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why do men think about sex and why do men lie on dating sites?

posted 8/16/2007 5:57:04 PM |
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I just don't understand men these days? Why do you guys have to have sex on your mind all the time. why do you guys lie on the site all the time. i had experience with men lieing to me and when i caught on to them they vanished into the thin air. Men are afraid to get caught.

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why do men think about sex and why do men lie on dating sites?
why do men think about sex and why do men lie on dating sites?


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Aug 16 @ 6:18PM  
Why do women do the same thing? I say "hi" to someone and they freak-out thinking I want to go further than find out a little more before even considering meeting, let alone having sex.

But for why men do it when already involved. It's like a cat playing with a string, pouncing, play-hunting. They don't have to do it for food, but still have the need to make the motions.

Both the hunt and protectiveness are deeply instinctive. As evolved and knowing it as we may be, it's still there, unless there's some disorder; mental or physical.

Aug 16 @ 6:24PM  
Before I comment, I need to know it is automatically approved.

Aug 16 @ 6:29PM  
I think about sex a lot, but not ALL the time.

Far as lies, what lies are we talking here? I mean, something big sure they'd hide.

Aug 16 @ 6:38PM  
I only think about sex when I'm not getting any. If I was getting some, why would I be here wasting time? Been on plenty of dating sites, still on some. Most of the women don't actually want to meet anyone, they lie on their profiles, they email men and get men thinking they are interested. I would say 80% of the men want to meet women, but 80% of the women are just on these sites for entertainment, they have given up on men and are here just to get back at them.

Aug 16 @ 6:46PM  
Why do you guys have to have sex on your mind all the time

because we have a penis

why do you guys lie on the site

different reasons, but mostly to get laid...(see above response)

Men are afraid to get caught

of course, it diminishes our chances of getting laid.

Aug 16 @ 6:47PM  

Do you really expect the men not to think of SEX on a sex site ?

Aug 16 @ 6:53PM  
Why do men disappear once you've caught on to them?

Sam...think about it...why hang around once you've been caught. One's time is far more efficiently wasted by moving along to the next target

Aug 16 @ 7:19PM  
Men you asked LOL that's because they're stll little boys with very low self esteem ergo they lie to impress and cannot nor do they know how to be honest. They live in a fantasy world and don't the difference between fact or fiction and actually live the lie until caught and then as you said they vanish just like a common crook. Equally they have very low self-pride and lack respect for themselves as well as others. Hmmm role playing within their twisted little minds also comes to mind. Their lying satisfies their inflated ego and they think they're big shots and brag about their so called conquests. They live the lie and soon it comes their truth, They are sick and sad excuses of the male species and do not realize it or they wouldn't lie.


Aug 16 @ 7:26PM  
Your comments are definitely generalizations. Everything in my profile and essay is factual. There are a few AMD women with whom I have talked with via phone and/or met who can verify that it is indeed fact. Does that mean I am without faults, by no means? Just as it does not mean that there are no men on AMD as you describe but that does not mean we all are. But I can only speak for myself.

Your generalization would be akin to my saying:
I just don't understand women these days? Why do women never think about sex nor never want to have sex? Why do women lie on the site all the time about wanting sex?

From my experience on AMD I know my statement is not fact. I cannot, nor will not, speak for all the men on AMD but I would like for someone to give me the benefit of the doubt as an individual and get to know me before tagging me as a “single minded sex fiend liar”.

I have had experiences with woman lying to me but I do not think this makes all women liars. JMHO or TOTS

Aug 16 @ 8:26PM  
men aren't the only ones with sex on their minds. The average human being as about one sex thought every three minutes. Whether it just be a dirty word or a full blown fantasy.

Aug 16 @ 9:20PM  
Men, more so than women, think about sex, maybe not all the time but certainly more than women, because it's genetic for them to do so. Don't take my word for it, do the research.
As far as why men lie on dating sites, I'm not convinced that it's strictly a male thing but be that as it may, my simple, and I do mean simple, answer would be because they can, told you it'd be simple.

Aug 16 @ 9:30PM  
I don't know I'm on a sex site!

Aug 16 @ 11:32PM  
I think about sex all the time and I have a vagina and breasts. And I know plenty of men who don't lie - and lost of conniving, scandalous bitches who do.

Aug 17 @ 4:19AM  
I'm curious here;; What's the difference? What's on your mind?

You don't want to know why it's on their mind, you want it NOT to be.

MAYBE a SeX & Swingers site isn't the place for you.

Aug 17 @ 11:32AM  
Liars and fakes and the faint of heart.

Men so outnumber women on these sites, that I think they believe that they have to lie to attract someone. More than half the guys I know or have met seem to have knocked 5-10 years off their actual age. I am guessing that more men than women lie about their age.

Frankly I am amused by the liars as I am by all the horney guys. All the pictures of cocks. And the knuckle draggers who message me to see if I will meet them, call them, cam for them or chat -- when they haven't taken the time to read my profile.

I have met and gotten to know a few worthwhile prospects from this site. They separate themselves from the pack with something interesting and personal to say in their 1st message.

Mostly I enjoy reading a few blogs, allowing a few guys to post a compliment about one of my pics and answering any msgs thatmerit a response.

For the record, I am not currently looking for anyone - I found someone at another site.

I think it is all about expectations. If you expect too much from a site like this, you will be disappointed.

If you accept the fact that the internet brings out the liars and pervs in a site like this, don't take it too seriously, you might just find that one sweet perv who rocks your world and deep down has a heart of gold.

Good luck to you!

Aug 17 @ 4:27PM  
Yes....Its just men that lie...women would never do such a thing...

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why do men think about sex and why do men lie on dating sites?