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Cut or Uncut?

posted 8/21/2007 11:04:04 PM |
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I have been thinking about this alot lately because of differing opinions I have heard from guys, so I figured this would be a good place to discuss it. I have a question for everyone...which do you prefer??
Cut...or...uncut? And when I say which do you prefer it can be either looks or how it feels or anything other type of preference you might have.
If you do not have any experience with one or the other I don't think you can have a real preference unless it is only a visual preference, but feel free to comment anyway.
I would also like to hear from the you ever wish that you could change whether or not you were cut/uncut? Do you notice that women tend to prefer one over the other? I am intrigued.

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Aug 21 @ 11:11PM  
most men never had a choice in the matter, it was done when they were an infant, how would they know the difference??????

Aug 21 @ 11:12PM  
In Texas.....u dont cut the steak........u jus chew it very well...........

Aug 21 @ 11:15PM  
of the women I have heard from they say they prefer cut. then again they may say the reverse to the uncut. maybe you should just listen to the womens response on this one.

Aug 21 @ 11:16PM  
Not really, I always heard cut is less disease and infection.

Aug 21 @ 11:16PM  
Smile.. it doesn't matter really.. most guys in the states are cut.. not all but a lot.. Smile I do like the uncut look.. it is more natural and no scar tissue that usually is what makes the twists we see so often. I have actually done a small amount of research and there is a whole community of men who are working to get their foreskin to stretch over the head again.. The details that have gone into the research and what happens to guys if I ever had a son ha ha ha I think I am too old now but I would not cut him.. I think I would leave it alone and the though of a knife near that part of my son makes me cringe.. I am thankful I had girls and did not have to travel that road..

Aug 21 @ 11:17PM  
My grandson was born a year ago June. Before he was born there was a hot debate between my daughter and her husband about it. So I came up here and put the question out there like you are doing.
There were 15 to 20 responses as I recall. About a third did not address the issue of their preference as woman but rather whether they circumcised their son. Well, that was off topic and evenly split. What remained pretty much was half saying it did not matter, and half saying uncut was a deal breaker. The undercurrent within that, even in the didn't matter group, was that many had no interest in oral with an uncut guy.
Young Ashton, BTW, was cut.

Aug 21 @ 11:17PM  
I didn't say they could or would know the difference, I asked if they would change it if they could.
If they are cut, did they ever wish that they were uncut because they think there are certain advantages to it? If they are uncut, do they ever wonder what it would be like to be cut and consider getting surgery to get circumcised?

Aug 21 @ 11:19PM  
Oh, I was kind of off topic. I am glad I was cut due to the number of women I knew that would not go down on a guy that wasn't.

Aug 21 @ 11:20PM  
I have had both, and dont care either way as long as the uncut guy keeps himself clean, its all good! Both ways are sexy as hell, just my HMO!

Aug 21 @ 11:22PM  
I have been with both, and yes thier can be problems of infection if they dont keep it clean, I was always told an uncut man was more sensitive on the head of it than ones who were. Me I dont care as long as its clean!!

Aug 21 @ 11:30PM  
never had uncut...

Aug 21 @ 11:38PM  
have had both and prefer cut to uncut.....most men TRY to stay clean, but I just find they have an easier time when they're cut.....just my preference

Aug 21 @ 11:52PM  

Aug 22 @ 12:43AM  
if men in this day arent clean...thats pretty bad...i am sure women wash themselves...clit has a little hood also....

Aug 22 @ 1:00AM  
i prefer me, it's just so much more sexier to see the whole cock at full attention, it's not hiding anything ....mmmmm yummy


Aug 22 @ 1:24AM  
Gawd Ash, I can allways count on you to make me run milk through my nose!

oh, an Fukky, NICE TITS!!! opps! did I type that out loud?

yeah I know...but just LOOK at them! DYAM!

Aug 22 @ 5:53AM  
Either is fine for me. BUT, there's something really sexy about uncut. When the man is clean and fresh, I love to run my tongue up under his skin and circle his head. Also, giving a hand job to the uncut man is hot...the skin moves with your hand so you need no lubricant.


But hey, you cut guys are hot too!

Aug 22 @ 5:56AM  
In Texas.....u dont cut the steak........u jus chew it very well

And ASH...crack me up with that pic!!

Aug 22 @ 6:55AM  
Thanks for all the comments, I really appreciate it.
My main reason for asking this question is because I have a friend who recently had surgery to become circumcised. He found that the women he has been with and talked to preferred cut and were a little scared/afraid of his when it was uncut. I don't mean that they got scared and ran away or anything, but I suppose they were just inexperienced when it came to uncut. I was trying to get a general idea of what people thought about it to see if maybe it is just a younger generation thing. Maybe younger girls just "prefer" cut because that is all they have ever seen?
By the way, I have experienced both and enjoyed both of them very much.

Aug 22 @ 7:36AM  
Well I am uncut and have never had a problem with infections or anything. The answer to that is make sure you are clean. It's not that hard to push the foreskin back and wash. Like shell said it's more to play with and it takes less or no lubricant in most cases. As for being able to see the head once you are hard you can hardly tell the difference. The head still emerges and yes I believe it is more sensitive than a cut dick but then on the other hand as dumblonde said it we had no choice in the matter. It was or wasn't done at birth.

Aug 22 @ 8:17AM  
I forgot to mention.......I'm all about the snip-snip......

Aug 22 @ 8:17AM  
Well I gotta admit I've had both! first time I was nervous but hey guess what??? A dick is a dick!

Aug 22 @ 8:27AM  
Is a dick a a dick!!!!

Aug 22 @ 9:04AM  
hhhhmmm....amazing the topic s discussed here...

Aug 24 @ 9:11PM  

Aug 24 @ 9:23PM  
cut is the norm,,,,,,uncut is therefor unusual looking ,,,,hence,,,,,,woman being such visual creatures are easily takin aback,,,,

nature intended it to look like a horses dick,,man decided differently...any other questions?

Aug 25 @ 10:38AM  
I don't know if anyone has ever heard of it before, but there is also something called foreskin restoration. They don't actually do any surgery to "restore" the foreskin on someone that has been circumcised, but there are ways that the skin that is still left can be stretched and it can eventually stretch out enough to the point where it looks like the cock was uncircumcised.
I find all of this to be very interesting...I thought I would have had more people comment about it

Sep 6 @ 8:39PM  
If i had a choice i would cut . from what i herd men in there older age that have it cut loose a big amount of sensation . I just want to know who the hell looked at a baby boy the first time and said hey we should cut that shyt

Nov 9 @ 10:06PM  
Uncut...THANK GOD!!! And Shell...sounds like you know EXACTLY how to work it right Y'all ladies take a lesson from her

the reason they started doing that is to help prevent nasty the old days unfortunately cleanliness wasn't "in" and disease was rampant...kind of like why arabic men use their left hand to clean their wazoos with and that hand is considered to this day to be "unclean"...

Benefits are...a wee bit of extra girth...less lube (if any) needed...more powerful sensations...extra horniness...etc...etc...etc...

Think like a lesbian...keep yer gear clean and more gals are more likely to put their mouths on it


Jan 21 @ 7:42AM  
Hrm, well I will have to say that I would never get cut, never even wished I was cut before. The women I have been with, ALL have went down on me, so I have no qualms with women that won't go down on an uncut cock. But back to the point...All that I can come up with that being uncut is better than cut, is the fact that there is more there on a cock to pleasure a woman, it can be pulled back to where it looks uncut, and if a woman didn't wanna go down cause of it being uncut then pull the foreskin back and say that it looks cut to you.

Feb 21 @ 10:17PM  
I agree with dumblonde on this. I was cut when I was a baby and personally I like it. But I would not know what it is like to be uncut. So I really cant say which I would prefer.

May 8 @ 10:01AM  
I never had any complants about my cock so im happy just the way it is.

May 15 @ 11:21AM  
Well obviously as a preference in feel I can not offer my opinion however, I can say that I prefer the look of an uncut man. It seems to be more "streamline" LOL. But I have to agree with most of the ladies here and say it does not matter much to me. Its kind of fun to play with ya know! I have heard it was easier to get infections/deseases, but that was a long time ago. I have also heard that uncut males are more sensitive on the head of their penis since the foreskin sort of "protects" it from rubbing on the inside of their pants/underwear/etc and therefore experience more sensations. I don't know if thats scientific fact but logically it seems to make sense. Kind of sucks for me I suppose. I usually don't wear underwear (can't stand the feeling, although I'm very clean!) so I'm curious if I've lost any sensitivity down there over the years and have not noticed?!

May 16 @ 3:57AM  
I can't understand how someone might be so insecure as to have skin restoration treatments to get the look of an uncircumcised cock, it's not like they're going to get that sensitivity back. As for infections, any unclean cock is prone to infections. But,to answer your question, I've heard women say that an uncut cock was more comfortable,and to me comfort is key.

May 16 @ 3:58AM  
I can't understand how someone might be so insecure as to have skin restoration treatments to get the look of an uncircumcised cock, it's not like they're going to get that sensitivity back. As for infections, any unclean cock is prone to infections. But,to answer your question, I've heard women say that an uncut cock was more comfortable,and to me comfort is key.

Apr 23 @ 9:36AM  

I can't believe I missed this blog. If I would have seen it I would have cast my vote loud and clear . Of course back when PERVIA was in its heyday, BLOGS would rollover to the 2nd and 3rd pages in a matter of hours, so someone like me who only checks in once or twice a week would easily miss many a good blog.

My vote: UNCUT

If I had a son or were to advice a friend with a baby boy : UNCUT

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