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Another Response to "This is NOT my Country"

posted 8/19/2007 6:50:50 PM |
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The message below is what i sent as a post but as i thought - it never got posted because - well - he is a bitter person who wants everyone to pat him on the back and say poor baby... however - that isnt going to happen or should i say - it shouldnt happen as it fosters the belief that one is a victim when it isnt the case..

however - here goes...

1. if you dont believe it is your country - i say - move to one you do think is your's.

2. if your not willing to love and die for this country and it's flag - you should go find one that you are willing to die for.

3. if you were born here or you went through the proper channels to get her - then yes it is your country. and you have more rights than me as a white man. you are classified as a minority and because of such you are afforded oppertunities that i myself are not. but hey - if you dont believe this - then so be it - it doesnt make it any less true.

4. you call yourself and african-american - anyone who puts another country first - well i dont have respect for that individual unless you are a native and a citizen of africa 1st and america 2nd. and because you do this - this country will always be divided. we are all americans and it doesnt matter what color you are - we were either born here or we went through the immigration process to become americans. you dont know how good you have it my friend... you really dont. you should look at other countries before you go spouting off - try coming to where i'm at right now (baghdad, iraq) and see just how good you have it. or go to india where they make less than 200 a month... yeah... we (this includes you) americans are spoiled... we have the right to be - we have the largest economy in the world.. the closest one to us is china and theirs is a lil over half of ours but it takes 2 billion of them to do it where it only takes 300million of us to do ours...

the point is - you should look into yourself and quit dividing yourself from everyone else... if you dont like it here - go somewhere where you will be happy but quit whining about it.

atleast the american-indian got it right and put america 1st.

you say that whites, aisians, blacks, and pretty much everyone except the american-indian dont belong here.. i beg to differ - i was born in america and i as well as everyone else who was born there is given that right... and i will gladly die to protect the freedoms i am afforded by being a citizen of this great nation.

lastly - please dont say anything about civil and equal rights... you have equal rights if you take advantage of them. if you dont think so - go to kuwait and see how the indians are treated... they are treated like slave labor... go pretty much to any other country in the world (including your beloved africa) and see how people are treated. there are instances of racism in america but percentage wise - its about the same from all races to all races.. there may be more instances from whites to other races but that's because there are more of us - however the percentage is about the same and i dont care where you go in the world it is a LOT worse than it is here.. am i condoning it? not at all - but with a country of 300 million and a world of 6 billion and both growing - there will ALWAYS be instances of it. you will never ever get around the fact that on any issue you propose there are over 6 billion individuals on this earth and 6 billion ways at looking at it.

take care and i hope you start using your right to persue happiness... and that is your right - your not entitled to be happy but you are entitled to persue it....

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Aug 19 @ 6:53PM  
If your Lucky enough to find a way of life you love, You better have the courage to live and fight for it!

Aug 19 @ 7:17PM  
somehow the pic of your dick made your whole blog have less impact. Just my .02

Aug 19 @ 7:21PM  
HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM__ Lets see ! You are telling this person don't complain--Life in this country is perfect!!!There is nothing that can be improved!
Looks as thoug you would like to take away his right to complain& be differant(& mabe have a more worldly view of things!
Remeber ---when you try to bully someone out of thier rights YOURS may be next!!

Aug 19 @ 7:27PM  
^^^^ Everyone has an opinion. Just because the OP states a contrary opinion as a response to the other guy does not mean he is taking way anyone's rights. The OP's opinions are as valid as any others'.

Aug 19 @ 7:52PM  
I agree with much of what you said here, but I would like to correct you on a couple things:

The term "African-American" was created, as far I know, to take the emphasis off skin color and put it back on "ethnic origin" - and not by Black people. Not one Black person I know refers themselves as such unless trying to be "politically correct" In case you haven't heard "black" is a dirty word (no, it isn't but people react to it). Also, not once in his blog did he call himself that. AMD, along with many other entities and organizations list it as the box we are supposed to check...that is not our choice.

you are classified as a minority and because of such you are afforded oppertunities that i myself are not.

This is NOT true and I wish people would stop spreading this negative propaganda. You name me one right or opportunity that Black people have that no one else has and MAYBE I'll admit I'm wrong, but as a person of color, I can promise you not one door has opened to me because of it - or closed behind me shutting a white person out. I will say that I lost my job for something a white man and white woman did with me (and even did more than me)...they still have their jobs; I was nearly homeless as a result.

All that said, I agree that we all are Americans together. My sister used to "cry racism" way too often and what she didn't realize that it was her attitude that made people not like her, not her race. Me thinks darklord has a major attitude problem that is at the root of the shit he experiences.

Aug 19 @ 9:18PM  
I have to admit, I have been seeing the "my country, right-or-wrong" arguments since the Vietnam era, and they don't impress me.

There is a saying..."if it's not broke, don't fix it."

In light of that, people have to ask themselves, is this country broken or not?

Escalating unemployment. Regular stock market crashes. The defenestration of government humanities budgets. Significant increases in crime rates. These are all things that we have witnessed over the course of our recent history.

So let me ask it again. Is this country broken or not?

Yes, there are those that claim that it is the fault of one group or another. It's those that have failed to support their end of civil rights. It's the illegal immigrants. It's "the man". Choose you own poorly-defined groups and square off against one another.

Yeah. Like that ever solved anything before. Doesn't anyone else see that all of that stuff is just the smokescreen that hides the underlying social and political problems? Maybe we all just like smoke so much we don't even notice.

Aug 19 @ 11:25PM  
I am sick and tired of being called a caucasion. Every other race seems to get a continent and what do I get, a mountain range in the former Soviet Union. I am a European American and I demand my continent like everybody else has! And if I have to be viewed by my skin color, white (well, sort of), then damn it, give me Antartica!

Aug 20 @ 3:45AM  
1st off - let me apologize for any grammatical or spellng errors in the original as i wrote it just before walking out the door and didnt check it...

maggiemae1969 well - we each have our opinion.... thanks for sharing yours.

hotwifewfemcuckhold - no he has every right to complain... we all do.. but complaining is negative - instead of complaining - why not get out and do something about it? but - if your going to complain and not offer suggestions on how to fix it - rest assured, others will offer suggestions on how to fix it.

bentan - as always - thank you for posting - your one of the few on here that i enjoy reading.

SxzeBBW the only people i see react to black (when referring to one's skin color) as a dirty word are black people. it's a word used as a description just as white is for me. the dictionary is full of them. and where as you dont see any black person you know describing themselves as african-american - i see it all the time. and i try to explain to friends of mine that hey - you are seperating yourself. your saying your not an american but your putting another country 1st when you do that and where as you may take offense to someone using the word as black as a description - i take offense to you using another country in the descrption before the one you are a citizen of. but honestly - we are all americans. not african-americans, latin-americans, or whatever-americans... we are americans and as soon as we start putting ourselves together - maybe just maybe we can all drop this nonsense of seperating ourselves into our little groups and start acting like we belong together. sorry for the rant there...

Dominus is our country broke. well i'm sure it is broke in many ways... is it perfect? no... none of us are and none of us will be.. it's not possible - we are humans and we are flawed. flawed from birth and it is impossible for a flawed creature to create (actually impossible for any of us to create anything) anything perfect - however - what we have is the best out there. there is no govt, people, economy or way of life on this planet that matches what we have in America

is our health system perfect? no but socializing it isnt the answer. if it get socialized - expect to see the quality of doctors to go down as they have to be able to make the money back they spent to become a doctor. the avg doctor is 250,000.00 in debt before he sees his 1st patient. Drug companies - i dont agree with a LOT of what they do but if it takes you 500million and 15yrs to develop, patent, test and get a drug approved - you have to be able to recoupe that money somehow. Plus - if we start socializing things that should be private - where does it stop? when do we say - there is enough govt or is the govt going to become daddy big bucks and shell out what they want us to have.

the stock market crashes... it doesnt really crash.. it corrects itself. and in the past few weeks we have been seeing one of those corrections. stocks get bloated not because the company bloats them but the investors do.. the investor is the one that contols the price of a stock.. if everyone wants it - it goes up and if they dont and try to dump - it goes down...

no - it's not perfect but it is the best out there.. is there racism in this country? of course there is.. there always will be but it's not just this country.. it's everywhere and it is rampid in other parts of the world. the media blows what is happening in our country out of proportion... its always in the news - every instance and they harp on it...

its like the word prejudice... what a misused word... we are ALL prejudice about something.. however the only way that word is used these days is to describe someone who is racially prejudice... and that is wrong...

we all need to take a step back and really look... look at yourself, your life and your country as well as other countries and do what JFK said - dont ask what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country.. to many people are standing there holding their hand out for the rest of us to give them something instead of saying - damn - this is broke - let's see what we can do to fix it.

Wordsofwit - good one... i personally am an American.. plain and simple... However - IF I was one that wanted to add something to my name - i guess i would be - ACED (Anglo Caucasion of European Decent)


Aug 20 @ 4:03AM  
SxzeBBW -'m sorry i ddint put this in the 1st response... i totally missed it but here goes - you asked for 1 - here is one.... i can give others if you like but here is one.... protected class...

corporations today have protected classes of people. people that when you layoffs come - they can't touch as easily... what puts you into a protected class? race, age, gender and if you have any medical problems...

how bout - the UNCF? or the NAACP? if one of these groups were started for whites - imagine how quickly the racism card would be pulled out?

its easier for a white man to swim across the ocean than get government funded (tax payer funded) financial assistance..

scholarhsips.. do you know how many scholarships are especially for minorities? al lot more than are out there for me..

ok - there is 4.... we can go on if you like...

Aug 20 @ 8:20AM  
This is NOT true and I wish people would stop spreading this negative propaganda. You name me one right or opportunity that Black people have that no one else has and MAYBE I'll admit I'm wrong, but as a person of color, I can promise you not one door has opened to me because of it - or closed behind me shutting a white person out. I will say that I lost my job for something a white man and white woman did with me (and even did more than me)...they still have their jobs; I was nearly homeless as a result.

Well it took me roughly 0.43 seconds to think of one: affirmative action for college admissions. However, I will say not all minorities receive this particular privilege. I belong to a minority that on average has a much higher bar getting into Ivy League colleges. Go ahead and whisper in my ears that affirmative action doesn't exist ... and I'll tell you where to find a unicorn. Jeez I loves myself a blinkered and one-sided point of view.

Aug 20 @ 8:35AM  
^^^^ sorry, just a few more words from me to the above quote ... using your own personal, anecdotal "evidence" to argue things is so very convincing. I so love it when people extrapolate things from the neighborhood to the nation.

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Another Response to "This is NOT my Country"