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gettin Even

posted 8/21/2007 10:23:06 AM |
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tagged: payback time

As I sit here wondering what to do today I realize I haven't heard from my friend YNOT. We visited alittle on line the past few days but he hasn't been up to his normal "always right" self So I figure I can go ahead and tell on him.

I was talking to my friend Dayna yesterday and she said (sounds like a soap opera here) that Y said I was a terrible housekeeper!! Yep SHE admitted they were talking about me behind my back Now you gotta remember this man is my best friend, confident and now he's dead meat!!! I forget to mop the stinkin kitchen floor (if he's quit being a slob it would be clean) and he's telling everyone about it? so I need to think on how to retaliate any ideas??? come on people I know you can help me here I was thinking maybe going over early before he takes a shower then when he's in there pick the bathroom lock and pour some cold water (outta da fridge) over the top...hummmm I'm so confused I don't know how to get even! I'm such a sweet woman I'm not good on revenge now come on help me here!!

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Aug 21 @ 10:30AM  
I'm not good on revenge
I would say your damn good at revenge now that Ynot is going to see I told you that he had said you were a lousy housekeeper.

but there are things that you could do to get revenge on Ynot:

Put shortening on his weight bars.
Hide his remote in the closet--apparently he dont use that to often anyways.
Hide all his thongs--Ok thats not necessarily going to hurt him, but will save anyone stopping over from being put into shock.
Fix his car, so he will be pulling over a lot!!
Hide his troll chasing Cape-after all trolls are being quiet and so is he.
Hide the mouse on his computer
Change the keys on his computer and take the damn emoticons off yahoo messenger.
Find out what his password is for his cell phone and get the number changed.
Hide his pain meds.
And the next time he is in the shower Flush the toilet.

Thanks Lisa now i am all geared up for revenge on EWE!!!!

Aug 21 @ 10:34AM  
and NOW ..........your BOTH IN FOR IT...........

Aug 21 @ 10:36AM  
Y cover that chest you know I love a hairy man and what are we "in for"??

Aug 21 @ 10:47AM  
Y'all are amateurs....

Do a screen shot of the desktop on his computer... then make that his background for his desktop... and hide all of the real icons.

*Grins evilly*

Aug 21 @ 10:50AM  
Now be nice Lisa and bake him some “special” brownies.
Call the electric, phone and water companies and tell them he is moving on Friday and to turn off the services after 5:00pm (even better if it is a holiday weekend so he has to wait 3 days instead of 2 to get them turned back on).
Give the Post Office a change of address card that will send his mail to the police department.

Aug 21 @ 10:52AM  
OMG you guys are mean!! I'm takin notes big time

Aug 21 @ 11:02AM  
and NOW ..........your BOTH IN FOR IT...........
Damn, he woke up enough to read this blog!!! You know me, Ynot, she twisted my arm and made me say those things, I wouldn't have come up with those on my own you know. I am just a sweet, shy, naive little sheep. Baaa Baby Baaa

Aug 21 @ 11:15AM  
on my way to discuss this revenge shit ..........


Aug 21 @ 11:25AM  
Ynot is busy getting laid

Aug 21 @ 11:33AM  
Hmmm. you could starch his sheets,
put itching powder in his favorite recliner,
take his shower head off and put a dye packet in it,
replace his coffee with decaf,
put crazy glue on his car locks,
crazy glue all his keys together,
if he uses stick deodorant, you could spread a very thin layer of vaseline on it......

True happenings.......My daughter used to have a boyfriend that was a major ass. when she discovered some of the things he had done, she made him kool-aid with toilet water, and corned beef stew with canned dog food. He used to sprinkle talc powder in his work boots, she replaced some of it with itch powder. Not like he ever went to work anyway.....


Aug 21 @ 11:46AM  
Treas i can top that when my step son moved out he had pulled some stuff on me including scrubbing the litter box with my toothbrush (thank god i figured that out before i used it-ewwwwwwwe) so when he moved, i had put nair in his shampoo, exlax in the brownies for the trip, and cat poop (i needed to clean the litter box anyway) in his car. Damn i bet he misses me even now.

Aug 21 @ 12:12PM  
including scrubbing the litter box with my toothbrush
She (daughter) did scrub the toilet with his toothbrush before she used the water. I'm not sure if that's as bad as the liter box or not. But he didn't know about it, until after he used it a few times. Then she told him. All of it, right befroe she left him for good. She considered the hair remover in the shampoo but was worried it might blind him, and would end up in jail.
Damn Dayna, how could he not miss you.......... LOL
As for the brownies, you were supposed to sprinkle some muscle relaxers in them for when the exlax took effect.

Aug 21 @ 12:27PM  
replacing his shampoo with nair
swipe his salad makings.
I aint too good at this revenge thing huh?

Aug 21 @ 5:43PM  
Not that I'm the type to seek revenge........

Calling the Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses, telling them you're (she/he's) having a crisis of spirituality and that any and all literature they can send would be marvelous.

Put some glitter or baby powder or confetti in their closed umbrella

Sign their name and work address up for a free sample for some herpes medicine

Try a local listing of an open house in the real estate section for thier place some Sunday morning.......say at 7:30

Call a vacuum cleaner company like Kirby, Rainbow or Electrolux and tell them you're them, and that you're interested in seeing a demo

(I'm having too much fun with this)

Aug 21 @ 6:52PM  
as creative as some of these are..........for one with my backround..........AMATURES.............and i'm dying to see the Kirby salesman at my door.................boy is he/she in for the lesson of their lives..................

Aug 21 @ 6:56PM  
Do a screen shot of the desktop on his computer... then make that his background for his desktop... and hide all of the real icons.

SA this is by far the best idea I have been given in a very long time and I know just the son I am going to do it to. Thankyou so much for the idea.

Lisa just smile sweetly at him and then pour honey all through his bed.

Aug 22 @ 10:42AM  
Lisa just smile sweetly at him and then pour honey all through his bed.
Jezz although that is an awesome idea, with Ynot it wouldn't work cause I was told he likes to bring honey to bed for ummm fun times.......

and poor Lisa would just have to clean up the mess.


Aug 22 @ 11:27AM  
and poor Lisa would just have to clean up the mess.

No I wouldn't and he can't make me!!!! Its one thing to clean up MY mess but the SHE who plays can clean up that mess

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