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The picnic... the pics and the quotes y'all missed by NOT being there!!

posted 8/13/2007 11:45:29 AM |
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I'm a lil riled up today.
Color me hardly here anymore....
The picnic... the pics and the quotes y'all missed by NOT being there!!
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Aug 13 @ 11:51AM  
looks like a great time..........

*sips coffee wondering what in the hell LDS was tryin to deep throat in that last picture *

Aug 13 @ 12:10PM  
Looks like we missed all the fun. Wish I had been able to come, sorry I missed it.

Well damn Crissy, looks like we have the same taste in clothes. I have that same dress. lol Love mine.

Aug 13 @ 12:15PM  
Kissy baby thanks so much for sharing these! What happened to your hand woman???

Aug 13 @ 12:28PM  
dayum WISH I had been able to go!! Ynot we gotta do the next one!!!! Thank you so much for sharing the pictures!

Aug 13 @ 12:36PM  
What happened to your hand woman???

Freak masturbating accident!
(but seriously, read your bulletins woman!! LOL)

Aug 13 @ 12:42PM  
Thanks for posting the pictures. Maybe I'll be able to make the next one. From looking at the pictures, it confirms my thoughts that you are all a lot of fun and are nuts.

Aug 13 @ 12:47PM  
And the damn board of canvassers STILL hasn't turned my ass loose so I had to miss all the fun. Of course since I'm the one that doesn't drink.... it may be a good thing that I wasn't there.

Aug 13 @ 12:52PM  
I notice you left out quite a few pics........

Like this one of Rawk..........


Aug 13 @ 12:53PM  
My folks are almost as funny looking as I am ...Hey ..doesn't anybody wear panties anymore?

Aug 13 @ 12:55PM  
note to self: pose for no pic that will be embarassing later while at a party......

Aug 13 @ 12:56PM  
Oh Ash.... if only we'd had a nice bathroom like that... we had ONE outhouse...

Somehow the MENS outhouse was OUT OF ORDER???

The Women's was

Aug 13 @ 12:57PM  
Wow ... cool! Yeah what happened to your hand PK? (don't get your bulletins )

Aug 13 @ 12:57PM  
and PK.......plug BOB into 120 outlet next time.........not 220.......

Aug 13 @ 1:02PM  
we had ONE outhouse...
and I was worried the Oklahoma party would be trashy

Aug 13 @ 1:53PM  
Thanxx PK for posting the pics, wish I could've ben there. Looks like the party was a complete SUCKcess. I am thinking about hosting a party here in sunny California. Ya'll wanna cum?

Aug 13 @ 2:00PM  
What a wild and crazy bunch! It looks like everyone had a great time! Thanks for sharing the photos! I hope your wrist gets better PK.

Aug 13 @ 4:35PM  
OMG, who was that old grey fart there? OH YEA! That was me!

ShadowsAngle, I was the designated Sane Sole and driver, so I didn't have any booze either. Of course I didn't get any, anything. Except driving directions.

Sure is a good gas is so cheep!

Oh yea, PK,


Aug 13 @ 5:03PM  
haha fucking HA!

LoL OMG I forgot about almost 90% of those shots... that sucks. (And apparently so do I haha)

Taco Shaped wet spots... NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!

Btw Ynot, it's a wine cooler bottle... I remember I couldn't get the big ridge of the bottle past my teeth Haha... ha...

Aug 13 @ 5:34PM  
I Changed My Mind About Wanting A Michelle!!
Had A Blast....As Usual
All I Have To Say About It Is NEXT......

Aug 13 @ 6:09PM  
Looks like we missed a hell of a good time Thanks for sharing all the pic's PK.

Aug 13 @ 6:18PM  
Great pictures! Looks like you guys all had a great time!! Thanks for posting!

Aug 13 @ 6:59PM  
. Hey, it worked this time. Thanks.

Aug 13 @ 7:21PM  
I'm so glad you all had an awesome time!!

Aug 13 @ 7:24PM  
Crissy what great pics, looks like everyone had a wonderful time!!!


Aug 13 @ 8:15PM  
Looks like y'all had a great time,,, Smile..

Aug 13 @ 8:28PM  
well the ladies are lovely and the men look great ........glad yall all had a great time.

Aug 13 @ 9:24PM  
I enjoy seeing what people look like pictorially in natural "regular people" shots.

Aug 13 @ 9:27PM  
This is the MOST ENLIGHTENING POST OF 2006!!! Now I "get" lots of things...thanks for the pix and you need to have more of these parties and do more pix postings, as only one of the people on all these pix really looks like the pix on their profiles.....and none of them have "glamour shots" on their profiles. Thanks and I'll even toss you a kudo for the posting!

First off, you ignorant cunt... it's 2007
Secondly.... you have no pics, virtually no profile, so absolutely NO room to talk.
Thirdly.... your bitchy ass would never be invited to a party, cuz no one wants a BITCH there, unless it is to MAKE FUN OFF...SO BACK THE FUCK OFF YA NASTY CUNT RAG

Aug 13 @ 11:46PM  
LOL I came in late for witty comments; seems it's already time to smack someone around...

AHAHAHA @ Water pump caption... L4E couldn't reach high enough to turn on the water... now THAT was funny.

Ash, I'll have you know I had at least a dozen Jello shots and three Slow Screws, and I never came even CLOSE to passing out.

Shame, that... Must try a bit harder next time.


Aug 13 @ 11:58PM  
Hey ..doesn't anybody wear panties anymore?

Just so you know, I was the only one there wearing panties!

Aug 14 @ 12:14AM  
PK, Your Highness,

This is just a guess on my part from reading your last comment but, have the pain meds you were taking for your hand worn off?

It may be time to take some more.

I still love ya'.

Bye for now,

Aug 14 @ 12:22AM  
Just so you know, I was the only one there wearing panties!
It's true; Michelle checked.

Aug 14 @ 12:23AM  
Great pics! I love that first one - it's a classic! Wish I could have been there, too - maybe next time? Oh, and I don't do jell-o shots - how about blow jobs???


Aug 14 @ 12:39AM  
You Left Out The Best Comment Of The Night

" I Hope You Washed",

Aug 14 @ 1:37AM  
You know, the collest thing about these get togethers is that I have been able to meet some of the nicest people. Too bad most of them live so freaking far away (I mean, we did drive 5+ hours to go to this gig). It's really a lot of fun to get to know someone here and then meet them in real life. Most eveyone I've met has been so much like their on-line persona, only better.

Aug 14 @ 1:54AM  
the collest thing

Um, that would be COOLEST thing ...I swear, I haven't had any Jell-O since Saturday...

Aug 14 @ 3:06AM  
Those are great pictures. All of you look very nice. It looks like you had a fun party.

Aug 14 @ 6:50AM  
looks like you all had fun. maybe i'll get off my perverted ass and make it next time

Aug 14 @ 7:41AM  
maybe i'll get off my perverted ass and make it next time

Trust m, there was plenty of perversion going on...afterall, this IS a sex site and we all met here!

Aug 14 @ 9:45AM  
Crissy said "cunt rag"

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The picnic... the pics and the quotes y'all missed by NOT being there!!