirrels will sign up? I mean, that's the one thing that AMD is missing.. more squirrels.

Aug 25 @ 4:47PM  


Aug 25 @ 7:38PM  
We need more squirrels around here. I mean we all know there too many cocks here. But squirrels, we need more, especially lil squirrels with sombreros and a bottle of tequila.....

Aug 25 @ 11:50PM  
I don't wanna join unless there are boots, squirrels, sheep and panties....they stir my loins...

Aug 26 @ 10:09AM  
Yep, only one would join! Great Blog!!!

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