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posted 8/13/2007 7:18:48 PM |
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Thanks to HollyHummy for the inspiration...

Seriously...when driving down the interstate...I have also noticed that traffic slows, crawls and sometimes stops alltogether when rubbernecking is going on...
Explain to me WHY the northbound lane is moving slow, and stopping when an accident has happened in the southbound lane and ALL parties are moving about and there appears to be NO injuries...
The answer is "rubber-necking"...the art of "FUK the world behind me, I NEED to see some blood! I want to see some tragic shyt and I'll hold up 5 miles of road and start a bottle neck to see it!"

SO, I'm 5 miles back...ALWAYS, I'm 5 miles back and the line slowly moves...numb-nutzzz drivers see the left lane move when in the right lane and switch, thinking they'll beat this thing. Truckers are the smart ones...they'll glide at 2 miles an hour and leave huge gaps...not going anywhere anyway and they know it...course, assholes dart in and out of this free space to FEEL like they are moving forward and the rest of us laugh, shake our heads and do the same when we can, justifying our actions as "needed" cause "we're" doing it!
Funny thing is...when we finally get to the apex of the problem, we crane our necks to see what's up...causing a continuous bottle neck that WE contribute to! We have bitched the entire holdup and we do the exact same thing!!!

ALSO --- and this one is a personal pet-peeve-pissoff of mine!!!

How fukkin' difficult is this...I'll tell ya! LAZZINESS!!! All it is is LAZY! Too damn lazy to get in the right lane cause you MIGHT have to use that turn signal, and actually change lanes to, we pass and STAY there...sometimes we don't pass, but even out with the car on the right and coast there...holding up those that really WANT that speeding ticket! The killer is...when you look in the rear view mirror and see 10, 15 cars behind you, tailgating...chances are, they want to go faster than you so, you should get the fuk outta their way!
SO, you finally find some space on the right, pass the asshole and he's on a cell, tapping away on a laptop and oblivious to anybody on this earth besides him/herself!!! People are ridiculous enough to wonder where "road-rage" comes from and blame it on people being in a hurry...WRONG, most is because of single-minded jackasses that have NO regard for anyone around them and feel no reason to conform to traditional standards...FUK, they rule!!!

And the idiots that STOP at an ONramp YIELD sign...I'm loading my 9mm and going hunting...YOU people that do THAT shit need shot...cause you are the cause of 70% of rear end bullshit and my insurance keeps takin' a bite from my ass cause they're not sure IF I'm as stupid as you or not!

OH yeah...and have a nice day!!!

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Aug 13 @ 7:27PM  
Ummm... Cummy... There's places that have STOP signs (AND LIGHTS) at the end of the onramp where you get on the expressway! Minneapolis is but one example of a city that has STOP LIGHTS as you hit the bottom of the onramp to get on the expressway. How stupid is THAT? "OK let's all go from 0 to 70 in 30 feet so that we can merge with traffic"


Aug 13 @ 7:28PM  
Oh by the way....

C'mere so that I can molesticate you...


Aug 13 @ 7:29PM  
There are some people who believe it's their responsibility in life to regulate traffic..
They are not in law enforcment, but they think they are.

Aug 13 @ 7:34PM  


I agree about the "stupid" stop-lights at the entrance to the interstate...
That's a Congressman getting and using funding for HIS/HER town and they HAVE to spend it somehow and that's ANOTHER blog!!!

Moles-ti-cating me is a full time job for you Shadow-hun!!!


Aug 13 @ 7:36PM  

Exactly Holly!!!

Could not have said it better...
I'm beginning to develop ways to deal with those assholes...I'll have to tag my solution's mint!


Aug 13 @ 7:37PM  

Aug 13 @ 8:10PM  
Ya well... it's not like you can find me in chat here anymore... I ran away and joined the circus (along with a few others) with the exception of the blogs.

Aug 13 @ 8:25PM  
See if we all spent more time in bed making love less trafic problums

Aug 13 @ 9:57PM  
You are right about everything else but some of the onramps in my part of the country are so short and the traffic so fast and furious that if you never stop at the yeild signs you won't live long. There will be a big rig or a dump truck mowing you over and they will have to scrape you and your car off the pavement.

Aug 14 @ 2:14PM  
Amen brutha ... 'specially the drive on the right bit. The cellphone-type road-hoggers are especially heinous I agree.

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