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Have I not?

posted 8/18/2007 8:47:53 AM |
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Have I not made it completely clear to people that I am a MOTHER before anything else? I am a lover, friend, girlfriend, sex freak, whore, slut and more yes. But I am a mother first, he will ALWAYS come first!!!


Dont come into my life, tell me you can handle dating a woman with a child, then pull the rug out from under me with NO warning a little while later. I know you still want to be friends and get fucked occationally, but that's not going to happen anymore. You know I liked you, you know that I thought we could be good together. You also know that I wasn't going to pressure you for any title or anything. I just wanted us to be doing what we were doing. You called him BAGGAGE for chirst sakes. Fuck you.

I should have known that at 22 you couldn't handle me. It's exactly why I don't date men my age.

You didn't hurt me, you didn't anger me. I'm angry with myself for not seeing this comming ten million miles away.

But, the sex was good. LoL

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Aug 18 @ 9:05AM  
He's NOT "baggage"! He's an adorable little human being whose mother loves him to distraction and who *deserves* all of the wonderful things that life offers.

LDS... tell the poor sap who called your son "baggage" that I said to grow up and then piss up a rope and suck on the soggy end.

Aug 18 @ 9:06AM  
Oh and it's the dumb sap saying rotten things about your son who needs to do that with the rope, not you. (thought I had better make that clear)

Aug 18 @ 9:06AM  
I have the utmost respect for you, ma'am. I don't know you, but if I may offer a slice of personal philosophy, if someone calls your son, "baggage," then a simple fuck you should not do. The majority of us fuck ourselves anyway... "Eat shit and die" might be more appropriate.

Aug 18 @ 9:20AM  
OMG, that is crazy. I once stole a mans truck because he took me to the middle of nowhere (where he lived) and then got soo messed up he passed out. I too am a single mother and my kids take priority. So plain and simple I took his truck and parked it next to my car, where we had met in town, left the keys in the ignition and drove my car home. I never spoke to him again--my kids come first!

Aug 18 @ 9:23AM  
Well, I for one am glad he called your son "baggage" now, instead of waiting until later when you got more deeply involved and you son started to care about him, only to find he was thought of as baggage. Your son should be your priority, that speaks volumes of what kind of person you are.

To the MF-that wants to be nasty about children, do the world a favor, and get a vascetomy now. No use in you bringing children in the world with your attitude tho basically I dont believe you have the balls to reproduce anyway. You are a low life scum sucking bottom feeder that should become asexual and go fuck yourself.

Whew! glad i got that out. And i was being nice!!

You are a strong woman, LDS, and the right man will come along who will want to be with you AND your son. There are a lot of decent men, you just unfortunately met and asshole in disquise of being a man. Keep the faith sweetie.

Aug 18 @ 10:10AM  
Want me to dot his eyes for ya?

Aug 18 @ 10:14AM  
So sorry you had to go through that shit! But I am MORE glad that you found out what a Prick this guy is NOW! Before your heart got too entwined! Big Hugs to ya hun!

Aug 18 @ 10:24AM  
My suggestion to ladies that have kids, or want to have them later is to closely go over the guy's profile and essays. In most cases, you can detect and separate men into two broad groups; those that are oriented towards the here and now with superficiality, and those the place a value on friends and family.
If you will, one group represents a toilet, and the other a water cooler.
I will say, however, that a lot of women are wise and experienced on one had, yet make poor choices in men on the other. While the guy may be all he is accused of, the woman remains responsible for making the choice to be with the guy that led to the circumstances.

Aug 18 @ 10:38AM  
Now LDS I'm not gonna play devils advocate but HE IS young! Which means young and dumb There are YOUNG men who don't understand the love or responsibility to having children. Just be grateful you found out now instead of later when your heart was into the relationship. goodluck sweetie

Aug 18 @ 12:01PM  
Did he forget he use to be a little boy?????

Aug 18 @ 12:33PM  
That my Dear is what you call a total fuckin asshole, you are better off without him in your life. Sorry you had to deal with that bullshit and good luck to you.

Aug 18 @ 12:53PM  
But...the sex was good!

Hey...ya shoot for the moon...sometimes all ya hit is the side of the barn.

But...the sex was good!

Thank the universe for small miracles...or...was it a big miracle?


Aug 18 @ 2:10PM  
babe......leave the BOYS alone n stick to MEN...........

Aug 18 @ 2:57PM  
Honey I should probably tell you this in an e-mail but to be honest I want to share it with the general community.
You have to be one of the most mature, level headed and well rounded (emotionally) 20 somethings I have ever met and I spend a lot of time with women of your age in my drama group. I met you for the first time in May of this year and was blown away by just how nice a person you were and you are a genuinely good mother as well as being talented and great fun to be with. It is true that all of the people I met from the site that day were the same and I loved my time in the US as you all made me feel very welcome. Anyone that says any different or isn't mature enough to handle a child needs to grow up as I know how tough single parents have it in life (not through personal experience though). It's tough enough bringing up a child when there are two parents and harder still when you have to be both mother and father. I also know that like any good parent your child comes first and that is something else any man that comes into your life to form a relationship with you, however brief that may be, should take into account. I am looking forward to being a stepfather and I do know that I can't choose to be friends with Crissy children as they have to choose to be friends with me. all I can do is to show that I won't harm them, that I love their mother and will protect them as much as I would her. Whether they choose to like or dislike me is their choice but I would hope that they see that they are not losing a parent but gaining a friend.

Aug 18 @ 5:00PM  
What a Shame.. the 22 yr old jerk's Mom HAD TO BE A PRO-LIFER.. and now what do we have running around? Someone who is an oxygen stealer!

Touche' for you; being a single Mom myself I know exactly where your coming from.... precisely why I won't really meet anyone who has never had a child; as a Parent we know all too well that our schedules can change in a matter of minutes due to a circumstance beyong our control; but a child or children should come first (in my own opinion; anyone else who disagrees can just go to hell)... maybe that's why we have so many kids getting in trouble eh? Their Mom and/or Dad has their own schedule to fill before the childs.

Actually what I think you SHOULD do? Invite the little bastard over for a party and have all us Single Mom's there show him exactly how we feel.. I for one would have my Samsonite ready filled with bricks.. (nice thought but I don't believe in violence; dang it! lol).


Aug 18 @ 5:29PM  
he don't know what he's missing, when the little guys face lights up because he's excited to see him.

sorry it happend like that though.

Aug 19 @ 9:05AM  
I Met The Little Guy...Cool Kid Hell, Your More Baggage Than He Is

Aug 19 @ 5:07PM  
Ladie, I'm sorry that there has to be such assholes in the world. It sounds like the only baggage was the thing that guys calls a brain.
My daughter is grown with children of her own, and to this day I very rarely date men who don't have children. It's a personal choice. But I tend to think that if they have never had children they will not usually be able to understand the closeness and bond that my daughter and I have. Or how important my grandchildren are in my life.
In most of your blogs it's easy to tell how important your little man is to you, it's a shame he missed that. Definitely his loss................

Aug 21 @ 9:03PM  
hey its lulu good for you . you know i love brian and he would never say that about your so . no one worth anything would say bagggage my asss.!!!!!

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