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BHM? yea thats right BHM..........

posted 8/16/2007 5:02:50 PM |
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I have read about bbw several times here lately and how men decide that they either are or are not attracted to these ladies...... Lemme getcha up to speed here.

When I go out ..... I not only see large ladies, but I see fellas that are easily a size 46 if they have their pants pulled up covering the toolshed rather than fooling self and sticking it under the belly.... I have see T shirts 3 times to small trying in vain to cover the bottom of the belly ......

Obesity does not pick genders........ betcha did not know that .... its just as apt to be on a man as it is a woman ...... how many men do you think have hyper tension , diabetes, and many other complications due to flab? How many men do you see at the drive thru when you go ..... and its not a tiny bag they are packing out of there. When you go to a restraunt are you only seeing ladies?

I go to the clothing dept for men .... guess what walmart has size 5x tshirts.... who do you reckon they are for ?

This is not a bashing blog I would rather say enlightening........ I like Big Handsome Men ....... but you just dont see us hollering "oh come on out ,we dont mind, just something to hold onto " Its like you are doing us yes I said US a favor by letting us out in public........ shewwwwwwwwwww I am thru ........I think .... I might get started on hair loss next .... yall wanna go there?

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Aug 16 @ 5:10PM  
You made some valid points here, Maggie. Wouldn't it be nice if everyone was judged on how they acted, thought, and imagined. But Thats not the case, People view what is on the outside. Only, in an unrealistic world, can we imagine, people not judging others on looks, its the same world that there is no murder and mayhem, no unequality, no misunderstandings, no pain, ect. I'm not suggesting that you live in an unrelistic world, Mags, I guess I just wish I did.

Great Blog!! And a kudo for you!!

Aug 16 @ 5:40PM  
Until i got on the internet for the first time, about four years ago, i was unaware of the "BBW" classification.

I had known their pleasures for many, many years; Just had never heard them called that.

I assume it's a term that the women gave them selves, isn't it?

I won't use the term, if it offends y'all.

Aug 16 @ 5:44PM  
its not that it offends us ..... its just that when I see it , I think men think that women are the only ones that are over weight ...........really I was just opening eyes, I am certainly not offended..... I just dont want it down in the record books that men never have a weight problem .....

Aug 16 @ 6:49PM  
Mags I am gonna add to your sentiments here....

Love me or hate me, I don't care BUT don't you (general you) DARE do either one because I am a BBW.

Many years ago I was introduced to the DISCRIMINATION that plus sized women face... it was not a plesant introduction but it has stuck with me all these years. My mother very severely injured her back... after a couple of days of not being able to stand up without assistance she finally gave in and let dad and I take her to ER. As we were arriving I accidently slammed mom's hand in the car door and broke 2 of her fingers. I went to get a wheelchair since she couldn't stand unassisted and pulling in behind us was this guy so large that he needed a wheelbarrow for his gut.... we were just getting ready to transfer mom to the chair when the nurse comes running out, takes the chair that my mother was about to sit down in and goes running to the guy in the car behind us with a "oh you poor man, let me help you into the hospital" even though she could not be BOTHERED to help my mother.

The doctor in the ER ordered x-rays for her hand.... and told her that the problem with her back was purely and simply because she was "fat" and that she should expect to have problems with her back because she was fat.

That was saturday... on Monday my father and I took mom to our regular doc... who ordered x-rays... mom had fractured 2 vertebre.

Oh and the fellow that needed the wheelbarrow for his gut... the doctor didn't say shit to about his weight... and what brought him to the ER was a slipped disk caused as a direct result of his needing a wheelbarrow to carry his beer gut around.

Ya, I am a bbw... NO I don't need patronizing and THAT boys and girls is what's been happening with all of the BBW blogs lately. Knock it off.

Aug 16 @ 6:53PM  
AMEN SISTA..............

Aug 16 @ 6:55PM  
C'mon Maggie, Television doesn't lie.

If there's anything I've learned from TV shows like King of Queens... it's that every 300lb guy deserves a hot chick.


Aug 16 @ 7:08PM  
I don't care what size a person's body is.. but they damned well better have a good big heart.

Aug 16 @ 7:12PM  
It should be the same classifications for both genders. BBW is the only classification with a gender bias.

I don't understand where BBW came from and why it is there. It is kind of a sexist ass kissing term for large women. Can an overweight lady who is homely check the box?

Looks are not everything and what a person is as human being and on the inside is paramount and it is manditory as far as a required attribute.

But physical attraction must be there and it is human nature to draw their lines on age, body type, hair color, race, and any number of things. We all do it. I know a lot of overweight people, including myself, of both genders that are not physically attracted to an overweight person.

I am too old and/or too fat for the majority of women on here. I understand and that does not make them shallow for feeling that way. It is not anything personal against me as I do not fit their parameters.

I am so sick of defensive bullshit on this issue. If you don't physically appeal to somebody, that doesn't make them a bad or shallow person. If you feel that it does, it makes you a defensive insecure person.

Aug 16 @ 7:27PM  
hey hey now ........ its not that I or someone else does not appeal to them it is the partonizing way it is presented. It feels like someone is feeling sorry for anyone that is not a size 8 well the news is brother that size 8 woman is looking for a 10 on the looks scale for her man , not a man that has two hairs and combs it over to make it look like four .....

From now on I think we should do several introductions each , one for our name, and one for each body part, ie hi my name is Windy, and this is my arm and this is my belly and oh yea each ass cheek ....... what do ya think ?

Aug 16 @ 7:44PM  
I understand what you are saying Maggie. I also understand what Wordsofwit is trying to say, we are all superficial in some ways. I personally am not generally attracted to blondes. I try not to date men shorter than I. I definately won't date a guy under 5'7". I could go on and on. What we have to understand is everyone has certain criteria for the people they are attracted to--fine! It is one thing to not want to date me because I am a large woman, it is another thing to not want anything to do with me for it. I am with Angel--love me or hate me, just don't do it because of my size! Great blog!

Aug 16 @ 7:51PM  
Friendinneed posted blog about same subject today, this was my comment
Yep, society is very superficial and the assholes on Madison Ave. would have everyone believe that you're a piece of shit if you're not "Twiggy." This stereotype isn't only confined to women either, men get their fair share of abuse from society. I say fuck society, Madison Ave. and all the other assholes that would have us believe that big isn't beautiful. Old saying that covers it well, "Beauty is only skin deep but ugly runs clear to the bone." Stop judging books by their covers, dive in and see what beauty may be hidden inside.

Aug 16 @ 7:53PM  
Hell, maybe I'll change my handle to BBMdridge, what'da think?

Aug 16 @ 8:21PM  
somehow I just can picture big beuatiful dridge..........

Aug 16 @ 8:45PM  
There seems to be two points you are making Mags. One is that there seems to be more of a focus on overweight women even though it is manifestly clear that there are overweight men as well. The second (in the last paragraph) is patronizing behaviors towards overweight women.

Addressing the first point: societal attitudes. In different societies, in a different age, attitudes were different. Take the Tang Dynasty of China for example; big and beautiful woman wasn't considered a euphemism then. People then really desired big women in general. I dunno, blame society, the media perhaps?

Addressing the second point: it is not always clear when someone is being patronizing or being complimentary. Look at some of what you might consider patronizing BBW blogs and read through the comments. See if you can't find some ladies who actually liked them and considered them complimentary blogs.

Aug 16 @ 8:49PM  
Well Maggie, I see "large" people everywhere, and it is our habits that is doing alot of it. I remember when the large at McD's is what a small is now. When I go out to eat, I only eat 1/2 of the meal, as there is definately too much food being served. What really gets me is how the government is saying the kids are obese, then removing Gym and Recess from the school day. Sorry this went kinda off topic

Oh, and BTW, the hair thing. I don't consider myself as having a receeding hairline, it is more like "thigh Burns"!

Aug 16 @ 9:06PM  
I actually think women may have started the term to say that just because a woman may be bigger, she can still be beautiful. There are lots of words that describe larger folks: fat, chubby, hefty, thick, plus-sized...and they can apply to either sex.

I put BBW in my screen name for a reason; people see my pictures and don't see that I am a bigger woman. I'm a size 18 - 20 if they run small. I am also tall - at 5'9", I'm about 3 inches taller than the average woman. I'm fine with being called a BBW - I certainly have been called much worse.

Aug 16 @ 9:36PM  
The term BBW does not have an explicit lower or upper weight limitation. It is a visually-determined concept that can include women who are barely overweight (sometimes referred to as Plumpers) to those who are morbidly obese. The terms "Big Beautiful Women" and "BBW" were coined by Carole Shaw in 1979, when she launched BBW Magazine, a fashion and lifestyle magazine for plus-size women.

BBW has many near-synonyms with varying shades of meaning. Rubenesque is a close synonym; the term refers to the art of Peter Paul Rubens, best known for portraying full-bodied women. Full-figured refers to women with a generally plump body shape, whereas voluptuous and zaftig usually connote ripeness, sensuality, and a body shape involving large breasts and wide hips.

Now that I have fallen into the category of Full-Figured/ZaftigI never assume that someone will be attracted to me any more or any less than when I was thinner. I have never and will never assume everyone will be attracted to Wordsofwit said we all have our individual tastes, likes and dislikes and that is what makes the world go round.

I simply think it would be nice if society eased up on the sterotyping of people in general.

BTW.. SXZEBBW and I have decided to form the AMD Glamazons. I can dance, she can do a 1-handed cart we need some gals who can sing

Aug 16 @ 9:36PM  
Yall know I am not upset right? Not angry at anybody over blogs that say BBW, I dont mind it , does not hurt me in any fashion, what I wanted to do was say ,Men eat too, and have issues as well as the ladies, I just get the feeling sometimes that the bbw blogs say in subliminal message "come over here I want ya even if nobody else does".

Aug 16 @ 10:04PM  
Ooo, I can bump-n-grind and shimmy, too!

Aug 17 @ 12:46AM  
I drink one hundred forty-four ounces of Pepsi daily.

Ain't no "BB" about it. I have a gut. It's fat. Who cares? I agree that "BBW" has a self-esteem attachment on its back; but the men who aren't into that? They're not any more bigoted and prejudicial than the skinny girls who only date fat guys.

Same exact thing. And which of us have never seen a skinny girl with a H-U-G-E guy and thought to ourselves "They look like the number 10"?

My bottom line on this is that the only time someone can make you feel bad about yourself is when you let them. Trouble is, we let them too often.

Aug 17 @ 10:05AM  
you know what?? I was a size 8 uptil I was 35 then switched my "pills" to a shot totally fucked up my system now I'm just screwed!! and you know what??? What men I have been with have NO problem with how I look and that makes me feel pretty damn hot!

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BHM? yea thats right BHM..........